Monday, October 26, 2009

The Bad News Jews strike again...religion injures more innocent children...concussion grenades used against the sticks and stones of a conquered children people who don't want the oldest historical artifact, their temple, damaged by irresponsible archaeologists what do the Jews do? GRENADES inside the structure...
....what a horrible place to live and defend...why are we Americans doing it? We have an amendment in our laws stating that we have no connection with religion and yet since 1946 we have allowed these people to blackmail us into supporting their Jewish state religious homeland nonsense...while standing aside while they murder thousands...and destroy olive trees (food) to destroy homes displace 300,000+ people to build homes for American Jews to move-in and take over...murdering pregnant women while in the IDF...harvesting organs of the injured before they are murdered instead of healing the wounded which is what civilisation demands....a very mad situation...there is no excuse for this level of base it off with beatings by baton weilding American Jewish children offering their poor neighbors severe doses of tear gas...why are we in Israel?

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Creepy guy from Moldova

"If optimism is a glass half full, pessimism a glass half empty, Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is the guy who pours out the glass and proudly proclaims it completely empty. The right-wing politician recently declared that there’s “no chance” of a solution to core issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and that people need to learn “to live with it.” Truthdig

I agree with Avigdor Lieberman that this is a
blessing of riches to be reaped for Israeli’s when
one considers the expanded health insurance in the US
(to come soon) -which will further expand the market
for illegally obtained organs from wounded
Palestinian children shot by the IDF.

There must certainly be a program of increased
compensation for soldiers to provide further
incentive for those who wound for the purposes of
organ harvesting. The prices will go up because the
schmear will involve more payoffs of airport
officials and customs inspectors.

The spin-off market will perhaps someday leave the
Middle East and concentrate solely in the US where
the spoilage problem is less severe. There are
plenty of poor people who are in desperate financial
agony and will be easily seduced by the organ brokers
to part with anything they have two of. Of course
when under the anesthetic, the operation for a kidney
could easily turn into a heart or liver and often was
the primary reason for getting a poor person to agree
to part with a kidney. You can always say “operator

This is a great way for people who have no human
worth to live beyond their natural lives by stealing
the hearts of those without money. This is the
darkest of ages and Avigdor Lieberman is brave enough
to face it with a smile. It’s not surprising that he
got his start in Moldova where rabbinical organ
trafficking is canonical. You have to admire someone
like Avigdor Lieberman who has/is chosen to lead his
people away from compassion and into the jaws of
perennial historical criticism and thorough lasting
eternal disgust and damnation.

Even Hitler couldn’t do that.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Rachel for Congress??

Rachel Maddow is becoming increasingly shrill and irrelevant. Her cheer-leading for the Israeli holocaust of the Palestinians considered along with her awful interview of Representative Alan Grayson, (D-FL 8th district) was really a horrible attempt to paint him as anti-semitic when he is in fact Jewish, born in NYC, and a distinguished graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. She apparently thinks the word "holocaust" is the exclusive property of WWII victims and cannot be applied to Palestinians or even the 45,000 Americans who are bureaucratically executed by the health insurance companies and die for lack of insurance.

Even when reminded that Alan Grayson is a distinguished Jewish Harvard alumni she was never able to retract her THREE attempts to have HIM retract his use of the word "holocaust" to describe the net effect of Republican negativity. Unfortunately she is precisely the reason why progressives are going to lose the next two elections. Poor research and pig-headness rather than humility rules her approach, which is often entertaining but never completely without taint of "know it all", without the knowledge to back it up.
Interview is here: