Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Excuse me Barry, but go along with the GOP?

What the hell is wrong with the president-elect?  Take the senate appointment and stop being a God Damn Republican shill---I mean Johnny McCain couldn't have helped the GOP more !!

Clean US House and Senate NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dump this Bush co-conspirator Patrick Fitzgerald :

AAnnDD !!!! ....while you are at it and dump this Bush comrade Harry Reid, and dump this Bush comrade Nancy Pelosi!!!

Congressional Caucuses need re-construction, --no more fakes in leadership. We have a planet to save and go-along Blue Dog Democrats need the boot from all committees.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nuclear Capability for Iran?

It's been obvious for years that this is not correct for why would anyone who has been the butt of Israel's shithead foreign policy aided by the US, --not drop a nuke on Tel Aviv?  Just doesn't make any sense if they had the capability that they would not nuke Israel several times over.  It is clear that Israeli's are devils to all of the civilized world.  What un-human gargbage they are!!  All of this and Madoff too!!  There has to be a limit to the genocide that the world is forced to swallow from the Israeli's.  It is time to implement a total restriction of their ability to destroy the peace of the world.  

Prosecute! Convict! Execute! Disenfranchise!

"This administration has destroyed a nation--its culture, its infrastructure, its government, its constitution, its rule of law, and killed, maimed, and displaced millions of its people; shredded our constitution, negated our civil rights, raped the environment, devastated the economy, while enriching only the corporate, financial, and military/industrial CEOs; violated international treaties and laws; issued executive orders and signing statements to gain for themselves anything the complicit congress failed to grant them; and established precedent for admistrations to come, if they are not held accountable for these atrocities. "--anonymous comment at Newsweek

Along with prosecutions and executions,  the families of the Bush Administration need to be stripped of all their material wealth which needs to be returned to the United States Treasury. Nothing less than complete disenfranchisement of these non-human murderers and their associates is to be tolerated.  Americans must drive a stake through the hearts of the cruel murderous maurauders.  A lesson needs to be deeply cut into their legacy so as to discourage those who would take their path to filth.  Banishment of everyone associated with the Administration of George W. Bush to the desert jails of Joe Arpaio.  Hell on earth for these scumbags, crawling on their bellies in pink underwear in hot desert sand eating slop.  Their misery needs to be televised to remind those who would follow in their footsteps that there are indeed consequences for extreme criminality while holding high office.  No more slack! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two puffy Catholic boys & unbridled ambition

Rod Blagojevich

By the direction of POTUS, Patrick Fitzgerald wiretaps for 5 years Rod Blagojevitch looking for the Bush Doctrine of Premption (domestic US version) of what you think and talk about along with what you joke about is now fair game for prosecution. This was where they wanted to go all along and these political prosecutions are how they will continue the shadow government while out of power.

When you look there is absolutely nothing here but another craven Republicn federal prosecutor abusing his authority at the direction of the President George W. Bush and Karl Rove...but the $$media$$ plays stupid by following the lead frame of Fitzgerald and creates a distraction and unsettling mistrust in the new administration in order to cripple the remedies which might be forthcoming from the highly skilled and talented administration which is being assembled to move to Washington on 17 January.

Most interesting is the mainstream alternative media including "Democracy Now" are covering this from the right and parroting the constant braying for resignation or impeachment of Blago.

The President GWB is still the one who needs to be impeached. There is enough evidence of wrongdoing there to bury the Washington Monument. But little puff boy Patrick knows that he dances with George and Dick and Karl until the dance is over. What is Puffy's payment to be for doing this to America and the World?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

UN reports condemn West Bank settlement

the following report was excerpted from world war 4 report:

UN reports condemn West Bank settlement

Speaking before the General Assembly, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said Israel's ongoing efforts to build settlements in the West Bank is "illegal," a breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention, and have lead to widespread human rights abuses against Palestinians. Ban's statement came as he announced the findings of two new reports prepared for his office last week.

...It cites the 2004 advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to argue that continued settlement activity is illegal...

"The advisory opinion and a number of United Nations resolutions have all affirmed that Israel’s practice of constructing settlements—in effect, the transfer by an occupying Power of parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies —constitutes a breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention," the report reads. "In addition to the construction of the settlements, other activities related to settlements are also illegal. "These include the requisition of land, the destruction of houses and orchards, the construction of roads meant for the use of settlers only, the exploitation of natural resources within the occupied territory and the alteration of the character and status of the Occupied Palestinian Territory. The international community has also raised concerns regarding the depletion of natural resources as a result of settlements."

...The second report, "Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem," covers the first eight months of 2008, and finds that the human rights situation in the occupied territory is "worsening."

"During the period under review, the Government of Israel continued to impose on Palestinian residents of the Occupied Palestinian Territory the comprehensive closure system, which Israel claims is necessary for its security," the report says. "The system consists of a complex array of physical and administrative obstacles that have a severe and detrimental impact on the rights of Palestinians as guaranteed in article 12 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and more specifically the individual’s right to freedom of movement, to choose a residence and to leave and re-enter the Occupied Palestinian Territory....

"The restrictions continue to undermine the enjoyment of other rights guaranteed under international human rights law by effectively impeding access to health care, education and employment."...

