Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two puffy Catholic boys & unbridled ambition

Rod Blagojevich

By the direction of POTUS, Patrick Fitzgerald wiretaps for 5 years Rod Blagojevitch looking for the Bush Doctrine of Premption (domestic US version) of what you think and talk about along with what you joke about is now fair game for prosecution. This was where they wanted to go all along and these political prosecutions are how they will continue the shadow government while out of power.

When you look there is absolutely nothing here but another craven Republicn federal prosecutor abusing his authority at the direction of the President George W. Bush and Karl Rove...but the $$media$$ plays stupid by following the lead frame of Fitzgerald and creates a distraction and unsettling mistrust in the new administration in order to cripple the remedies which might be forthcoming from the highly skilled and talented administration which is being assembled to move to Washington on 17 January.

Most interesting is the mainstream alternative media including "Democracy Now" are covering this from the right and parroting the constant braying for resignation or impeachment of Blago.

The President GWB is still the one who needs to be impeached. There is enough evidence of wrongdoing there to bury the Washington Monument. But little puff boy Patrick knows that he dances with George and Dick and Karl until the dance is over. What is Puffy's payment to be for doing this to America and the World?