Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Colin Powell, the Devil's Handmaiden...

Colin Powell 5 April 1937 New York, New York

Sun: 1 Hades 3 Zeus 7 Pluto

SUN HAD Carrier of secrets. Pursued by misfortune. Heavy rains. Cold with hailstorms. The body's susceptibility to sickness. Decay of the body. Debility. Infirmity. Diseased, deformed, or mutilated body. Oppressed or hindered in developing one's body and personality. Pursued by misfortune. Physical troubles.

SUN HAD ZEU Fever. Grave injuries of the body through fire or firearms. Born in poor circumstances. Criminal ancestors. Leader of criminals. A still birth. Miscarriage. Childbed sickness. Engagement for something with difficulties. Defeats. Reported to the police, the one who reports. Bodies destroyed by fire. Hindered in work on account of physical defects, sickness, or being crippled. The person who is subject to hate, who is detested. Soot-remainders from a fire. Carbonization, ashes.

Stan Goff from Counterpunch: "In 1963, well before the American public generally understood where Vietnam was, a young Army captain (Colin Luther Powell) led a South Vietnamese unit through the A Shau Valley to systematically burn villages to the ground. This was to deprive the so-called Vietcong of any base of support, and was called "draining the sea," a reference to Mao's dictum that the guerrilla is the fish and the population is the sea."

"...captain (Colin Luther Powell) would later write, "I recall a phrase we used in the field, MAM, for military-age male. If a helo spotted a peasant in black pajamas who looked remotely suspicious, a possible MAM, the pilot would circle and fire in front of him. If he moved, his movement was judged evidence of hostile intent, and the next burst was not in front, but at him. Brutal? Maybe so. But an able battalion commander with whom I had served... was killed by enemy sniper fire while observing MAMs from a helicopter. And Pritchard was only one of many. The kill-or-be-killed nature of combat tends to dull fine perceptions of right and wrong."


Stan Goff continues: "On March 16, 1968, the US Infantry of C Company, Task Force Barker, 11th Infantry Brigade, Americal Division went into a Vietnamese hamlet designated My Lai 4 and killed 347 unarmed men, women, and children, engaging in rape and torture along the way for four hours before a US helicopter pilot who observed the massacre ordered his door gunners to open fire on the grunts if they didn't desist. The chopper pilot, however, did not report the massacre."

"Six months later, a young enlisted man, Spec 4 Tom Glen, sent a letter to General Creighton Abrams, commander of US forces in Vietnam. Without specifically mentioning My Lai, Glen said that murder had become a routine part of Americal operations. The letter was shunted over to Americal Divison, and then to the office of the same officer who had been leading the South Vietnamese arson campaign five years earlier, since promoted to major. He was now the deputy assistant Chief of Staff of the division--a functionary who was directed to craft a response to this report of widespread atrocities against Vietnamese civilians."

"In direct refutation of this portrayal," wrote the officer dismissively and with no investigation whatsoever, "is the fact that relations between Americal soldiers and the Vietnamese people are excellent." Perhaps he believed that those killed were MAMs, and therefore outside the protection of the Geneva Conventions and international law."

"That officer is now the Secretary of State, Colin Powell" -Stan Goff in Counterpunch.org 24 May 2004

I would not be surprised to find out that Colin Powell sells fire insurance throughout the world and twists arms and closes sales by threats of setting the dogs of war on any and all who oppose the monstrosity that this Bush Administration has created out of a once mature country.

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