Ban said the Israeli Government should abide by its commitments to dismantle outposts built after March 2001 and freeze settlement activity, as called for in the "Road Map," as well as the Annapolis Joint Statement of November 2007. (The Public Record, Nov. 14)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How would the inside job work this time?

With the gaps in the original 9/11 explanation finally out, my original thesis stands: that they just let those Arabs through to keep the CIA's own masterful orchestration in a permanent condition of plausible deniability. Similar plans may be being formulated at the DIA CIA NSC matrix regarding a possible assassination of Barrack Obama.  The intelligence agencies are now coming forward with near advertisements regarding the numerous (and exponentially increasing) plots which were set in motion by Sarah Palin the last quarter. Now all that a craven DIA CIA NSC matrix needs to do is assess the credibility of all of the plots they are watching and let the most credible through the dragnet to continue along on its way to President Obama.  

That's the way they got young Jack Kennedy.

This intelligence agency stuff stands in the way of salvation.  The results of the phony planted stories inflaming Arab animosities is at nearly

fever pitch with the release of the new 
"Al Quaeda" tape refering to Obama as a 'house negro';

 --and with Bill Clinton edging closer to the White House again 
we have two White House negroes being directed by an Israeli intelligence operative, Rahm Emmanuel.  

One begins to feel 

Is Obama his own man? Is he another actor for the same rotten interests like Little George. 

They had better put a high wall indeed 
Around that emerald 'chocolate' city. 

It gets really wierd when they circle the 
wagons around Washington with the 1st Armored Brigade and it' s six support units for urban war against insurgents.  'course the insurgents "no body 'roun' here 'ceptin' us chickens" and those outside the gated fortresses; welcome again feudalism.  

Tell me Obama that you have someone 
Who is something more than an Israeli hack 
to put in your new government.  

How about TEN progressives.  How about Cinderella Sheehan? Cinderella McKinney.  Reach across the isle to Ralph Nader.  

Eric Holder for the most important position in the new government--the chief of police...? Probably not a bad choice.  He seems to be close to the gears for a number of years.  Will he enforce a new tough election law?  He has been party to many many bad decisions in the Bush years and kept his mouth shut.  Would he be able to prosecute Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld when their involvement in high crimes reaches critical mass.  Would he dare arrest either of them if the indictments start to pile up in federal courts?  Will we ever see the two of them in the dock? 

...we don't want any more lawlessness and excuses for lawlessness...no torture..no more John Yoo's, no more Bible Thumpers.  

No more lockstep Catholic extremists on the Supreme Court.  All five Catholics on the Supreme Court vote in a block against abortion. Retropaternalistic religious zealots 

We need to abort unwanted pregnancies and avoid unwanted conceptions.  We want stem cell research to flourish.  We want Mark Rich in jail. Keep John McCain out of the cabinet and Mitt Romney and Ron Paul...

Democrat Mark Begich beats Stevens for Alaska seat.

Happy to see this one.  A typical modern Alaska story.  A centrist who has a very good opinion of himself. Congressional family and landlord roots.  The prototypic fixer-upper.  General Contractor. State Assembly. Mayor. US Senator from Alaska. This old house.  Handyman. Good example to show Sarah Palin's fans how the world dilemma needs to be approached for positive rather than destructive means. The only senator not to have a college education. Looks like he's ethical and enjoys bringing people together in deals.  A compromiser? Let's hope. And he's smart though somewhat cold overall.  Keep him away from the hookers. This guy can do a brake job on your car while selling your house. 

He's going to certainly bring more oil business to Alaska.  Two years out he will be right in the thick of it.  Now we have to get Stewart Smally recounted and Saxby Chambliss defeated.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let's keep the dogpatch Clintons out of government! Nova suggestion.

You have to go back to 1992 to realize what we could have had as government when the closet raging Jerry Brown was battling successfully for the presidency.  Slick Willyboy Clinton the current Poppy Bush pal was still allowing the Mena Airbase to be used by G.H.W. Bush to arm the contras and allow cocaine into the US  land through Arkansas and then further ferried by Air America and Southern Air Transport.  The money was laundered and some of it found its way back into Clintons 1992 campaign coffers.  Now after being paid back with an election win over Big George, and hungry for more of the good life, babes, and drugs; --Clinton wants back in!  And now its through his wife.  You remember, the one who suspected nothing regarding Bill's Oval Office oral encores.  The one who ran the dirty campaign against Obama and kept soaking her backers in that very expensive slugfest. The McCain campaign will go down as the dirtiest in history, people will remember the way he disported himself.  Historians will forget the Hillary Clinton campaign even though they virtually wrote the entire McCain script. 

But what does Slick Willy want out of all of this?  He's been pallin' around with Big George the last several years and seemingly getting his hands dirtied in the Khazar steppe region at the southern tip of the Caucasian mountains.  This time he's cornering the market on uranium ore with a Canadian mining financier Frank Giustra.  Big George has been working the Canadian mining markets for some time now since leaving office, January of 1993. Family investments were shifted out of arms in the Carlyle holding company and moved over to gold.  They rode that pony and now are moving again and transferring their wealth. Now with misery and starvation ensured they are buying into water ownership and related management technologies through companies like Bechtel still controlled by Big George's former cabinet members.  

