Sunday, June 06, 2004

The Death of Claudius

The old man then took me by the shoulders.

Pollio: "By the way, I'll tell you something, Claudius. "I'm a very old man and though I look brisk enough I have reached the end. In three days I shall be dead; and I know it. Just before one dies there comes a strange lucidity. One speaks prophetically. Now listen! Do you want to live a long and busy life, with honor at the end of it?"

Claudius: "Yes."

Pollio: "Then exaggerate your limp, stammer deliberately, sham sickness frequently, let your wits wander, jerk your head and twitch with your hands on all public or semi-public occasions. If you could see as much as I see, you would know that this was your only hope of eventual glory."

--Robert Graves I, Claudius

Murdering Tear Gas Bomber of Berkeley, Ronald Reagan, finally dies after hanging on to haunt the peace and social justice movement for more than 40 years. After running guns to conservative drug dealing insurgents in Costa Rica to over throw the duly elected government of Nicaragua; while giving tow missiles to Iran to bribe the Iranian government to keep US hostages until after the US election in order to defeat peace candidate Jimmy Carter. Ronald Reagan was the biggest bullcrap liar (previous to George Bush Uno and Deuce') that the world has ever had to endure. An unprovoked assault on Grenada was the beginning of the backslide into history of what was once the revered and respected United State of America. When Ronnie wasn't jamming Cuba and covertly funding right wing Cuban insurgents he was lying to Congress and to grand juries.

Ronald Reagan started out pummeling the Free Speech Movement remnants in the People's Park of Berkeley while governor of California where the truly malevolent forces of California found him a sufficiently willing while genuinely gullible and ignorant standard bearer for their untrammeled consolidation of power. These forces, born out of the farm labor exploitation movement which traced its roots to the dust bowl era in the 1930's, had searched for a charismatic face to put on their Machiavellian maneuvers for 30 years. Pretty boy B- movie actor Ronnie was their man. His ability to appeal the untapped greed of the increasingly dispossessed American was legendary. A dream became a reality which was picked up with his successor George Bush's Uno and Deuce. What was never revealed was that this scheme was to cost all the world its heart and soul starting with America which would have to shed its blood for the enrichment of a few Rumsfelds, Cheneys, Powells, Deavers, and others who would have to sacrifice innocents throughout the world to get the Empire moving forward.

Reagan was a true mid-westerner in that he really believed that spying on fellow actors for J. Edgar Hoover was patriotic. His testimony was in large part responsible for the Black Listing of peace activists following the second world war. As a member of the Screen Actors Guild he made contracts which were management friendly to the detriment of the Guild but his crowning achievement of the early years was when he testified for the government in the Congressional Hearings which resulted in the black listings. Many good and great people like Dalton Trumbo who wanted peace and social justice back in the 1950's were ruined thanks to the work of Ronnie. As he moved from snitch on the good guys he found that his acting actually improved and since he now had been bought by the California power elites of the Aggie block he was ripe for a career in politics where lying and acting would be brought to new heights of disgusting depravity as the Republicans built their conservative machine on the back of the illusion that Ronald Reagan the Great Tool was only too willing to advance.

(from Lois Rodden)
2/6/1911 (Feb 6, 1911)
Birth Time: 04:16 (4:16 a.m.) CST (+6:00)
Birth Place: Tampico, IL
Latitude / Longitude: 41 N 38 / 89 W 47
Rodden Rating / Source: AA / Sited BC
Source Notes:

The data of Ronald Reagan has been confirmed by his daughter Patti Davis in Time magazine (04-Feb-2002). In an article on page 4, she states, "My father was born at home, at 4:16 AM on Feb.6, 1911, after a long and difficult labor.” This is the same time as Edmund Morris gave as birth certificate in his biography, Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan, New York, Random House, p.14 and p.688.--(from Lois Rodden)

Time of death 1 PM PDT 5 June 2004 Bel Air, California

Break out the Champagne and toast the end of a very destructive life upon the history of the world.