Sunday, February 23, 2003

Special 3 Week Edition
Volume 1 Number 5
Thursday February 20 to Wednesday March 12

The Thursday Report is a preview of trends and activities using proprietary asymmetric prediction techniques. The Thursday Report is published in sympathy with the overwhelming majority of good people who would rather live in this world in peace rather then take a chance on the next world as conceived by religious fundamentalists of both the eastern and the western varieties.

The media continues in its enabling of the Bush push to war; forwarding misrepresentations of the French position without any hint that the French position the media sells is an old fabrication of the National Security Agency created for media dissemination during the 1970's. Evidence that its not the writers creating fresh takes with the constant stream of news pouring in, but rather the owners of the Newspapers and their vested editorial boards dictating the story that is to be told was adequately lit this week when a writer for the TIMES after several weeks showing an independent voice logically analyzing current events dipped once again into the wretched excess of the Zbigniew Brzezinski doctrine and started calling the French names. A measure of the desperation in this act by the TIMES was going on outside in the streets where 1 out of every 4 New Yorkers left the warmth of their apartments and braved the midday heat of 22 degrees F. taking to the streets to proclaim that they indeed agreed with the French, the Germans, the Belgians, the Russians, and the Chinese, and the Mexicans, and the Canadians---That they did not want to wage war on Iraq. People are increasingly "mad as hell" and are increasingly of the mind "not going to take it any more." 2 Million people were not enough of a reason for the Times to report the news because it stopped doing that many years ago.

More consensus building orchestrated violence is in evidence to combat the will of those who oppose the war followed by decrees limiting political freedom of choice, followed with more overt warlike actions , and finally an atmosphere of agreement. A roller coaster ride awaits us.

20 February 2003 Thursday

MAR SAT URA HAD Death through injury.
SAT URA HAD Sudden separation through vulgarity and treachery. Losses because of violence. Suddenly meeting with an accident. Surprising money losses. Sudden demise after severe sickness. Responsibilities are taken care of in spite or neglect and procrastination. Separation or losses through murder, ugly, mean, and cunning.
MAR SAT URA Sudden actions which separate. Violent separation and death. Sudden death. Sudden stop or interruption of one's work. Violent separation. Amputation. Caesarian section. Sudden end through injury.
MAR SAT HAD Sickness or death through over exertion or privation. Unusual death. Activities conducted at a loss. Work without pay. Death by murder or suicide or by crushing. The health suffers through the work. Death as a result of long illness or by a weapon. Sad death. Exploited.
MAR URA HAD Sudden mean deeds. Sudden damage or death by weapons or other objects. Attempted murder. Death through injuries. Vulgar acts. Sudden destruction. Murder and homicide. Death by accident. Excitement, or loss producing activities. War atrocities. Murder. Suicide.

21 February 2003 Friday

ARI NOD Generic connections found in public. Union of many persons. Many associations. Alliances.
SATURN Restriction. Restraint. Hindrance. Separation. Loss. Solitude. The Roman god of agriculture and father (by Ops) of Jupiter : reality quotient, authority instincts, practicality, capacity to deal with limits, career drives, sense of responsibility, discipline and effort, status ambitions, urge to solidify and contract, wisdom of experience, discipline, and respect.

ARI NOD SAT Generic separation. Taking leave.

22 February 2003 Saturday

23 February 2003 Sunday

24 February 2003 Monday

25 February 2003 Tuesday

MAR VUL Mighty activity. Energetic forces in action. Violence. Mechanical energies. Power. Muscular strength. Violent action. Exercise. Big effort.

26 February 2003 Wednesday

ARI MAR Working energy. Having courage. The general forces of nature.

27 February 2003 Thursday

MAR ADM Special work. Narrowing of the field of activity. A specialist. Grave hindrances. End of an action. Terrorism. Very cold, being without heat. Oppression. Ruins. Stock market drop. Employment decreases. Throttling, suppression, rawness, crudeness, rocks, fragments, debris, wreckage.

28 February 2003 Friday

MAR POS Acting according to knowledge and understanding. Mental or spiritual activity. Questions of right and wrong. Ethics. Mental activity. Value system. Morality. Moral behavior.

1 March 2003 Saturday
(Increased restrictions on civil liberties make the news for the next week)

URA KRO Events of the State. Governmental intervention. Ordered. Emphatic expressions. Authority appearing suddenly. The formula of enormous tension and collected power. Immense excitement. Sudden decrees of the government or chief.