And now a switch into uranium for Slick Willy.  How about a nuclear war with Russia over uranium with with the HillBilly's leading the charge. Does Georgia and South Ossetia now start to make sense as the new front of the cold war? "Defensive" missiles in Poland.  Russian ICBM's being dusted off.  Nuclear subs in the North Sea.  Off the Alaskan coast. Alaskan separatist movement gains purchase.  Russia extends her empire?  Blackwater Inc. is now a clawprint in the greatest untapped area of the planet.  How about slant oil drilling wars between Russia and the US? Get ready for just that.  A North American war for the first time since the Civil war and Zapata.  Canada jumps in...warm enough for you yet? Fighting Russia on two fronts.  The Arabs ally with Russia and we lose the uranium and in the process we lose Alaska. US prospects implode and the occupying army within meets the one without.  

Corporate interests could not be happier unless an axial tilt accellerated the warming at the poles, melting poles and freezing the middle east and the torrid zone.  It could happen but the force necessary would probably knock the planet Earth out of orbit.  After all a spinning top depends upon centripetal stability and an axial consistency.  The factors of mass and speed of revolution coupled with the path around the sun are interrelated by the physics of the system. When things change suddenly everything spins out of control.  Not only does the earth go on a trip out of orbit but the solarsystem loses the integrity of its gravitational shared symbiosis. The orbital balance of the solar system goes way out of balance.  The chaos theory holds and John Muir is again vindicated when he opines that you cannot take anything out of the universe and have it be the same.  The order is disturbed and chaos compounds.  

Super Novas start just like this! Now that's the kind of world sought by Bible Spicers who believe "Left Behind" and unless we stop them thoroughly we are just one more explosion which we witness in wonder as to how it went through the universe for 8 million years before the light reached us.  

Sunday, November 16, 2008

By apolloguide, November 16 at 11:46 am #
re"  http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/20081114_a_rejoinder_to_gore_vidal/

If the comment required explication why didn’t you, Mr. Gumbel, request for clarification instead of going to press with your confusion?  I can only reason from your rejoinder that you decided to keep the comment out of context so that you could make issue from it.  Gore’s remark is dripping with sarcasm.  An earlier Bill Buckley might have understood this but as his reincarnation you appear unable to do the same.  
You say that you were:

“deeply troubled about where this thought had come from.”

The next time you are not sure what you heard you need to clarify by asking another few questions, and not by rushing a publicly tarnishing hit piece on a great American author which your article attempts to do, to print. You proceed to suggest that Gore Vidal is out of touch and and nothing more than an idle rich man of the Jack Tanner class of 1896.

and then this line: 
“Vidal’s reactionary bile is part of a clear historical pattern that has, at different times, condoned the slavery he alludes to; espoused open prejudice against immigrants, Catholics, Jews, and the industrial working class; and embraced the notion that democracy is somehow too precious to be entrusted to more than a small fraction of the people governed.” As an immigrant Catholic Jack Kennedy would certainly dispute your characterization of Vidal.

Could it be that Gore Vidal is also responsible for global warming? Or could it be that you Mr. Gumbel are no Bill Buckley?

HuffnPuffington banning

I seem to be much too controversial for Huff'n'puffington.  They bounce me for saying Rahm Emmanuel and Hillary are Zionistically inclined and bringing up the Rahm Emmanuel father truthy observation supporting such an earthy analysis by yours truly.  All of this within the controversy of whether or not Lieberman should pay a price.  Looks like Arianna Huffington has the Plum Book of the Obama  Administration in her sights.  Lord knows internet sites don't pay for that lavish travelling lifestyle of hers.  Her namesake Mr. Huffington, republican candidate for governor of California is still paying the price in so many ways. (by the way anyone who takes the same stage with Tony Blankly is not a Liberal.  More like phony!!) 

Oh by the way I believe along with others that Lieberman should remain until the point where he might decide to vote out of the Caucus on a Cloture Vote.  But having grown up in the dismal days of the southern democrats from 1947 to 1968 I know that the worst scenario is always, ------always the operant direction plan B.  We will get Joe and he will keep his hammerlock on the new administration.  But I would really like to have the supermajority of 60 democrats available for my dreams for at least a few days before the underworld takes out a democrat or two like they did with mel carnahan and paul wellstone...I know its hard to believe but they were smoked by the cia mafia.  

The plebiscite is dominant through voting for only a very short time when the real military power is still held by the opposition.  Never forget that we are still in the extreme danger of losing our popular victory.  There is the domestic !st brigade stationed in the united states and their 7 support teams which have not been mentioned in the BS news reports of the media...  

don't relax just yet, the Superbowl will host a new reality in America.  Demo Centrist Biden may come out on top.  

Monday, November 10, 2008

Carpe Diem But drive safely! Please!

"carpe diem /0ˌkɑ:peɪ ˈdi:ɛm, 0ˈdʌɪɛm/ interjection. E19.
[ORIGIN Latin, lit. ‘seize the day!’, a quotation from Horace (Odes i.xi).]

