Sunday, June 27, 2004

Sucking all the air from the room,... Michael Moore sucks up to Bush!

There was much much more that Michael Moore could have revealed about George Bush because at the very least people like myself sent our work to his office to be included in the "Farenheit 9-11" movie...My work on this goes back to when I started writing the truth of what came down that day on 9-12-2001. I was right there and recorded every single inconsistency and had the motive of providing a premise for fascism nailed well before the spin took hold. I was writing in the Alt Astrology Moderated Newsgroup at the time and you can see what I thought of GW Bush from the beginning. I had the phoney election victory nailed and I had the dirt on the Supreme Court. All in my posts. Search Google. We contacted Michael Moore and sent him all the voluminous research and he gives us this somewhere between flaccid and tumescent treatment of Bush which comes off like Bush is just a smart aleck rich boy with a mandate to be president which bulldozes the American voters. When it is much more than that Mr Moore and we gave you the facts and you trimmed them to a narrow inconclusive near excuse for Bush giving him the false cloak of ignorance to wrap himself in. Shame on you Michael Moore. We were counting on you to press full court and we were offering you all of our support. You have given Bush something that will get him re-elected. It is weak Weak WEAK!!

Monday, June 21, 2004

And some "Americans" will do anything for money

John Yoo
University of California, Berkeley
Boalt Hall School of Law
890 Simon Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720
Phone: (510) 643-5089
Fax: (510) 642-3728

Call John and tell him what you think of his tortured arguments advocating torture on behalf of the outlaw Bush Regime. Tell him that as a California resident that you do not want the University of California to pay his salary any more and that you feel that previous compensation afforded him as an advocate in the defense of the indefensible Bush Cheney Rumsfeld torture mandates were paid for work that was completely outside the law and therefore were the result of a criminal enterprise and need to be returned to the state of California. Tell John that you want his passport revoked and you want him to stand trial alongside Bush and Rumsfeld, Cheney and others as war criminals in violation of civilized criminal sanctions against war crimes. Tell John that you would like him and his entire family deported to some place other than the United States because that you feel, along with other Americans, that he has not fulfilled his responsibilities as a citizen of the United States of America and has forfeited the chance that we Americans afforded him and his family. There are still some places in the world which champion standards low enough to accommodate Mr. Yoo and his family, Israel comes to mind. And they torture political prisoners!

Friday, June 18, 2004

Historical Reminder of COINTEL from J. Edgar Hoover

HISTORY 1968 This is the acutal wording complete with misspellings which is the only acknowledged official evidence of the existence of the COINTELPRO Program which has ever been released by the US Government.

COINTELPRO letter from J. Edgar Hoover to Special Agent in Charge, Albany

1 - Mr. DeLoach
1 - Mr. Felt
1 - Mr. Bishop
1 - Mr. W.C. Sullivan
1 - Mr. C.D. Brennan
1 - [deleted]
1 - [deleted]
SAC, Albany 7/5/68

Director, FBI (100-449698)


Bulet 5/10/68 requested suggestions for counterintelligence action against the New Left. The replies to the Bureau's request have been analyzed and it is felt that the following suggestions for counterintelligence action can be utilized by all offices:

1. Preparation of a leaflet designed to counteract the impression that Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and other minority groups speak for the majority of students at universities. The leaflet should contain photographs of New Left leadership at the respective university. Naturally, the most obnoxious pictures should be used.

2. The instigating of or the taking advantage of personal conflicts or animosities existing between New Left leaders.

3. The creating of impressions that certain New Left leaders are informants for the Bureau or other law enforcement agencies.

4. The use of articles from student newspapers and/or the "underground press" to show the depravity of New Left leaders and members. In this connection, articles showing advocation of the use of narcotics and free sex are ideal to send to university officials, wealthy donors, members of the legislature and parents of students who are active in New Left matters.

5. Since the use of marijuana and other narcotics is widespread among members of the New Left, you should be alert to opportunities to have them arrested by local authorities on drug charges. Any information concerning the fact that individuals have marijuana or are engaging in a narcotics party should be immediately furnished to local authorities and they should be encouraged to take action.

6. The drawing up of anonymous letters regarding individuals active in the New Left. These letters should set out their activities and should be sent to their parents, neighbors and the parents' employers. This could have the effect of forcing the parents to take action.

7. Anonymous letters or leaflets describing faculty members and graduate assistants in the various institutions of higher learning who are active in New Left matters. The activities and associations of the individual should be set out. Anonymous mailings should be made to university officials, members of the state legislature, Board of Regents, and to the press. Such letters could be signed
"A Concerned Alumni" or "A Concerned Taxpayer."

8. Whenever New Left groups engage in disruptive activities on college campuses, cooperative press contacts should be encouraged to emphasize that the disruptive elements constitute a minority of the students and do not represent the conviction of the majority. The press should demand an immediate student referendum on the issue in question. Inasmuch as the overwhelming majority of students is not active in New Left matters, it is felt that this technique, used in carefully selected cases, could put an end to lengthy demonstrations and could cause embarrassment to New Left elements.

9. There is a definite hostility among SDS and other New Left groups toward the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), the Young Socialist Alliance (YSA), and the Progressive Labor Party (PLP). This hostility should be exploited wherever possible.

10. The field was previously advised that New Left groups are attempting to open coffeehouses near military bases in order to influence members of the Armed Forces. Wherever these coffeehouses are, friendly news media should be alerted to them and their purpose. In addition, various drugs, such as marijuana, will probably be utilized by individuals running the coffeehouses or frequenting them. Local law enforcement authorities should be promptly advised whenever you receive an indication that this is being done.

11. Consider the use of cartoons, photographs, and anonymous letters which will have the effect of ridiculing the New Left. Ridicule is one of the most potent weapons which we can use against it.

12. Be alert for opportunities to confuse and disrupt New Left activities by misinformation. For example, when events are planned,notification that the event has been cancelled or postponed could be sent to various individuals.

You are reminded that no counterintelligence action is to be taken without Bureau approval. Insure that this Program is assigned to an Agent with an excellent knowledge of both New Left groups and individuals. It must be approached with imagination and enthusiasm
if it is to be successful.

As an economy measure the caption "COINTELPRO - NEW LEFT" should be used on all communications concerning this Program.

See memo C.D. Brennan to W.C. Sullivan dated 7/3/68, captioned as above, prepared by BAW: jes.


Run to the Left and Win!

Run to the Left and Win!

