Thursday, June 03, 2004

Iron pants Bush consolidates military (for use on US population in Summer Conventions?)

Iron pants Bush consolidates military (for use on US population in Summer Conventions?)

Catch 22: 6/2/2004: A year more of service and missions for all the military now on active duty or scheduled for discharge. Can you hear that Yossarian? The Bush Coup of 2000 HAS to continue in the face of its growing problems because if they fail to prevail they will go to jail. They are just running from the law now and expanding the military because they fully expect to have to use it against the US population in order to keep from being overtaken and apprehended and brought to trial for capital crimes of sedition, tyranny, espionage, and murder. It is highly unlikely that we will see Bush very often now except in the company of the military. Expect a marked increase of his use of military habadashery and military symbology as the current credibility crises on every front pushes him to true desperation.

But I am wondering whether the military which he spurned when he ran away from service will protect him now or whether they will kick him out into the hungry and angry crowd who want to drink his blood? Mussolini thought he could abuse his troops forever, and he ended up swinging from a cross beam. Little struttin' George la Deuce majored in history while an undergraduate at Yale. I wonder if that was a gentleman's C?

A friend mentions in a letter that:

>Colin Powell, has sold out.

Colin Powell sold out in 1963 when he was prototyping the My Lai method of village burning while a green lieutenant military advisor for the ARVN. Then later when he was a major he kept the My Lai 4 thing quiet and allowed the initial report of My Lai 4 to die on his desk. A lot of this information is out now and the truth fell out of the tree.

"He lay on his back, gazing up at us with sightless eyes," Powell wrote. "I felt nothing, certainly not sympathy. I had seen too much death and suffering on our side to care anything about what happened on theirs." -Powell

While success against the armed enemy was rare, Powell's ARVN unit punished the civilian population systematically. As the soldiers marched through mountainous jungle, they destroyed the food and the homes of the region's Montagnards, who were suspected of sympathizing with the Viet Cong. Old women would cry hysterically as their ancestral homes and worldly possessions were consumed by fire. -Norman Solomon and others on the underbelly of Colin Powell.

(It is interesting to note that Powell actually had an "Achilles moment" during this period in Nam when he stepped on a bamboo stick which was sharpened and fouled with infection. The stick pierced his boot heel and went into his foot. It was this event which although severe was not sufficient enough to send him home but it took him out of the field and put him into the office where he was later able to influence the news flow out of Nam and keep the daily atrocities from reaching higher ups. In his continual sucking-up and groveling to power (it's not a new behavior for Colin Powell) he provided necessary insulation keeping information from getting out and thus prolonging the war and providing him ample opportunities to advance as thousands of Americans were killed.)

"We burned down the thatched huts, starting the blaze with Ronson and Zippo lighters," Powell recalled. "Why were we torching houses and destroying crops? Ho Chi Minh had said the people were like the sea in which his guerrillas swam. ... We tried to solve the problem by making the whole sea uninhabitable. In the hard logic of war, what difference did it make if you shot your enemy or starved him to death?" -Powell

For nearly six months, Powell and his ARVN unit slogged through the jungles, searching for Viet Cong and destroying villages.

>Short of the electoral process.., what Ya gonna do?
The integrity of the electoral process worries me greatly. I downloaded all that Diebold material (six cd's worth) before it was 'disappeared', and my finding was that the State of Maryland was totally jobbed in 2002. There were many files with Maryland county's votes which were racing back and forth between the polls and Diebold. There were many dummy tallys which found their way into the official results. I personally reprocessed and hyperlinked the bibliography of the entire Johns Hopkins report while working for Flashpoints which in the final analysis was a quick, slap dash analysis but with sufficient findings that should have been heeded by the Maryland Secy of State. But they weren't...You are still going to be sitting ducks for Coup Two in '04. The most interesting thing to me which should have had people in the streets were the number of outright frauds involving 18181 votes margins of victory. Of course it always seems to be the Republicans who are the beneficiaries of the frauds. In Texas, Georgia, Maryland.

Kathryn Harris is still keeping blacks in Florida off the voting rolls...Jewish grandmothers will still be voting for Pat Buchanan. Even with the completely legitimate complaints in Florida it was ultimately impossible to recount due to the tremendous media presence which was afforded James Baker. Lawrence Tribe and David Boies were enormously ineffective in 2000 in the face of the well orchestrated lies which were posted every where in the media. Clinton was cowed and Gore appeared silent and entirely docile. Gore said last week he basically gave the country over to them because he respected the rule of law. I don't buy that for a minute. I think that he was scared to death. I'm sure he has deep silent regret over flaunting his 'principles' instead of getting really angry in public and loudly demanding that the votes for the entire state be counted. They will do it again, you can be sure of it. If the GOP loses this election again (in 2004) they will force it into the courts again only this time they will claim that the electronic machines were wrong. They won't allow a recount to happen. Without any national figure to galvanize dissent the same thing is going to happen. Coup Two in '04. You can take it to the bank.

With increased police powers guaranteed by the Patriot Act along with the 2000 grassroots deployment by the FBI under J.A. the possibility of a reasonable resistance succeeding is extremely unlikely. Then we will all get our Gulag. Our history here in America is somewhere near where Russia was in 1920. Big black cars coming in the middle of the night and carting the citizens them off to tortures as the boot steps on each face for another 50 years. If you think that this is far-affetched consider what they have already gotten away with. We have a lot of inbred trailer trash who love to follow orders so they don't have to be troubled with learning to think. As our genuine fear mounts, we are becoming increasingly docile as a people just as the Russians and the Germans and the Italians did in the face of their fascist class aggressors. Italy has a new Mussolini now in Berlusconi who loves Bush much in the same manner that Mussolini loved Hitler. Each thinking that they are smarter than the other. This is a real copulating mess.