Used to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future."  --courtesy the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary

Barack Obama must use his remaining time on earth to inspire the world to its highest ideals of charity, humility, and community.  He has chosen to be the lightning-rod 3-point leader of the planet.  The more the world accepts him the bigger target he becomes for the frighteningly fatuous fringer freshling finks. For his life to be maximal he needs to pack in as much as possible with inspiring speeches between now and the Super Bowl. Podesta is already saying things meant to embarass the Bible spicers regarding the reversal of executive orders on stem cell research whose oppositional roots are within the holy roller ranks of ignorance.  As he continues to fight the power of military ignorance and deceit he will step on a lot of toes. Lowlifes with their Bibles and their guns lie in wait in the shadows for an opening opportunity to make a grisly example of higher progressive civilizations' true leader.  May God bless the new President.  

"...I may not get there with you..." MLK

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Swords into Plowshares; Guns into Butter

Happiness today, tears of happiness.  I have seen a miracle. 

All sorts of emotions running through me as I give thanks for the election results.  

The job now is truly to keep hope alive and restrain the Last Chance Texaco grab by the churlish  incumbent Bush.  Bush will try to start another expensive war for a tip to the fascist military industrial block who run his soul. Obama has to be noisy at every single attempt to do more damage to the country by Bush, Cheney, Rice, Gates, Paulson, and others.  

Looking back at the last Bush transition (from memory): 

1)  a Bosnian War was started at the last moment giving Bill Clinton a fire to put out.
2)  the main White House computer networks were trashed along with telephone switchboards. They all had to be built up from scratch. 

And then there were the initial stupid decisions by Clinton which ruined his support instantly:
3)  Right Winger David Gergen was kept as Press Secretary ...
4)  Gays in the military "don't ask don't tell" ...
5)  The overly ambitious medical plan right out of the gate...from his wife...?!

To the members of the military do not fire on Americans! Stand down all unlawful orders. The first Brigade is still under Bush's orders until the 20 of January 2009.  The administration will stop at nothing to maintain their grip on power.  

Movin' on...
The nationwide funded Prop 8 California success should keep such a deal breaker from emerging to sabotage a progressive 1st term. It's unfortunate that this passed but for a while this will bury the issue from national dialog. It puts Obama in the same position as Arnold and puts Jerry Brown possibly against them.  Jerry is certain to shrill out if he makes or is made to have this as an issue in a campaign running against Arnold for the US Senate in 2011. 

1)  The war which is draining money and soul from the national body politic needs to stop immediately.  
2)  A multilingual program to educate the newly arrived Americans regarding the necessity of  controlling their birth rate as an essential element of citizenship. No more than 2 children! needs to become the law of the land. 
3)  Repair the infrastructure of the country through WPA inspired projects administered by local labor contractors. Green it!
4)  Swords into plowshares. Guns into butter. 
Pull the CIA out of Columbia.  Cut off all military aid to Central and South America's military dictatorships. May the despots be deposed! Turn the CIA into the Peace Corps. And for Christ sake leave Chavez and Morales alone. 
5)  Health care for all.   Extend the military and congressional universal health care system to the entire population. Train doctors in integrative medicine and send them out into the world to heal. 
6)  Electrify the planet with renewable energy and promote efficient energy use reduction technologies. 
7)  Let the show trials begin!  Everyone in the government who was or is still involved in faking the need for war in needs to be charged appropriately, tried, and if found guilty needs to serve  the penalties specified in the law. Everyone, all the way up the ladder to the White House. 
8)   All executive orders issued by George W. Bush need to be rendered null and void. 
9)  The creation of a federal agency under congressional control which has complete authority over a universal Paper Ballot Voting System (PBVS) administered by the states.  

The first few weeks of official office for Barack Obama January 21-February 7 is very dangerous with the possibility of his serious injury due to Mercury, Mars and Saturn being joined by the Moon in a particularly menacing reinforced pattern involving Mars and Saturn in the root chart. Please be extra careful if you are protecting him and his family. I hope that Barack has an official astrologer associated with his security detail.  The Tuesday 27th of January, 2009 has a most intense concentration of Mars and Saturn and Mercury.  Jupiter is in a conjunction which is good and Venus transit and Uranus transit are even better in opposition to the root Mars transit Saturn conjunction.  It will take some skillful steering to avoid the consequences of the Mercury Mars Saturn vibes but there is help available with Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus. 

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nowhere Men

Emboldened by the vicious campaign narrative of the Republican party, the body count rises as the zombies of the cotton belt start to crawl out of their Appalachian caves and squint at the light. East Shreveport is getting ugly. 

Anne Pressly died on Saturday in Little Rock. Was she beaten to death for "random violence" as offered by the Little Rock Arkansas Police? Or was she a victim of the rebel rousing efforts of the McCain-Palin-Bush-Cheney juggernaut? 

The zombies of "Deliverance", "Natural Born Killers", "Badlands", "Road Warrior" drawn to military environments and their easy access to guns, and trained in military schools as children; dimly aware of their difference, have been thoroughly rejected by an exported industrial economy and have nowhere to compete in a non-violent civilization. "Rambo" returns home to fight the enemy within as defined by Colonel Troutman, and now he's addicted to meth-based medications to enhance his warfighter efficiency. 

Rambo is joining armed private militias at the borders. A new race war on the way, Civil War II. "They wouldn't let us win the first one, ..."  

