Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nuclear Capability for Iran?

It's been obvious for years that this is not correct for why would anyone who has been the butt of Israel's shithead foreign policy aided by the US, --not drop a nuke on Tel Aviv?  Just doesn't make any sense if they had the capability that they would not nuke Israel several times over.  It is clear that Israeli's are devils to all of the civilized world.  What un-human gargbage they are!!  All of this and Madoff too!!  There has to be a limit to the genocide that the world is forced to swallow from the Israeli's.  It is time to implement a total restriction of their ability to destroy the peace of the world.  

Prosecute! Convict! Execute! Disenfranchise!

"This administration has destroyed a nation--its culture, its infrastructure, its government, its constitution, its rule of law, and killed, maimed, and displaced millions of its people; shredded our constitution, negated our civil rights, raped the environment, devastated the economy, while enriching only the corporate, financial, and military/industrial CEOs; violated international treaties and laws; issued executive orders and signing statements to gain for themselves anything the complicit congress failed to grant them; and established precedent for admistrations to come, if they are not held accountable for these atrocities. "--anonymous comment at Newsweek

Along with prosecutions and executions,  the families of the Bush Administration need to be stripped of all their material wealth which needs to be returned to the United States Treasury. Nothing less than complete disenfranchisement of these non-human murderers and their associates is to be tolerated.  Americans must drive a stake through the hearts of the cruel murderous maurauders.  A lesson needs to be deeply cut into their legacy so as to discourage those who would take their path to filth.  Banishment of everyone associated with the Administration of George W. Bush to the desert jails of Joe Arpaio.  Hell on earth for these scumbags, crawling on their bellies in pink underwear in hot desert sand eating slop.  Their misery needs to be televised to remind those who would follow in their footsteps that there are indeed consequences for extreme criminality while holding high office.  No more slack!