Ted Rall opines:
Both parties, and Democrats in particular, are in trouble. The last few decades have witnessed a rise in ideological blurring. Aping the Republicans has made the Democratic Party less appealing to increasingly apathetic liberals. This has occurred during a period of unprecedented polarization, when swing voters have all but vanished. As I prescribe in my book "Wake Up, You're Liberal!: How We Can Take American Back From the Right," the key to Democratic success this fall is motivating the long-neglected left-wing base. That means stronger, not weaker, party identification. Democratic Congressmen who vote along with the Republicans should be thrown out of the party. Democrats must act like Democrats. And you don't do that by nominating, or running with, Republicans.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Depleted Uranium Genesis Document 1943

Depleted Uranium Genesis Document 1943
RESPIRATORY TRACT: Dr. Wollan has estimated that an accumulation of 10-3 curies of high-energy beta-ray active material would produce an exposure of about 100 r/day to the lungs. Unfortunately, there is no experimental data bearing directly upon the deposition of f products nor on the action of the beta-rays on the bronchial and alveolar surfaces.

Particles larger than 1µ[micron]in size are likely to be deposited in nose, trachea or bronchi and then be brought up with mucus on the walls at the rate of 1/2 - 1 cm/min. Particles smaller than 1µ [micron] are more likely to be deposited in the alveoli where they will either remain indefinitely or be absorbed into the lymphatics or blood. The probability of the deposition of dust particles anywhere in the respiratory tract depends upon respiratory rate, particle size, chemical and physical nature, and the concentration in the atmosphere. Hence the probability of f products causing lung damage depends on all of these factors.

While only fragmentary information is available, it is felt that the injury would be manifest as bronchial irritation coming on in from a few hours to a few days, depending on the dose. It would not be immediately incapacitating except with doses in the neighborhood of 400 or more r [roentgens] per day. The most serious effect would be permanent long damage appearing months later from the persistent irradiation of retained particles, even at low daily rates.

It would seem that chemical gases could accomplish more and do it more quickly so far as the skin surfaces and lungs are concerned. The beta emitters would have more permanent effects -- starting months after exposure.

GASTRO-INTESTINAL TRACT: Beta emitting f [fission] products could get into the gastro-intestinal tract from polluted water, or food, or air. From the air, they would get onto the mucus of the nose, throat, bronchi, etc., and be swallowed. The effects would be local irritation just as in the bronchi and exposures of the same amount would be required. The stomach, caecum, and rectum, where contents remain for longer periods than elsewhere would be most likely to be affected. It is conceivable that ulcers and perforations of the gut followed by death could be produced, even without any general effects from the radiation.

BLOOD STREAM AND TISSUES: Beta and gamma emitting fission products may be absorbed from the lungs or G-I tract into the blood and so distributed throughout the body.

archives of Bensky KPFA coverups of 9-11

911 coverup at Pacifica, more of the same...
Hear Larry Bensky of KPFA attack 9/11 skeptics with ad-hominem smears, 27 Apr 03 (audio):
see also a useful set of 911 research links:

Bensky's Orchestrated Diversions

Larry Bensky Dismisses "Slippery Conspiracy Theories" During Live Pacifica Coverage of 9-11 Commission Hearings

On Tuesday May 18th, Larry Bensky and Gail Sheehy hosted the live broadcast of the 11th Public Hearing of the 9-11 Commission, heard on Pacifica Radio. During breaks in the hearings, as well as at their conclusion, Larry fielded listener calls. Several of the callers expressed their discontent with the direction of the hearings, complaining that the commission members avoiding controversial lines of questioning, and accepted the basic explanations put forth by the Bush adminstration.

Larry Bensky dismissed issues raised by these callers as "slippery conspiracy theories", and referred to the callers as a "small group of fanatics".

Here is the audio: Download

Here are excerpts from the transcript:

Larry: "John in Los Angeles is our first caller. Thanks for joining us on Pacifica, John."
John: "Yes, hi. How are you this afternoon?"
Jack (Larry's guest): "Hiya."
John: "Thanks for broadcasting these hearings there. But um, I think one of the questions that needs to be asked of Rudy Giuliani is: A few short weeks after 9-11, tons of metal from the collapsed Twin Towers was sold to scrapyards in New Jersey. Thereafter, the steel was resold to other recyclers in the United States and oversees. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the scraps have ended up in India, Japan, South Korea, China, Malaysia. It is the FSE position that thousands of pounds of debris was crimescene evidence that should have been examined, catalogued and stored in a secure location. Now I know Mr. Sheehee said at the beginning of the last question that the uh, Twin towers, one of the firefighters said that they were going to collapse. But the Twin towers didn't collapse; they exploded outward. Parts of the building were ejected as far as 70 meters before they began to fall, and the building's concrete was reduced to fine dust. What really brought down the Twin Towers? No steel structure..."
Larry: INTERRUPTS "What do you think?" John: "No steel structure skyescraper."
Larry: INTERRUPTS "What do you think brought down the...what do you think brought down the Twin Towers?"
Larry: "And who do you think organized that effort?" John: "Well let me state my facts. No steel structure"
Larry: INTERRUPTS "No you're not stating facts. You're stating things that people have claimed to be facts." ...after further discussion
Larry: "Okay, Jack what, have you seen any of this? Because of course it's all over the web, these kinds of speculations." Jack: "I'm allergic to the grassy knole thinking."
Gail: LAUGHING "Yeah, me too."

Larry: "We're going to go on, we've got a call from New York City here. Arlie is in Manhattan, thank you for joining us today on this Pacifica broadcast."
Arlie: "Thank you for taking my call. I read online about Operations Northwoods that happened in the 60s, that the Joint Chief of Staff put a plan to win the public opinion for invading Cuba. And it included flying a jet, full of students, which turned out to be, I mean, the plan was to fly it over Cuba, and have a recording a recording that says we're being attacked, and then explosions (Larry laughs) on the plane, which is an empty plan at the time."
Larry: INTERRUPTS "What is...What...What does this got to do with anything?"
Arlie: "Ok this could be the same scenario that happened with the four planes, or at least one or two, whatever, on 9-11."
Larry: "So you don't believe there were four planes that took off, and were highjacked, and uh, crashed into various sites that day?"
Arlie: "By reading about Operation Northwoods, that was exactly almost the same scenario. So, why not?"
Gail: "Then why didn't all those people who were on the planes come home? Where are they keeping them?"
Arlie: "Very good. In Operation Northwoods, the students were, no-names, they were employed by government intelligence agencies, and the actual planes landed in, or it should have landed in a CIA base, and another same exact model flew to have Operation to be based on. Of course, the operation was refused and".
Larry: INTERRUPTS "Arlie, you're beginning to, your call is beginning to break up, and so is you reasoning, frankly. We're going to go now to Terry in San Rafael, is that where you are?"
Terry: "I always wanted to be a guest on the X-Files."
Larry: "Trust Pacifica to surprise you."
Gail: "Well I want to get those 4 planes that are in some CIA headquarters, and recover all the people who are on them. Wouldn't that be wonderful?"
Terry: "Then you'll get a call from Roswell".