...a zombie goes to a Pa. Democrat rally with his Bible and his Glock, a Texas B-Girl goes to Pa. to pretend to be assaulted by a black man in the service of swaying voters to McCain, a "Helter Skelter" doomer "Doc Savage" hops a Sportster grabbing his gay babe "Slab" and motors off across Interstate 10 to murder everyone without a tattoo ending with the President... a carload of armed speed freaks in Colorado come to Denver to kill the Presidential candidate in front of 75,000 people, and a private security trainee getting certified for arms says he wants to 'kill the "nigger"' candidate for president...

And what, pray tell, is the justice department doing?  Investigating ACORN in order to suppress legitimate voter registration is one thing, beating protesters is another.  

What a wacko f*ckin' government.  

Friday, October 24, 2008

taxes support elderly? come on!

It would be great to see those who make 250,000 or more a year pay more taxes, --incrementally, --up the ladder to the elite mammon megastars.  There should be a salary cap on elite fortunes just like there is a salary cap in baseball and football and other professional sports.  The time for big fortunes is over. We need to cap births and their attendant compensation and offer much reduced indulgence for people who refuse to responsibly control births.  The goal is Zero Population Growth.  To make this work we have to get rid of the idea that increased population is the way that we take care of our elders--a Big Lie about the New Deal spread by Republicans.  

We take care of our elders by refusing to have more children than two. In this way we avoid having the children competing for food with their elders.  We really need to balance the population rather then continue to push the planet way beyond its carrying capacity.  If we allow the elites to avoid these measures we will find our heirs and ourselves on the butcher block to be eaten as the only food left on the planet. 

Cover the planet with condoms! 

what better way..and a double standard too..

to influence the election results than to create riots at the polls..
by claiming that because one is a button wearing McCain supporter.. 
robbed and beaten at an ATM machine..by a liberal rat!  

It's happened: one of the girls at Pootie's stopped banging 
her head on the brass pole long enough to leave College Station, Texas to campaign for
Palin-McCain went too far as to fabricate a tale of ATM assault
for the benefit of John McCain. The bank tape tape denies it, she's changed her story 3 times 
and even Michelle Malkin rejects it. (update, Ms. she wasn't even there!)
And/but on a different day a local TV announcer in Little Rock is bludgeoned in her
home because she appeared in a small role impersonating Ann Coulter
in the recent comic-biopic "W." and, the police claim she was just 
"a victim of random violence"? UPDATE: Anne Pressly died a few days later.

What a f*ckin' country! It is still 1861 in western Pa. and Arkansas.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Low Information Voters... a vanishing breed!

 Dow 7000 anyone? Get a rebate check for $300? Increase taxes to cover it George giveth and he taketh away.  

George W. Bush may be the greatest MBA ever matriculated in that he ran the market up nearly 100% and returned it lower at the end of his power than he found it...and he pushed the future of the world, which depends upon orderly markets, over the side.  Is this is the end of capitalism and the advent of sane international policy...or it is the more likely sellout of the real estate of the US to the Asian banking with Mitsubishi of Japan taking the lead position already having large interests in California banks?  

The debt that we are being asked to assume as taxpayers is being transferred to Asia with corporate dealmakers based in the United States selling bank assurances over the Pacific basin.  --Now, the conservative estimates are that China holds $400 Billion of U.S. mortgages...where does it lead to when the Ponzi scheme of US Wall Street capitalism is evident to everyone? War with China ?  Nukes in our future, flying everywhere!  We get to be the generation which failed the world.   

We are being asked to loan money to bankers (through our tax obligation) who in theory will loan it to businesses which manufacture goods that they attach a profit to and sell them back to us. We get to pay twice and pick up all the commissions throughout the entire process.  But those upper crusters accounting themselves as businesses can buy what they personally need at cost. 

By sub-contracting every interaction within the economy they seek to monopolize capital-flow through the Ponzi scheme of capitalism. There has never been any justification for this level of wealth transfer. These large accumulations are dangerous to the social structure.

John McCain wants to give full time tax filers $5000 US worth of health money. That will cover the cost of one emergency room visit per family. Not content with diluting the labor market with increased immigration, John offers to pull your teeth for free but if you want to replace them you are out of pocket. Of course there's no job now and you find it difficult to feed and house yourself and medicine and dentistry are beyond your budget. But if you are a US Veteran or Merchant Marine or a National Politician you get a full ride. Everyone else gets the opportunity to decay gracefully.  

John McCain is hiding in a false universe. He is 72 years old and claiming to be a Viet Nam veteran, but the very earliest of Viet Nam vets were, coming to war in 1966 and only 19. John was a lifer-30 years old. Lifers shield themselves from the realities of war by staying safely away from the action. While training John crashed 4-5 military planes and was involved in over 140 deaths of fellow navy sailors on an aircraft carrier before he went on his storied adventure; crashing and burning: becoming a prisoner of war. As a son of privilege he got a pass for divulging information to the enemy while in captivity, he was the Jessica Lynch of his war, --a coaxed hoax. If there was ever a more dangerous choice to take the helm of the ship of state...

When pressed by his captors John turned quickly as anyone might, as the media creation scion of generations of US Naval admirals carrying the myth of military honor and the illusions of bravery that adorn military comic book minds...the real bravery was from those who went to Canada, burned their draft cards in Saigon like Mark Rankin, poured their blood on draft board record records like the Berrigans, and finally hit the streets by the millions and on one sunny day in Washington, DC drew Richard Nixon out of his White House stronghold and forced him to agree to negotiate a truce to the war. 

