Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let's keep the dogpatch Clintons out of government! Nova suggestion.

You have to go back to 1992 to realize what we could have had as government when the closet raging Jerry Brown was battling successfully for the presidency.  Slick Willyboy Clinton the current Poppy Bush pal was still allowing the Mena Airbase to be used by G.H.W. Bush to arm the contras and allow cocaine into the US  land through Arkansas and then further ferried by Air America and Southern Air Transport.  The money was laundered and some of it found its way back into Clintons 1992 campaign coffers.  Now after being paid back with an election win over Big George, and hungry for more of the good life, babes, and drugs; --Clinton wants back in!  And now its through his wife.  You remember, the one who suspected nothing regarding Bill's Oval Office oral encores.  The one who ran the dirty campaign against Obama and kept soaking her backers in that very expensive slugfest. The McCain campaign will go down as the dirtiest in history, people will remember the way he disported himself.  Historians will forget the Hillary Clinton campaign even though they virtually wrote the entire McCain script. 

But what does Slick Willy want out of all of this?  He's been pallin' around with Big George the last several years and seemingly getting his hands dirtied in the Khazar steppe region at the southern tip of the Caucasian mountains.  This time he's cornering the market on uranium ore with a Canadian mining financier Frank Giustra.  Big George has been working the Canadian mining markets for some time now since leaving office, January of 1993. Family investments were shifted out of arms in the Carlyle holding company and moved over to gold.  They rode that pony and now are moving again and transferring their wealth. Now with misery and starvation ensured they are buying into water ownership and related management technologies through companies like Bechtel still controlled by Big George's former cabinet members.  

And now a switch into uranium for Slick Willy.  How about a nuclear war with Russia over uranium with with the HillBilly's leading the charge. Does Georgia and South Ossetia now start to make sense as the new front of the cold war? "Defensive" missiles in Poland.  Russian ICBM's being dusted off.  Nuclear subs in the North Sea.  Off the Alaskan coast. Alaskan separatist movement gains purchase.  Russia extends her empire?  Blackwater Inc. is now a clawprint in the greatest untapped area of the planet.  How about slant oil drilling wars between Russia and the US? Get ready for just that.  A North American war for the first time since the Civil war and Zapata.  Canada jumps in...warm enough for you yet? Fighting Russia on two fronts.  The Arabs ally with Russia and we lose the uranium and in the process we lose Alaska. US prospects implode and the occupying army within meets the one without.  

Corporate interests could not be happier unless an axial tilt accellerated the warming at the poles, melting poles and freezing the middle east and the torrid zone.  It could happen but the force necessary would probably knock the planet Earth out of orbit.  After all a spinning top depends upon centripetal stability and an axial consistency.  The factors of mass and speed of revolution coupled with the path around the sun are interrelated by the physics of the system. When things change suddenly everything spins out of control.  Not only does the earth go on a trip out of orbit but the solarsystem loses the integrity of its gravitational shared symbiosis. The orbital balance of the solar system goes way out of balance.  The chaos theory holds and John Muir is again vindicated when he opines that you cannot take anything out of the universe and have it be the same.  The order is disturbed and chaos compounds.  

Super Novas start just like this! Now that's the kind of world sought by Bible Spicers who believe "Left Behind" and unless we stop them thoroughly we are just one more explosion which we witness in wonder as to how it went through the universe for 8 million years before the light reached us.