Send your comments:
Larry Bensky:
KPFA Listener Comment Line: 510-848-6767 x 622

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Who marginalized Gary Webb and the Guns for Drugs Scandal?
Who marginalized Daniel Sheehan and the Guns for Drugs Scandal?
Who gutted the Iran Contra Hearing coverage and the Guns for Drugs Scandal?
Who spends all his time diverting serious debate on the 911 hearings ?

Why it is Larry Bensky of KPFA Pacifica Radio whose role is nothing less than that of a deeply embedded agent of the CIA/DIA establishment who is in place to keep the progressive interests of the free world craftily confused and at war with themselves. Is Larry boy the worst and one of the oldest of the intelligence community's embedded agents who have infiltrated the progressive media? Many thanks goes to Ralph Schoenman who has subtley identified and outed Larry Bensky, the government agent? dupe?, again after many of us have chafed at the baldface intrigues of Larry Bensky as he has repeatedly diverted genuine and significant and revealing commentary by listeners and contributors to belittle them, and without any foundation to suggest that they are naive and credulous to think that the government would take part in the many well documented conspiracies which the government is presently promoting to the world today.

Is Larry Bensky a government agent and not a journalist? Should Pacifica should expose him and fire him in a strongly public manner so as to be sure that he never works again to mislead the people of the world? Too many people have died as the result of murders and overdoses which were the direct result of the misleading information which was promoted by Larry Bensky of KPFA.

Partners in Warcrime Atrocity: Ashcroft and Rumsfeld

Another benefit to be realized by the breakup of the empire of George Bush:
John Ashcroft 5/9/1942 and Donald Rumsfeld 7/9/1932 share these planetary connections between them:
heliocentric: Hades 1 Uranus
geocentric: Admetos 1 Hades

URA HAD ADM Grave event. Suddenly appearing want, need or poverty. Sudden serious enmity. Sudden slide of the earth or of firm things. Buried under something. Damage, rent which cannot be compensated, where one cannot make restitution. Dissension, which cannot be bridged over. Irreconcilable enmity. Total destruction. Critical needs and wants manifest suddenly. Sudden grave illness caused by lack and privation. Grave stomach and intestinal ailments. Detecting and uncovering secrets.

Taking away their microphone will go a long way toward starting a healing.