Journalists are always talking about the "changed John McCain" just as they talked about a "changed Dick Nixon" well where is he now? Let's listen in to his inner dialog:

"...preaching McCarthyite maidens, cholesterol belt heroic illusions of heroism, run to Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin, the daughters of the new Alaska-American separatist movement...abandon the cities by introducing private systems of money among the elites after this irreversible devaluation through dilution of the money supply...dollars are the stock of the commoner...what a bloodless revolution...by the time they find out what we've done the troops will be positioned in place in the hotbeds of Seattle, Lansing, Berkeley, and College Park. A greenbelt zone surrounding Washington.  Tanks are quietly being positioned...as the US poor recognize their similarity and solidarity with Darfur..."

In the US, Low Information Voters (LIV) continue to be the main obstacle of intelligent government. The oligarchy is so sure of its ability to forcefully create reality for the low information voters, no matter who is in charge of the executive branch (although it is a little more expensive for them when the Democrats dominate the offices of government), that as long as there is an election, they win.  Without a landslide election tossed out votes and the narrative of "move on get over it" blared throughout the media will make McCain the winner. Then the conservative princes prevail. Bush forces McCain to install his cabinet to run things for the continuity of the oligarchy.  The mechanized 1st Brigade Combat Team and its support units become more visible throughout society as complaints about the stealing of the election persist and the ensuing riots are quashed with high energy lasers on the populations of the big coastal cities.  

On the other hand: 

With an Obama landslide making it impossible to fix the vote Bush will create as much damage as he can during the transition: executive orders, pardons, executive decrees on the economy, and the further forward staging for martial law.  Able to start trouble up until the very last moment he will start another war just like his father started the Bosnian war just to keep Clinton busy at the start of his term. This will lower expectations and the direction of the forced conflict will be set in stone by Super Sunday.  

If "Shooter"Dick Cheney keeps control during the transition, the assassination of Obama the last week of January 2009 would create the mayhem necessary for the institution of martial law and the Iraquization of America will be complete with a Green Zone around Washington. The transition time-line would stop thus ending the American experiment of government. Stalinization would begin and the military dictatorship would be firmly in place. 

They'll blame the communists and the socialists and the progressives and low information voters will take their guns and their bibles and proceed to kill large numbers of their neighbors using racial characteristics to sight them in.  

The ACLU alerts us that a 100 mile border around the land and sea of the continental United States has been declared by the US Border Patrol.  In this huge area containing the bulk of the population and all seaports Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, Houston, New Orleans, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston.  Within this border it is possible to stop and detain all citizens for the purpose of legitimate citizenship checks according to the way the oligarchy construes its authority through the Border Patrol, now being backed up the US Army 1st Brigade Combat Team (mechanized) and its support groups: the 3-69 Armor; 2-7 Infantry; 5-7 Cavalry; 1-41 Field Artillery; 1-3 BTB; 3rd SSB.  So by supporting the Border Patrol they can now be permitted to roll their tanks in the streets of America at the behest of madmen seeking to maintain control of the planet at absolutely any cost. The eagle grips the earth in its talons and the pain continues.  

Everything is in place.  Conservatives say it's to "save the babies" and plump them up I suppose for a proper neocon Thanksgiving dinner.  Jonathan Swift would be interested in finding out that Irish fertility is the highest in 16 years...God bless America...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Election Twenty 08 Early Results

Sunday 16 march 2008,

As usual this one's already in the cosmic bag...Obama prevails handsomely with indications on election day 11-4-2008 as well as 1-20-2009 when he takes the wheel. For those of us behind the future event horizon the reality is all too clear even now when we peel the tired scales from our eyes and see the Clintons for who they always were,- a right-wing hood-wink duo of rhetoric without action and deep pockets tied to the likes of the contra- backing devils of the ultra right elites which included the Bush family.

Obama wins the election in a strong manner with Jupiter leading the way. The young man is strong but the Republicans will try anything to unseat him and will ultimately succeed with an assassination. This vice president selection is the most important decision since John Kennedy's choice of Lyndon Johnson. But who?

Don't say Hillary, the vice president needs to carry the same convictions as Obama, like the guy he likes to quote. We need the continuity of vision when the standard bearer is slain.

Check out the 4 November 2008 and 1-20-2009 astrocycle pictures for the three candidates:

Barack Obama 11-04-2008
.. jupiter Applying.(1)
.. saturn separating.(5)
.. neptune separating.(7)
.. cupido separating.(23)
.. vulcanus separating.(29)
.. pluto Applying.(31)
.. kronos separating.(31)
.. poseidon separating.(31)
.. venus separating.(37)
.. mercury separating.(41)
.. kronos separating.(41)
.. vulcanus Applying.(43)
.. apollon separating.(47)
.. poseidon separating.(47)
.. neptune separating.(59)
jup plu vul

John McCain 11-04-2008
.. moon Applying.(1)
.. venus separating.(3)
.. hades separating.(5)
.. uranus separating.(7)
.. saturn Applying.(11)
.. node separating.(13)
.. pluto separating.(17)
.. vulcanus separating.(19)
.. jupiter separating.(23)
.. apollon separating.(23)
.. uranus Applying.(29)
.. mercury separating.(31)
.. admetos separating.(41)
.. kronos separating.(47)
.. vulcanus Applying.(47)
.. saturn separating.(53)
.. node Applying.(59)
.. neptune separating.(59)
.. hades Applying.(59)
.. zeus Applying.(59)
moo nod sat ura had zeu vul

