Sunday, June 27, 2004

Sucking all the air from the room,... Michael Moore sucks up to Bush!

There was much much more that Michael Moore could have revealed about George Bush because at the very least people like myself sent our work to his office to be included in the "Farenheit 9-11" movie...My work on this goes back to when I started writing the truth of what came down that day on 9-12-2001. I was right there and recorded every single inconsistency and had the motive of providing a premise for fascism nailed well before the spin took hold. I was writing in the Alt Astrology Moderated Newsgroup at the time and you can see what I thought of GW Bush from the beginning. I had the phoney election victory nailed and I had the dirt on the Supreme Court. All in my posts. Search Google. We contacted Michael Moore and sent him all the voluminous research and he gives us this somewhere between flaccid and tumescent treatment of Bush which comes off like Bush is just a smart aleck rich boy with a mandate to be president which bulldozes the American voters. When it is much more than that Mr Moore and we gave you the facts and you trimmed them to a narrow inconclusive near excuse for Bush giving him the false cloak of ignorance to wrap himself in. Shame on you Michael Moore. We were counting on you to press full court and we were offering you all of our support. You have given Bush something that will get him re-elected. It is weak Weak WEAK!!