300 Birthdates of Contemporary and Historical Celebrities

April 5, 1937 Colin POWELL
November 30, 1930 George Gordon Battle Liddy born variously in Brooklyn NY or Hoboken, NJ.
December 20, 1946 Dick Wolf
June 13, 1926 Paul Edward Lynde born, Mount Vernon OH.
February 26, 1931 Robert Novak born, Joliet IL.
January 12, 1951 Rush Limbaugh born, Cape Girardeau. Weight: MO, 7 pounds 6 ounces.
May 15, 1905 Abraham Zapruder born. 8/30/1970
December 9, 1924 Frank Angelo Fiorini born, Norfolk VA.
February 20, 1927 Roy Marcus Cohn born, New York City.
December 11, 1943 John Forbes Kerry born at the Fitzsimmons Military Hospital in Denver, Colorado.
June 17, 1943 Newton McPherson born in Pennsylvania.
January 5, 1953 George John Tenet born, Flushing NY, to Greek Orthodox parents.
March 30, 1913 Richard McGarrah Helms born, St. Davids, PA.
June 9, 1916 Robert McNamara born, San Francisco CA.
17 Jan 1706 Benjamin Franklin born, Boston MA. 17 Apr 1790
December 26, 1907 Al Gore Sr. born, Washington, DC.
March 31, 1948 Al Gore Jr. born, Washington, DC.
January 15, 1945 Vince Foster born, Hope, AR.
January 4, 1920 William Egan Colby born, St. Paul MN.
November 14, 1908 Joseph McCarthy born, Appleton WI.
July 31, 1943 William J. Bennett born, Brooklyn NY.
September 16, 1941 Richard Norman Perle born, New York City.
December 25, 1950 Karl Rove born, Denver CO.
December 2, 1924 Alexander Haig born.
December 5, 1902 James Strom Thurmond born, Edgefield SC.
November 14, 1954 Condoleezza Rice born, Titusville (in Birmingham), AL.
July 9, 1932 Donald Rumsfeld born in Chicago, IL.
May 8, 1941 James Traficant born to James and Agnes Traficant, Youngstown OH.
October 18, 1921 Jesse Helms born, Monroe NC.
January 30, 1941 Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney born, Lincoln NE.
August 14, 1941 Lynne Ann Vincent born, Casper, WY.
October 9, 1918 Edward Howard Hunt born, East Hamburg NY.
February 22, 1952 William H. Frist born, Nashville, TN.
January 1, 1909 Barry Goldwater born, Phoenix AZ.
November 9, 1918 Spiro T. Agnew born, Baltimore MD.
July 13, 1950 David Duke born, Tulsa OK.
May 9, 1942 John Ashcroft born, Chicago IL.
October 26, 1947 Hillary Rodham born, Chicago IL.
February 27, 1980 Daughter Chelsea Victoria Clinton born
May 27, 1923 Heinz Alfred Kissinger born, Fuerth, Germany.
July 21, 1938 Janet Reno born, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami FL.
1/1/1895 John Edgar Hoover born to Dickerson Naylor Hoover and Annie Marie Schleiten Hoover, Washington DC.
May 22, 1900 Longtime companion of JEHoover,Clyde Tolson born, Laredo MO.
August 19, 1946 William Jefferson Blythe III born, Hope AR.
July 14, 1913 Gerald Ford born, Omaha Nebraska.
30 Jan 1882 Franklin Delano Roosevelt born, Hyde Park NY.
July 6, 1946 George W Bush born, New Haven CT.
January 22, 1955 Neil Mallon Bush born in Midland, Texas.
25 Nov 1981 Twins, Barbara and Jenna, born.
July 26, 1977 Noelle Lucila Bush born, to Jeb and Columba Bush. She is the niece of George W Bush.
May 21, 1917 John Fitzgerald Kennedy born to Rose and Joseph P. Kennedy, Brookline MA.
July 28, 1929 Jacqueline Lee Bouvier born to Janet Lee and John Vernon Bouvier III, Long Island NY.
February 6, 1911 Ronald Reagan born, Tampico IL.
January 4, 1941 Daughter Maureen Reagan born.
March 18, 1945 Son Michael Reagan born.
May 20, 1958 Son Ronald Jr. (Ronald Prescott) born.
June 12, 1924 George Herbert Walker Bush born, Milton MA.
July 14, 1913 Gerald Ford born, Omaha NE.
August 27, 1908 Lyndon Baines Johnson born, Stonewall, TX.
October 1, 1924 Jimmy Carter born, Plains, GA.
March 29, 1937 William Alton (Billy) Carter born, Plains GA.
May 29, 1955 John Warnock Hinckley, Jr. born, .
May 10, 1955 Mark David Chapman born, near Fort Worth, TX.
December 8, 1980 At 10:50 PM, Mark David Chapman shoots John Lennon four times in the back outside The Dakota in New York. Lennon dies shortly thereafter at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center. Earlier in the day, Lennon had autographed Chapman's newly-purchased copy of Double Fantasy.
September 4, 1960 William Kennedy Smith born, Boston MA.
July 25, 1956 Roger Cassidy Clinton Jr. born.
September 19, 1960 Michael Skakel born to Anne Skakel, Ethel Skakel's sister-in-law.
October 19, 1982 Albert A. Gore III born to Al Gore and Mary Elizabeth "Tipper" Gore.
December 5, 1925 Anastasio Somoza Debayle born.
June 8, 1921 Suharto born.
February 16, 1941 Kim Jong Il is born in Khabarovsk, Siberia.
February 11, 1934 Manuel Noriega born.
August 13, 1926 Fidel Castro Ruz born, Mayari Cuba.
22 Apr 1870 Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov born, Simbirsk Russia.
January 26, 1918 Born, Oltenia, Romania.
April 29, 1901 Hirohito born in Tokyo.
April 28, 1937 Saddam Hussein born, Tikrit, Iraq.
Bob Ross (October 29, 1942
15 Apr 1452 Leonardo born, illegitimate to Ser Piero da Vinci, in Vinci Italy.
May 11, 1904 Salvador Dali born, Figueras Spain.
January 23, 1989 Salvador Dali dies from heart failure and respiratory complications, Figueras Spain.
February 5, 1940 Hans Rudi Giger is born in Chur, Switzerland.
November 4, 1946 Robert Mapplethorpe born in Queens.
August 22, 1902 Helene (Leni) Bertha Amalie Riefenstahl born to Bertha Sherlach and Alfred Riefenstahl, Prinz-Eugen-Straße, Berlin.
15 Oct 1844 Friedrich Nietzsche born, Röcken, on the outskirts of Lützen, Province of Saxony.
May 10, 1952 Thomas Watt born, Glasgow Scotland. 13-Mar-96
July 21, 1944 Friedrich Leibacher born, Zug Canton, Switzerland. 28-Sep-01
October 26, 1964 Gamil Rodrigue Gharbi born to Algerian Liess Gharbi and former nun Monique Lepine. 6-Dec-89
April 9, 1981 Eric David Harris born to Wayne Nelson Harris and Katherine Ann Harris.
September 11, 1981 Dylan Bennett Klebold born to Thomas Klebold and Susan Klebold.
October 15, 1956 George Hennard born, Sayre PA. 16-Oct-91
October 11, 1942 James Oliver Huberty born, Canton OH. 18-Jul-84
May 7, 1967 Martin Bryant born. 28-Apr-96
January 14, 1958 Colin Ferguson born, Jamaica. 7-Dec-93
December 6, 1941 Richard Speck born, Kirkwood IL. 13-Jul-66
June 24, 1941 Charles Whitman born to Margaret and Charles Whitman, Lake Worth FL. 1-Aug-66
September 7, 1900 Giuseppe Zangara born, Ferruzzano (in the province of Calabria), Italy. 15-Feb-33
8 Sep 1841 Charles Julius Guiteau born to Luther Wilson Guiteau and Jane Howe, Freeport IL. 2 Jul 1881
February 7, 1914 Ramon Mercader born to Eustacia Maria Caridad del Rio Hernandez and Don Pablo Mercader Marina, Barcelona Spain. 20-Aug-40
9 Jan 1958 Mehmet Ali Agca born, Yesiltepe, Turkey (Kurdistan portion.) 13-May-81
October 22, 1948 Lynette Alice Fromme born to Helen Benzinger Fromme and William Millar Fromme (an aeronautical engineer), Santa Monica CA. 5-Sep-75
March 19, 1944 Sirhan Sirhan born, Jerusalem. 4 Jun 1968 Waits in the kitchen for RFK, then fires a gun repeatedly at the candidate. Among those that wrestle Sirhan to the ground are Rosy Grier, Rafer Johnson, and George Plimpton.
October 18, 1939 Lee Harvey Oswald born to Marguerite Claverie Oswald and the late Robert E. Lee Oswald, New Orleans LA.
January 10, 1968 Joseph Lyle Menendez born, New York City. 20-Aug-89
November 27, 1971 Erik Menendez born, New Jersey.
February 3, 1903 Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd born, Bartow Co., GA.
13 Apr 1570 Guy Fawkes born in Stonegate, Yorkshire. 31 Jan 1606
January 18, 1952 Kuse Muniswamy Veerappan Gounder born, Gopinatham Village, Karnataka India.
September 19, 1966 Eric Robert Rudolph born. 29-Jan-98
April Fool's Day, 1955
July 30, 1957 Osama bin Laden born in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, 1377 A.H., the 17th of 24 sons. There is some dispute as to the actual day, the confusion resulting from Westerners not knowing what to do with an "A.H." date. So no, we don't really know his exact birth day.
April 5, 1954 David Edward Maust born.
