Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy new year

2009 begins:  Berkeley carjacker at Whole Foods goes bust as cook threatens to blow his balls off.  
White house blames Palestinians as Israeli's kill hundreds in Gaza and injure thousands more as they stall for time to 
bury the bodies before the press is let in to report the Israeli led holocaust.  

"He was probably a north African semitic mixed Arab/Jew with all that hair on the chest. Was his back shaved? What's race matter? They all look the same when they have a gun on you. Was there a gold chain around his neck with a pinky ring like Bernard Madoff? Falafel on his breath or Barbecue? Long nose or wide nose? Did he talk of the holocaust or of the next intifada or did he want reparations for slavery? What did he say when she mentioned Rahm Emanuel's dual Israeli citizenship? Was he upset over the coverage of the Black role in the passage of Prop 8? "