Hillary Clinton
.. sun separating.(1)
.. moon separating.(5)
.. venus Applying.(5)
.. jupiter separating.(7)
.. zeus separating.(7)
.. uranus separating.(11)
.. vulcanus Applying.(11)
.. hades Applying.(29)
.. admetos Applying.(29)
.. cupido separating.(31)
.. jupiter separating.(41)
.. saturn separating.(41)
.. neptune separating.(43)
.. mars separating.(47)
.. uranus Applying.(59)
.. neptune Applying.(59)
ven ura nep had adm vul

Hillary Clinton
The number of cycle parts is 56
Mon Oct 27 1947 00:00:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
Tue Jan 20 2009 00:00:00 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)
.. zeus separating.(7)
.. vulcanus Applying.(11)
.. venus separating.(13)
.. sun separating.(17)
.. node separating.(19)
.. moon separating.(29)
.. hades separating.(29)
.. admetos separating.(29)
.. cupido separating.(31)
.. moon separating.(37)
.. saturn separating.(37)
.. node Applying.(53)
.. cupido separating.(53)
.. mars separating.(59)
nod vul

John McCain
The number of cycle parts is 56
Sat Aug 29 1936 00:00:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
Tue Jan 20 2009 00:00:00 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)
.. mars Applying.(2)
.. hades separating.(5)
.. node separating.(7)
.. saturn Applying.(13)
.. pluto separating.(17)
.. jupiter separating.(19)
.. vulcanus separating.(19)
.. apollon separating.(23)
.. uranus Applying.(37)
.. mercury separating.(41)
.. cupido Applying.(41)
.. admetos separating.(41)
.. sun separating.(43)
.. neptune separating.(43)
.. zeus Applying.(47)
.. kronos separating.(47)
.. vulcanus separating.(47)
.. sun Applying.(53)
.. mercury separating.(53)
.. venus separating.(53)
.. zeus separating.(53)
.. uranus separating.(59)
.. hades separating.(59)
.. zeus separating.(59)
sun mar sat ura cup zeu

Barack Obama
The number of cycle parts is 56
Fri Aug 04 1961 00:00:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
Tue Jan 20 2009 00:00:00 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)
.. jupiter separating.(1)
.. jupiter separating.(2)
.. jupiter separating.(3)
.. jupiter separating.(5)
.. jupiter separating.(7)
.. neptune separating.(7)
.. jupiter separating.(11)
.. venus Applying.(13)
.. node separating.(17)
.. mars separating.(17)
.. cupido Applying.(17)
.. moon separating.(29)
.. vulcanus separating.(29)
.. saturn separating.(31)
.. neptune Applying.(31)
.. pluto separating.(31)
.. poseidon separating.(31)
.. kronos separating.(41)
.. vulcanus separating.(43)
.. mars Applying.(59)
ven mar nep cup

Who do you want for the VEEP?

Fed rescue of Bear Stearns raises specter of Depression-era crash

By Barry Grey
15 March 2008

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The Federal Reserve Board on Friday took emergency action to prevent the collapse of Bear Stearns, the fifth largest US investment bank and one of the world’s largest finance and brokerage houses.

Invoking a little-used provision added to the Federal Reserve Act in 1932, at the height of the Great Depression, the US central bank agreed to allow the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to insure an infusion of credit to Bear Stearns by JP Morgan Chase. Under the terms of the “secured loan facility,” to extend for up to 28 days, the risk of a default by Bear Stearns will be borne by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, not JP Morgan Chase. The latter will serve essentially as a conduit for the cash provided by the US central bank.

This mechanism was used because only commercial banks, so-called depository institutions, can borrow directly from the Fed’s discount window. Bear Stearns is not a depository bank, and hence the Fed was obliged to invoke a provision of the 1932 amendment to the Federal Reserve Act that applies when “unusual and exigent circumstances exist and the borrower is unable to secure adequate credit accommodations from other sources.”

The announcement of the Fed bailout sent shivers through Wall Street and shook financial markets around the world. It confirmed rumors that had been mounting over the past week that Bear Stearns, the second largest US underwriter of mortgage bonds, did not have the cash to meet claims by its creditors. The rescue operation came one day after the collapse of Carlyle Capital Corporation, a $22 billion publicly traded investment fund controlled by the Carlyle Group, long one of the most profitable and well-connected private equity firms in the US.

With the de facto collapse of Bear Stearns, however, the housing and credit market collapse has claimed one of the titans of Wall Street. Founded in 1923 and employing some 15,500 people worldwide, Bear Stearns was one of the “big five” Wall Street investment banks. In 2005-2007, Bear Stearns was recognized as the “Most Admired” securities firm in Fortune magazine’s “America’s Most Admired Companies” survey.

Last July, the collapse of two Bear Stearns hedge funds as a result of the bursting of the US housing bubble sparked a crisis of confidence in the credit system that has gathered steam and expanded in scope to threaten the viability of some of the biggest banks and financial institutions in the world. The worsening credit crunch has deepened the crisis in the housing market and the economy in general, plunging the US into a recession and wreaking havoc with the economies of Europe and Japan.