26 May 1883 Peter Kurten born, Cologne-Mulheim.
January 9, 1929 Dorothea Puente born, San Bernardino County CA.
August 13, 1961 Cary Stayner born.
28 Jun 1891 Carl Panzram born, Minnesota.
May 18, 1927 Harvey Carignan born.
February 18, 1949 Gary Ridgway born to Tom and Mary Ridgway, Utah.
Birthday: May 9, 1956 Full Name: Elmer Wayne Henley Jr.
1 Jun 1953 David Falco born illegitimate to Betty Broder.
June 1, 1953 David Falco born illegitimate to Betty Broder.
13 Mar 1911 Lafayette Ronald Hubbard born to Harry Ross Hubbard and Ledora May Hubbard, Tilden NE.
16 Oct 1936 Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo born, Yablochnoye, Ukraine.
August 23, 1936 Henry Lee Lucas born to prostitute Viola, Blacksburg VA.
May 22, 1942 Ted Kaczynski born, Evergreen Park, near Chicago IL.
November 12, 1934 Charles Manson born as "no name Maddox", Cincinnati OH, bastard son of sixteen year old prostitute Kathleen Maddox.
May 21, 1960 Jeffrey Dahmer born, Milwaukee WI.
February 14, 1913 James Riddle Hoffa born, Brazil IN.
May 24, 1908 Gilorma Giancana born, Chicago IL.
October 10, 1963 Daniel Pearl born, Princeton NJ.
October 31, 1931 Dan Rather born, Wharton, TX.
July 18, 1937 Hunter S. Thompson born, Louisville KY.
March 4, 1962 Eve Valois born in Clermont-Ferrand, France. largest boobs in the world
17 Oct 1938 Robert Craig Knievel is born in the mining community of Butte, Montana.
June 13, 1939 Siegfried Fischbacher born, Rosenheim, Bavaria.
October 3, 1944 Roy Uwe Ludwig Horn, Nordenham, Germany.
August 10, 1963 Andrew Sullivan born, South Godstone, England.
April 3, 1961 Edward Regen Murphy born, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY.
Paula Poundstone was born on December 29th, 1959, in Birmingham, Alabama...
March 16, 1926 Joseph Levitch born to Daniel Levitch and Rae Brodsky, Newark NJ.
December 1, 1940 Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor III born to a prostitute mother and pimp father, Peoria IL.
May 8, 1926 Don Rickles born, New York City.
Born on January 17, 1949, Andy Kaufman
April 12, 1947 David Letterman born, Broad Ripple, Indianapolis IN. "When David Letterman was born, there was a star in the East: Me." Milton Berle.
October 13, 1925 Leonard Alfred Schneider born, Mineola, NY.
19 Nov 1933 Lawrence Harvey Zieger born, Brooklyn NY. larry king
April 24, 1906 William Joyce born at 1377 Herkimer St., Brooklyn NY.
January 16, 1947 Laura Schlessinger born, Brooklyn NY.
January 12, 1954 Howard Stern born, Jackson Heights NY.
September 28, 1947 Jeffrey Duncan Jones born, Buffalo, NY.
June 5, 1971 Mark Robert Wahlberg born in Dorchester, Massachusetts at St. Margaret's hospital.
January 30, 1958 Brett Butler born, Montgomery AL.
March 24, 1930 Terence Steve McQueen born, Beech Grove IN.
December 18, 1966 Kiefer Sutherland born to actress Shirley Douglas and actor Donald Sutherland, London.
May 17, 1936 Born, Dodge City, KS.
August 17, 1960 Sean Penn born, Burbank, CA.
April 22, 1937 John Joseph Nicholson born, Neptune NJ.
September 18, 1933 Mickey Gubitosi born, Nutley NJ.
April 4, 1965 Robert Downey Jr. born in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NY.
December 29, 1947 Edward Bridge Danson III born, San Diego, CA.
May 24, 1945 Priscilla Presley born, Brooklyn.
March 12, 1953 Ron Jeremy Hyatt born, Queens NY.
August 17, 1907 Father, Gustav Schwarzenegger, born.
July 30, 1947 Arnold Schwarzenegger born in Thal, Austria.
April 3, 1924 Marlon Brando born, Omaha NE.
May 21, 1952 Lawrence Tureaud born, southside Chicago.
February 18, 1954 John Travolta born, Englewood NJ. He is the youngest of six children of Salvatore and Helen Travolta.
Graham Chapman (January 8, 1941 - October 4, 1989)
June 13, 1953 Born Timothy Allen Dick, Denver CO.
July 25, 1982 Brad Renfro born, Knoxville TN.
August 16, 1969 Born, New York City.
24 Mar 1887 Roscoe Conkling "Fatty" Arbuckle born, Smith Center KS.
August 23, 1970 River Jude Bottom born 12:03pm to John Bottom and Arlyn Dunetz, Madras, OR.
June 20, 1909 Errol Leslie Thompson Flynn born, Hobart, Tasmania.
Phil Hartman (September 24, 1948 - May 28, 1998)
Traci Lords (May 7 1968 - )
August 8, 1944 John Curtis Estes born on the kitchen table, Ashville, Pickaway County OH.
September 2, 1964 Born in Beirut, Lebanon.
April 25, 1940 Al Pacino born, East Harlem, New York City.
September 9, 1960 Hugh John Mungo Grant born, London.
February 6, 1917 Zsa Zsa Gabor born, Budapest Hungary. Though some sources say 1918, 1919, or 1920.
December 21, 1937 Jane Seymour Fonda born.
June 1, 1926 Norma Jeane Mortensen born, Los Angeles General Hospital, to Gladys Baker and unknown father.
September 19, 1913 Frances Farmer born, Seattle WA.
January 10, 1949 Linda Boreman (aka Linda Lovelace) born in the Bronx, New York.
August 27, 1952 Paul Reubenfield born, Peekskill, NY.
October 12, 1968 Adam Rich born.
August 13, 1959 Danny Bonaduce born.
Mike Lookinland (December 19,1960–)
February 8, 1968 Gary Coleman is born in Zion, Illinois.
May 27, 1965 Todd Bridges born, San Francisco, CA.
August 17, 1969 Donald Edmund Wahlberg born, Dorchester MA.
July 22, 1940 George Clinton born, Kannapolis NC.
January 6, 1946 Syd Barrett born to Arthur Max Barrett and Winefred Flack-Barrett, Cambridge England.
January 8, 1947 David Robert Jones born, 40 Stansfield Road, Brixton, London.
August 14, 1941 David Van Cortland born, Los Angeles CA. Son of cinematographer Floyd Crosby.
April 19, 1965 Marion "Suge" Knight born, Compton, CA.
March 20, 1936 Glen Campbell born one of twelve children, Billstown AR.
January 19, 1943 Janis Lyn Joplin born to Seth and Dorothy Joplin, Port Arthur TX.
December 31, 1943 Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. born in Roswell, New Mexico.
November 27, 1942 Johnny Allen Hendrix born at 10:15 am, King County Hospital, Washington.
November 4, 1969 Sean John Combs born, Harlem NY.
December 2, 1981 Britney Jean Spears born, Kentwood, LA.
May 30, 1964 Wynonna Judd born at 8:52 am, Ashland KY.
May 28, 1949 Wendy Orlean Williams born, Rochester NY.
May 3, 1903 Harry Lillis Crosby born, Tacoma WA.
August 16, 1958 Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone born, Bay City, Michigan.
31 Oct 1968 Robert Van Winkle born to Beth Mino, Miami Lakes FL.
May 20, 1946 Born as Cherilyn Sarkasian La Piere in El Centro, California.
February 26, 1932 J.R. Cash is born in Kingsland, Arkansas.
3 Dec 1948 John Michael Osbourne is born in Aston, outside Birmingham, England.
April 3, 1942 Wayne Newton born, Roanoke VA.
April 12, 1933 Herbert Butros Khaury born, New York City.
September 29, 1935 Jerry Lee Lewis born, Turtle Lake, Calhoun Plantation, near Ferriday LA.
May 3, 1933 James Brown born, Barnwell, SC.
October 20, 1972 Calvin Broadus born, Long Beach CA.
May 8, 1911 Robert Johnson born, Hazelhurst Mississippi.
May 21, 1973 Christopher G. Wallace born, Brooklyn NY.
May 8, 1944 Paul Francis Gadd born, Banbury, Oxfordshire England.
May 16, 1919 Wladziu Valentino Liberace, West Allis, WI.
December 8, 1925 Sammy Davis, Jr. born to Sam Davis (dancer) and Elvera Sanchez (Puerto Rican chorus girl), Harlem NY.
February 20, 1967 Kurt Cobain born, Hoquaim WA.
January 8, 1935 Born in Tupelo, Mississippi. Twin brother Garon Presley is stillborn.
December 12, 1915 Francis Albert Sinatra born, Hoboken NJ.
January 8, 1969 Born as Robert Kelly, Chicago IL.
August 29, 1958 Born Michael Joseph Jackson, Gary IN.
July 9, 1964 Love Michelle Harrison born, to Linda Risi and Hank Harrsion (Grateful Dead roadie), San Francisco, CA.
May 10, 1957 John Simon Ritchie born, London, England.
January 31, 1956 John Lydon born.
February 4, 1948 Vincent Damon Furnier born, Detroit MI.
June 16, 1971 Lesane Parish Crooks born, Brooklyn NY.
October 5, 1902 Ray Arthur Kroc born in Oak Park, Illinois.
April 13, 1920 Roberto Calvi born.
Nathan Mayer Rothschild * Born 16 Sep 1777.

