Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Dots: Social Insecurity

Connecting the Dots on the Social Security Reorganization

by Michael Jordan

We live in a really wonderful time of clear choices and undeniable commitments to truth and honesty. We can thank George W. Bush for this opportunity to understand truly what we as Americans have become in the last few years and what is being asked of us by our Board of Political Directors in the White House; the Senate and the House of Representatives, and the Supreme Court. The litmus test of our present state of governing directives is exemplified in the current forced debate regarding social security and the placement of our commonly held resources of American labor as represented in social terms by the Social Security Trust Fund.

The current government has decided, while waving the flag to the point of tatters, that the economic reconstruction of America is to be accomplished by promoting the program of channeling the economic strength of American labor into the defense industry in the modern form of the war bond which is to be accomplished by taking hard won wages and buying defense/war stocks with them. Just think of the support that the wavering, simple souls of the “RED” states will produce for unending war when their retirement funds are indexed to the Carlyle group, Lockheed, and Halliburton and the other demons and benefactors of endless military conquest whose horrible dirty profits regularly depend upon the pronouncements of the Board of Political Directors of the (formerly) United States of America, operating out of the White House in Washington, D.C.

Just think of the profits to be made by the miserable Republican and Democrat politicians who have already written off the possibility of an equitable world and now only look forward to more pie and ice cream for them at the expense of the entire world.

What power! To decide for themselves how the vast wealth of the reserve benefits of their countrymen’s honest labor is to be delivered to themselves. The American Political Directors know for certain how the money will be invested; into what sectors and into what industry groups and into what companies, --and they even know what individual people control the majority stock in those companies, so in the guise of patriotism they will sell the social security transfer of all of the real wealth of the country which used to call itself “America” into the hands of George Bush 1 and 2, Donnie Rumsfeld, and the people who sleazed them to the top of the heap.

Just to review for those who are slow on the uptake: There was no Republican victory in 2000, or 2002, or 2004. There were no Afghan’s in the planes that hit the World Trade Center. There were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Saddam Hussein was working for the US to stabilize Iraq and to keep Iran in line using American weapons of chemical warfare that Donald Rumsfeld gave him, in 1984-8 while working for George Bush 1. Ronald Reagan worked for George Bush 1 just as Richard Nixon (who worked for Prescott S. Bush in California) to insure that workers would be cheated out of their labor.

This was the case as well in the movements of Eastern Europe at the turn of the 19th century in Germany and Austria and Poland and Russia and France and Spain and Italy and even merry England and in the 20th century. Hitler’s efforts were kept alive through Prescott Bush’s efforts and money; even Stalin was given hope to quell workers in Russia through the support of the Bush family and their hanger’s on throughout the 20th century. This is what happened and the final threat is the devotion of the American social welfare system and it’s survival to be hitched upon the whims of a Bush intent upon furthering the rancid and rotten dreams of his Dutch ancestors who sold swords to both the British and Americans during the Revolutionary War.

These dirt bags have been fouling the planet and trashing peace for 300 years and the proof is in the historical record. Americans need to get clear on what these American Political Directors continue to represent, while identifying and eliminating the evil lords for whom they do their bidding.

--Michael Jordan 3/30/2005

Kensington, CA