Sunday, January 25, 2009

I won't hold my breath waiting...

"Whatever talents Obama has, he knows little about physical labor and goes on too much about "the dignity of it," as soft-handed intellectuals and office seekers forever yarp -- adeptly avoiding sweaty hard labor in favor of ritual gym workouts, ambling links. They brag of sports playing, swimming, running, working the iron, watching their weight, but never the 8-16 hours put in over many years of backbreaking, muscle rending, mind numbing, pleasureless effort that exhausts beyond a chance at dignity and body tone.

Bosses and investors and hustlers talk about the dignity of labor, other people's, while doing their best to equate the "hard work" to be in charge while charging others with the duty to make the "hard" easy for them. Photo-oping a paint roller, hammering a nail, daily gym ratting, insults workers who lack excess energy for that unproductive timewasting. No wonder the thin-muscled adore bailouts and praise, that's all the layabouts know and expect.

Obama and his cabinet, Congress, the Supremes and corporate chieftains, could prove their sincerity of concern for the public by at least one 8-hour day a week of hard labor being screamed at to work harder and faster by laughing laborers for-the-day-being-bosses who know what it means to be threatened by pay docking, by being fired when complaining.

Close the governmental and corporate gyms and dining rooms, use their cost to open the workhouses for productive workouts, working only undiginified jobs, feed leaders three meals of high-energy spuds, pay them less than minimum wage, give them no thanks at the end of the day. That should be a vigorous workout, only one day a week for a lifetime."--this is presumably by John Young at opening his site 1-25-2009.