2 March 2003 Sunday

3 March 2003 Monday

ARI KRO ADM Low ground. The valley. Big cracking, dividing, splitting. An authority for a few people. Deaths or difficulties among authority figures. Withdrawing from the public. People who join together to live in an odd way. People whose life style centers around the same idea. The overthrow of a government. One who is an authority for a few. Mountains. High altitudes around the world.
NOD KRO ADM Official meeting with a few. Close connections with the chief or the authorities. Latent connections with authorities. Connection with dethroned persons. Bad contact with the authorities or the chief. The connection with leading persons, superiors, authorities is interrupted. Dealing with has-beens. government without power. Connected with persons who lead an odd life. Connected with odd characters.
MAR KRO ADM Receiving an unusual order. Decrease of work and duties to carry out a special commission. Leading activity in a small circle or special work. Acting independently under limited circumstances and physical space. Restricted independence. The state says "cease and desist". Heavy pressure applied by the state. Tyranny.
NOD MAR ADM Connected by fighting for freedom. Working together with a few. A participant in or witness to terrorist acts. Clique. Small working community. Working alone. Rejecting a working community or rejected by a joint stock company. Connected with strongly depressed or pessimistic persons.
NOD MAR KRO Meeting for critical activities. Blood relatives of the parent. Contacting the authorities through one's own activities. Taken into custody. Arrested. Connected with independently acting persons. Getting into touch with authorities. Using government help.

4 March 2003 Tuesday
(Warlike activities come to the front)

MAR HAD VUL Dangerous missions or assignments. Warlike activities. Murderous deeds. Dangerous force. Warlike energies. Controlled mechanical energies, management and supervision of same. Unjust and unfair treatment. Exposed to viciousness, meanness and hostility on account of an activity. Enormous destruction. Mighty acts of war. Rebelling against oppression.

HADES Poverty. Baseness. The deteriorating powers of the past. Garbage. Dirt. Hesitation. Delay. Decomposition, defect, disintegration, analysis to the core components, clean up, antiques, artifacts, compost, and organic fertilizer. Zym "to ferment: catalyze. Enzymes. Lysozyme. Zymase. Zymology. Zymosis. Zymurgy. Hades is the invisible abode of the dead, the place of departed souls, the world of spirits. Want, waste, illness, secrets, antiquity, dark, secretive, past, shameful.

5 March 2003 Wednesday

MAR SAT Interruption of work, periodic work. Activities leading to separation, or which are periodically interrupted. Funeral. Acute sicknesses or matters. Actions forcing separations and schisms. Deaths.

6 March 2003 Thursday

7 March 2003 Friday

8 March 2003 Saturday

ARI NOD Generic connections found in public. Union of many persons. Many associations. Alliances.

9 March 2003 Sunday
(things get better with agreements)

MAR JUP KRO Good fruits, fine accomplishments. Leadership through one's own fortunate activities. Happy activities lead to independence. Giver of money. Happiness through the government. Money through lawsuits. Asserting oneself with success. Sentence. Security police.
CUPIDO Family. Sociability. Societies. Associations. Groups. Collections of Art. Zyg "to yoke or connect." Heterozygosis. Zygodactyl, zygoma, Zygospore. Zygote. The community, belonging. Extend, adhere. Cupido was the god of love, desire, covetousness, wealth, power, avarice, craving.
JUP CUP KRO Large family meeting. Leading artists. Most prominent in the art world. Fortunate ties with prominent artists. Chief of a well-renowned firm. Leader of master in art. Enjoyable leadership and good times concerning a large community. Marriage license. Enjoying the company of cultured people. The signing of a document. Financiers. National banks. Directory of the mint.
MAR CUP KRO Study group or community working under protection of the state. Rifle or artillery practice. The married life of the parent. Artists with their own style. Notable original art. An act in the marriage-office. Marriage ceremony. Officiating. Official function. Action of large communities. Termination of office. Wrought iron articles.
MAR JUP CUP Betrothal followed by marriage. Successful artistic activity. Happy together. Advantages from a joint artistic project. Happy marriage. Betrothal leading to marriage. Successful common or joint action. Working for a financial thriving firm.

10 March 2003 Monday

ARI URA Excitement and sudden events. Explosions. Eruptions. Electrical situations. Events take place suddenly .

11 March 2003 Tuesday

JUP CUP Happiness in married life. Good luck in associations and in the arts. Feeling of Happiness in or through company. Money through members of the family. Money through marriage. Money or gains through arts. Family happiness. Fortunate or successful partnership. Happy and successful community. Social ability. Art with success.

12 March 2003 Wednesday

MAR HAD APO Trade, historic, or scientific activities. Trading antiques. Ancient scriptures. Professional activity in connection with old material. Antiquity or historical scientific activity. Activity in occult science or magic. Gathering with many lowbrow people, with serving people or soldiers. Ugly acts.

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