The news of the bailout sent share prices tumbling on Wall Street. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 194.65 points, a drop of 1.6 percent. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index fared even worse, giving up 27.34 points (2.1 percent), while the Nasdaq Composite Index fell 51.12 points, or 2.3 percent.

Nine stocks fell for every one that rose, and the fears that other financial houses could follow Bear’s demise was reflected in a 4.1 percent fall in the Standard & Poor’s Financial Index. All 92 members of the index lost ground during the trading day.

Bear Stearns stock plunged $27, or 47 percent, to end the day at $30. Coming on the heels of a months-long slide in the bank’s stock price, yesterday’s panic sell-off reduced Bear Stearns’s market valuation to $4.1 billion, less than one-fifth the size of Lehman Brothers.

Indicative of the broader reverberations from the Bear Stearns collapse, the share price of Ambac Financial Group, the world’s second-largest bond insurer, fell 93 percent, on widespread fears that the company will not have sufficient capital to meet claims from its creditors.

The US dollar hit new lows against the euro and other currencies.

The Fed action on Friday confirmed speculation that its extraordinary announcement three days earlier that it would loan $200 billion in Treasury bonds to investment banks and brokerages and accept as collateral privately issued mortgage-backed securities—whose market value has plummeted—was a desperation measure aimed at forestalling the failure of a major Wall Street finance house.

Speaking of Friday’s Fed rescue operations, the Wall Street Journal Online wrote: “The timing of the move made its urgency clear: If Bear could have held out until March 27, it could have borrowed directly from the Fed itself under a new program announced just Tuesday.”

The maximum size of the loan is not predetermined, but is limited by how much collateral Bear Stearns can provide to satisfy the Fed’s requirements, officials said. The loan by no means assures Bear Stearns’s survival. More likely, it was granted in the hope that it would buy time for a more orderly disposition of the firm’s fate and head off a panic response by bankers and investors to its demise.

As the Wall Street Journal Online noted, “The developments could mean the end of independence for Bear, founded in 1923. JP Morgan said it is ‘working closely with Bear Stearns on securing permanent financing or other alternatives for the company’—Wall Street lingo for a sale of other strategic-level change—and CNBC reported that the bank is ‘actively being shopped’ to potential buyers.”

Officials at Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s Investor Services met Friday to discuss whether to downgrade Bear Stearns’s credit rating, and if so, by how much.

In its own statement on the bailout, Bear Stearns said, “The company can make no assurance that any strategic alternatives will be successfully completed.”

Carl Lantz, a strategist at Credit Suisse, said the intervention by the New York Fed and JP Morgan showed that Bear “didn’t have enough money to turn the light on this morning.”

Geoffrey Yu of UBS said, “I don’t think the market has seen anything of this magnitude before, such a big bank.”

Wall Street Journal columnist Peter A. McKay wrote: “For investors, the arrival of the Federal Reserve and JP Morgan Chase with a financial life raft for troubled Bear Stearns served primarily as a reminder of how murky and deep the waters of Wall Street’s credit crisis remain, with other market participants possibly drowning below the surface.”

The immediate fear motivating the Federal Reserve, the Treasury Department and Wall Street banks was the danger that an uncontrolled collapse of Bear Stearns would have a domino effect on already turbulent financial markets. Were Bear Stearns forced to sell off assets at fire-sale prices to raise cash needed to meet creditors’ demands, the value of untold billions in assets held by other financial institutions would drop, leading to more margin calls from creditors, further institutional collapses, more panic selling of debt and securities—a vicious spiral to the bottom with the potential of a breakdown in the entire capitalist financial system.

The temporary reprieve for Bear Stearns does not eliminate the potential for just such a scenario in the near future.

The underlying problem is the vast credit bubble that was inflated on the basis of reckless and intrinsically unviable home loans and other forms of speculation, including leveraged buyouts and a vast expansion in unregulated credit markets that delivered unsustainably high returns on investment. The immense fortunes amassed by the uppermost echelons of the US population on the basis of such parasitic financial operations have created, as their consequence, a social and economic disaster of historical proportions, threatening tens of millions of Americans, and hundreds of millions more people around the world, with pauperization.

President Bush, perhaps the consummate political personification of the social layer that benefited from the now-imploded speculative bubble, spoke Friday before the Economic Club of New York, only hours after the rescue of Bear Stearns had been announced. Moving from platitude to platitude, he declared the US economy “the envy of the world,” referred to the financial crisis as a “rough patch,” and reassured his audience that “in a free market, there’s going to be good times and bad times. That’s how markets work.”

The only substance of his remarks was opposition to any resurrection of government regulation of the banks, denunciation of proposals, such as the timid half-measures being advanced by congressional Democrats, to contain the growing wave of home foreclosures, and a restatement of the demand that his tax cuts for the wealthy be made permanent.

His speech did nothing to reassure the financial markets, which are too mired in crisis to buy into the fool’s paradise “optimism” of the commander in chief. Martin Feldstein, a conservative Republican who served for a time as Ronald Reagan’s chief economic adviser, summed up the growing sentiment in a speech to a conference in Florida. “I believe,” he said, “the US economy is now in recession. The situation is bad, it’s getting worse and the risks are that the situation could be very bad.”