12 Aug 1930 George Soros born, Budapest Hungary.
21 May 1898 Armand Hammer born to Julius Hammer and Rose Lipshitz Hammer, Manhattan. Armand is named after the hammer and sickle, symbol of the Socialist movement.
January 15, 1906 Aristotle Socrates Onassis born, Smyrna (Izmir), Turkey.
6 Sep 1888 Joseph P. Kennedy born, Boston MA.
22 Jul 1890 Rose Fitzgerald born, Boston MA.
6 Sep 1888 Joseph P. Kennedy born, Boston MA.
22 Jul 1890 Rose Fitzgerald born, Boston MA.
June 1, 1912 Graduates Harvard University.
October 7, 1914 Marries the daughter of Boston's mayor, Rose Fitzgerald.
July 1, 1915 First son Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr. born.
March 31, 1905 Assistant manager, Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation.
May 29, 1917 Son John F. Kennedy born, Brookline MA.
September 1, 1918 Retarded daughter Rosemary born, Boston MA.
April 3, 1905 Daughter Kathleen born, Boston MA.
July 10, 1921 Daughter Eunice Mary born, Boston MA.
May 6, 1924 Daughter Patricia born, Boston MA.
November 20, 1924 Son Robert F. Kennedy born, Boston MA.
February 1, 1928 Daughter Jean Anne born, Boston MA.
August 3, 1941 Martha Helen Kostyra born, Jersey City, NJ, 1:33 pm.
September 24, 1905 Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. actually born, Humble TX.
8 May 1824 William Walker born, Tennessee.
10 Nov 1404 Gilles de Rais born, Machecoul, Brittany.
December 17, 1930 Robert Charles Guccione born, Brooklyn NY.
April 9, 1926 Hugh Marston Hefner born to Grace and Glenn Hefner, Chicago IL.
January 10, 1936 Al Goldstein born, New York City.
November 1, 1942 Larry Flynt born, Lakeville KY.
2 Jun 1740 Sade is born in Palais de Condé, Paris.
July 15, 1951 James George Janos born, Minneapolis, MN.
April 29, 1951 Dale Earnhardt born, Kannapolis NC.
March 25, 1918 Howard William Cohen born, Winston-Salem NC.
August 23, 1978 Kobe Bryant born, Philadelphia PA. He is named after a steak (his parents spotted the name on a menu, which actually refers to a city in Japan), and is the son of NBA basketball player Joe "Jellybean" Bryant.
November 12, 1970 Tonya Harding born, Portland OR.
February 20, 1963 Charles Barkley born, Leeds, AL.
June 12, 1941 Marvin Philip "Marv" Albert born.
March 12, 1962 Darryl Strawberry born, Los Angeles CA.
December 6, 1932 Don King born.
June 30, 1966 Mike Tyson born, Brooklyn NY, to Lorna Tyson and Jimmy Kirkpatrick.
October 8, 1941 Jesse Louis Burns born.
September 24, 1902 Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini is born in Khomein, Iran.
November 13, 1929 Fred Phelps born, Meridian, Mississippi.
March 22, 1930 Pat Robertson born, Lexington VA.
March 15, 1935 Jimmy Swaggart born, Farriday LA.
January 2, 1939 Born as James Orsen in Muskegon, Michigan.
August 11, 1933 Jerry Falwell born, Lynchburg VA
February 2, 1905 Alissa Zinovievna Rosenbaum born, St. Petersburg, Russia.
September 8, 1922 Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Jr. born in Rochester, New Hampshire.
11 Apr 1930 Howard Stanton Levey born in Cook County, Illinois.
March 29, 1900 Brother, Dimitri von Mohrenschildt born. (Sometimes given as 1902.)
April 17, 1911 George de Mohrenschildt born, Mozyr, czarist Russia (perhaps now in Poland.)
March 13, 1917 Clay Lavergne Shaw born to Glaris and Alice Shaw, Kentwood LA.
March 18, 1918 David Ferrie born, Cleveland OH.
December 20, 1946 Uri Geller born.
July 29, 1907 Melvin Belli born.
December 30, 1965 Heidi Fleiss born.
September 19, 1934 Brian Epstein born to Harry and Malka Epstein, 4 Rodney Street, Liverpool England.
April 2, 1965 Rodney King born, Sacramento CA.
7 Aug 1876 Margaretha Geertruida Zelle born to a Dutch businessman and Javanese mother, Leeuwarden, Netherlands.
July 2, 1929 Imelda Romualdez Marcos born, Manila.
3 May 1469 Niccolo Machiavelli born.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Aug. 28, 1749 - Mar. 22, 1832)
June 19, 1947 Salman Rushdie born, Bombay India.
February 5, 1914 William Seward Burroughs born, St. Louis, MO.
March 22, 1922 Jack Kerouac born, Lowell, Massachusetts.
April 29, 1952 David Icke born.
30 Nov 1835 Samuel Langhorne Clemens born, Florida MO.
12 Mar 1863 Gabriele D'Annunzio born, Pescara, Italy.
23 Apr 1564 William Shakespeare born, Stratford-upon-Avon. The traditional "April 23" part is a guess.
31 Aug 12AD Caligula born.
April 21, 1926 Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor born to King George VI and Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, London England.
July 1, 1961 Lady Diana Francis Spencer born, to 8th Earl Spencer.
November 14, 1948 Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor born to Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace London. 7 lbs, 6 oz.
28 Jun 1491 Henry VIII born.
Joshua Abraham Norton (February 14, 1819 - January 8, 1880)

