Sunday, March 22, 2009

Israeli Kid Soldiers ordered to kill Civilians

Why do they do this again and again? It's good for business.

This link is an internal study by the 2005 Bank of Israel leaked to last week. Thanks to John Young for this breakthrough...

"Targeted Killings: Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Counterterrorism Policy"
by Asaf Zussman & Noam Zussman. The study is a thinly disguised investment guide for those on the inside of the Israeli power structure to figure out how to properly place bets when the IDF goes in to kill and to instruct the IDF on whats good for business and what's not. It seems that when Palestinian political leaders are assassinated the Israeli stocks go down but when the IDF kills military leaders the Israeli stocks go up. Now isn't that special?

Paul Tillich would not be surprised that God is most definitely dead in Israel.
These people are so disgusting and their collective horror so pronounced that fiction pales in the light of the reality. Documents like this need the light of day.

michael jordan