Assert YOUR Rights

Assert YOUR Rights

Any individual or officers of the law intrusted with the administration of conscription regulations violate the provisions of the United States Constitution, the supreme law of the land, when they refuse to recognize your right to assert your opposition to the draft.

In exempting clergymen and members of the Society of Friends (popularly called Quakers) from active military service the examination boards have discriminated against you.

If you do not assert and support your rights you are helping to "deny or disparage rights" which it is the solemn duty of all citizens and residents of the United States to retain.

In lending tacit or silent consent to the conscription law, in neglecting to assert your rights, you are (whether knowingly or not) helping to condone and support a most infamous and insidious conspiracy to abridge and destroy the sacred and cherished rights of a free people. You are a citizen: not a subject! You delegate your power to the officers of the law to be used for your good and welfare, not against you.

They are your servants; not your masters. Their wages come from the expenses of government which you pay. Will you allow them to unjustly rule you?

No power was delegated to send our citizens away to foreign shores to shoot up the people of other lands, no matter what may be their internal or international disputes.

To draw this country into the horrors of the present war in Europe, to force the youth of our land into the shambles and bloody trenches of war crazy nations, would be a crime the magnitude of which defies description. Words could not express the condemnation such cold-blooded ruthlessness deserves.

Will you stand idly by and see the Moloch of Militarism reach forth across the sea and fasten its tentacles upon this continent? Are you willing to submit to the degradation of having the Constitution of the United States treated as a "mere scrap of paper"?

No specious or plausible pleas about a "war for democracy" can becloud the issue. Democracy can not be shot into a nation. It must come spontaneously and purely from within.

Democracy must come through liberal education. Upholders of military ideas are unfit teachers.

To advocate the persecution of other peoples through the prosecution of war is an insult to every good and wholesome American tradition.

You are responsible. You must do your share to maintain, support, and uphold the rights of the people of this country.

In this world crisis where do you stand? Are you with the forces of liberty and light or war and darkness?

Schenck v. United States 1919

Monday, June 14, 2004

Apologist for Genocide Colin Powell

The apologist supreme for the genocidal and homicidal Bush apocalyptic coterie, Colin Powell, is again at the front of the "official" spin-mad doctoring of reality. You have to wonder what they are paying this creep under the table to bare his ass to the world like he is wont to do in this Bush administration. Now he suggests that a State Department report that he signed off on is full of errors regarding the frequency of terrorist attacks in the world, having gone on record with a figure that under the Bush Administration's leadership that attacks had gone down by more than 30% when in fact the policies of the Bush Administration have angered even the mildest critics of American policy to increase terrorist (read marginalized) people throughout the entire planet. Collie says it was just the 'numbers' that were wrong and 'he's going to get to the bottom of it tomorrow.'

In the '60's we used to say that paranoia was just a heightened state of awareness to real threats to freedom by the cops. Today, 'terrorism' is merely a concerted reaction to that awareness by people who have nothing to lose in attempting to get the boot of dominion and colonial conquest off their neck. Colin Powell is just the latest example of someone who is willing to sacrifice anyone and anything to get a softer pillow. What a scumbag this man is.

In other news 30 former government officials in both Bush and Clinton and Reagan administrations have come out solidly in direct criticism and denouncement of the GWB administration and are resoundingly emphatic that anyone but GWB is a desired alternative for the 2004 election. Of course George still has the Diebold voting machines poised to tilt the pinball machine of American electorality into his column so the point which still remains to be addressed is the decertification of all electronic voting machines before the election. The "expense" argument is ridiculous; just laugh in the face of anyone who brings it forward.

The voting machines are rigged to benefit any Republican who runs for office and the fix is very deep in the program (I have seen the code) and adds an additional Republican vote for every 5 Democrat votes tallied to give an automatic and difficult to trace 20% advantage to any Republican in any race throughout the country. It is thought that this unfair advantage will be sufficient to ensure Republican majorities in the Senate, House, and the Presidency. If we are unable to stop this then I'll see you in the Gulag where a Republican jackboot steps on our balls for the rest of our short and tortured life. The horrid recent outpouring of United States racist morons for the glorification of Ronnie Reagan in death should be a sufficient reminder for you that there are quite a few idiots who are unable to think and are more than willing to torture for a moment with a popsicle in the sun.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

The Death of Claudius

The old man then took me by the shoulders.

Pollio: "By the way, I'll tell you something, Claudius. "I'm a very old man and though I look brisk enough I have reached the end. In three days I shall be dead; and I know it. Just before one dies there comes a strange lucidity. One speaks prophetically. Now listen! Do you want to live a long and busy life, with honor at the end of it?"

Claudius: "Yes."

Pollio: "Then exaggerate your limp, stammer deliberately, sham sickness frequently, let your wits wander, jerk your head and twitch with your hands on all public or semi-public occasions. If you could see as much as I see, you would know that this was your only hope of eventual glory."

--Robert Graves I, Claudius

Murdering Tear Gas Bomber of Berkeley, Ronald Reagan, finally dies after hanging on to haunt the peace and social justice movement for more than 40 years. After running guns to conservative drug dealing insurgents in Costa Rica to over throw the duly elected government of Nicaragua; while giving tow missiles to Iran to bribe the Iranian government to keep US hostages until after the US election in order to defeat peace candidate Jimmy Carter. Ronald Reagan was the biggest bullcrap liar (previous to George Bush Uno and Deuce') that the world has ever had to endure. An unprovoked assault on Grenada was the beginning of the backslide into history of what was once the revered and respected United State of America. When Ronnie wasn't jamming Cuba and covertly funding right wing Cuban insurgents he was lying to Congress and to grand juries.

Ronald Reagan started out pummeling the Free Speech Movement remnants in the People's Park of Berkeley while governor of California where the truly malevolent forces of California found him a sufficiently willing while genuinely gullible and ignorant standard bearer for their untrammeled consolidation of power. These forces, born out of the farm labor exploitation movement which traced its roots to the dust bowl era in the 1930's, had searched for a charismatic face to put on their Machiavellian maneuvers for 30 years. Pretty boy B- movie actor Ronnie was their man. His ability to appeal the untapped greed of the increasingly dispossessed American was legendary. A dream became a reality which was picked up with his successor George Bush's Uno and Deuce. What was never revealed was that this scheme was to cost all the world its heart and soul starting with America which would have to shed its blood for the enrichment of a few Rumsfelds, Cheneys, Powells, Deavers, and others who would have to sacrifice innocents throughout the world to get the Empire moving forward.

Reagan was a true mid-westerner in that he really believed that spying on fellow actors for J. Edgar Hoover was patriotic. His testimony was in large part responsible for the Black Listing of peace activists following the second world war. As a member of the Screen Actors Guild he made contracts which were management friendly to the detriment of the Guild but his crowning achievement of the early years was when he testified for the government in the Congressional Hearings which resulted in the black listings. Many good and great people like Dalton Trumbo who wanted peace and social justice back in the 1950's were ruined thanks to the work of Ronnie. As he moved from snitch on the good guys he found that his acting actually improved and since he now had been bought by the California power elites of the Aggie block he was ripe for a career in politics where lying and acting would be brought to new heights of disgusting depravity as the Republicans built their conservative machine on the back of the illusion that Ronald Reagan the Great Tool was only too willing to advance.

(from Lois Rodden)
2/6/1911 (Feb 6, 1911)
Birth Time: 04:16 (4:16 a.m.) CST (+6:00)
Birth Place: Tampico, IL
Latitude / Longitude: 41 N 38 / 89 W 47
Rodden Rating / Source: AA / Sited BC
Source Notes:

The data of Ronald Reagan has been confirmed by his daughter Patti Davis in Time magazine (04-Feb-2002). In an article on page 4, she states, "My father was born at home, at 4:16 AM on Feb.6, 1911, after a long and difficult labor.” This is the same time as Edmund Morris gave as birth certificate in his biography, Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan, New York, Random House, p.14 and p.688.--(from Lois Rodden)

Time of death 1 PM PDT 5 June 2004 Bel Air, California

Break out the Champagne and toast the end of a very destructive life upon the history of the world.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Iron pants Bush consolidates military (for use on US population in Summer Conventions?)

Iron pants Bush consolidates military (for use on US population in Summer Conventions?)

Catch 22: 6/2/2004: A year more of service and missions for all the military now on active duty or scheduled for discharge. Can you hear that Yossarian? The Bush Coup of 2000 HAS to continue in the face of its growing problems because if they fail to prevail they will go to jail. They are just running from the law now and expanding the military because they fully expect to have to use it against the US population in order to keep from being overtaken and apprehended and brought to trial for capital crimes of sedition, tyranny, espionage, and murder. It is highly unlikely that we will see Bush very often now except in the company of the military. Expect a marked increase of his use of military habadashery and military symbology as the current credibility crises on every front pushes him to true desperation.

But I am wondering whether the military which he spurned when he ran away from service will protect him now or whether they will kick him out into the hungry and angry crowd who want to drink his blood? Mussolini thought he could abuse his troops forever, and he ended up swinging from a cross beam. Little struttin' George la Deuce majored in history while an undergraduate at Yale. I wonder if that was a gentleman's C?

A friend mentions in a letter that:

>Colin Powell, has sold out.

Colin Powell sold out in 1963 when he was prototyping the My Lai method of village burning while a green lieutenant military advisor for the ARVN. Then later when he was a major he kept the My Lai 4 thing quiet and allowed the initial report of My Lai 4 to die on his desk. A lot of this information is out now and the truth fell out of the tree.

"He lay on his back, gazing up at us with sightless eyes," Powell wrote. "I felt nothing, certainly not sympathy. I had seen too much death and suffering on our side to care anything about what happened on theirs." -Powell

While success against the armed enemy was rare, Powell's ARVN unit punished the civilian population systematically. As the soldiers marched through mountainous jungle, they destroyed the food and the homes of the region's Montagnards, who were suspected of sympathizing with the Viet Cong. Old women would cry hysterically as their ancestral homes and worldly possessions were consumed by fire. -Norman Solomon and others on the underbelly of Colin Powell.

(It is interesting to note that Powell actually had an "Achilles moment" during this period in Nam when he stepped on a bamboo stick which was sharpened and fouled with infection. The stick pierced his boot heel and went into his foot. It was this event which although severe was not sufficient enough to send him home but it took him out of the field and put him into the office where he was later able to influence the news flow out of Nam and keep the daily atrocities from reaching higher ups. In his continual sucking-up and groveling to power (it's not a new behavior for Colin Powell) he provided necessary insulation keeping information from getting out and thus prolonging the war and providing him ample opportunities to advance as thousands of Americans were killed.)

"We burned down the thatched huts, starting the blaze with Ronson and Zippo lighters," Powell recalled. "Why were we torching houses and destroying crops? Ho Chi Minh had said the people were like the sea in which his guerrillas swam. ... We tried to solve the problem by making the whole sea uninhabitable. In the hard logic of war, what difference did it make if you shot your enemy or starved him to death?" -Powell

For nearly six months, Powell and his ARVN unit slogged through the jungles, searching for Viet Cong and destroying villages.

>Short of the electoral process.., what Ya gonna do?
The integrity of the electoral process worries me greatly. I downloaded all that Diebold material (six cd's worth) before it was 'disappeared', and my finding was that the State of Maryland was totally jobbed in 2002. There were many files with Maryland county's votes which were racing back and forth between the polls and Diebold. There were many dummy tallys which found their way into the official results. I personally reprocessed and hyperlinked the bibliography of the entire Johns Hopkins report while working for Flashpoints which in the final analysis was a quick, slap dash analysis but with sufficient findings that should have been heeded by the Maryland Secy of State. But they weren't...You are still going to be sitting ducks for Coup Two in '04. The most interesting thing to me which should have had people in the streets were the number of outright frauds involving 18181 votes margins of victory. Of course it always seems to be the Republicans who are the beneficiaries of the frauds. In Texas, Georgia, Maryland.

Kathryn Harris is still keeping blacks in Florida off the voting rolls...Jewish grandmothers will still be voting for Pat Buchanan. Even with the completely legitimate complaints in Florida it was ultimately impossible to recount due to the tremendous media presence which was afforded James Baker. Lawrence Tribe and David Boies were enormously ineffective in 2000 in the face of the well orchestrated lies which were posted every where in the media. Clinton was cowed and Gore appeared silent and entirely docile. Gore said last week he basically gave the country over to them because he respected the rule of law. I don't buy that for a minute. I think that he was scared to death. I'm sure he has deep silent regret over flaunting his 'principles' instead of getting really angry in public and loudly demanding that the votes for the entire state be counted. They will do it again, you can be sure of it. If the GOP loses this election again (in 2004) they will force it into the courts again only this time they will claim that the electronic machines were wrong. They won't allow a recount to happen. Without any national figure to galvanize dissent the same thing is going to happen. Coup Two in '04. You can take it to the bank.

With increased police powers guaranteed by the Patriot Act along with the 2000 grassroots deployment by the FBI under J.A. the possibility of a reasonable resistance succeeding is extremely unlikely. Then we will all get our Gulag. Our history here in America is somewhere near where Russia was in 1920. Big black cars coming in the middle of the night and carting the citizens them off to tortures as the boot steps on each face for another 50 years. If you think that this is far-affetched consider what they have already gotten away with. We have a lot of inbred trailer trash who love to follow orders so they don't have to be troubled with learning to think. As our genuine fear mounts, we are becoming increasingly docile as a people just as the Russians and the Germans and the Italians did in the face of their fascist class aggressors. Italy has a new Mussolini now in Berlusconi who loves Bush much in the same manner that Mussolini loved Hitler. Each thinking that they are smarter than the other. This is a real copulating mess.