Friday, January 28, 2005

Chris Floyd

Thank you so much for including the great voice of Chris Floyd in the MoscowTimes. Chris is an inspiration to anyone who longs for release from US hypocrisy and wonders if there is a life after US citizenship. He is the one writer in the entire world whom I always look forward to reading even though he deals only with the grim truth and the consequences of insane global hegemony of the global terror machine of the international robber barons. Life in the United States is truly a grim affair now as Americans are getting to experience the processes the Germans endured under the fascists. No American can smirk about "good Germans" any longer because now we are getting to witness first hand how the subtle forces of horrific intent are incubated, nurtured, and implemented.
When properly understood the present "First Family" of the United States has been rotten for the better part of a century and, strange though it seems to this newly awakened American, was undoubtedly the impetus for the work of both Stalin and Hitler. Americans laboring under immense propaganda indulged Stalin because he was doing what the Rockefeller/Bush matrix would have done in Russia if they had occupied Russia. Stalin was working for the Western industrialists and that was why they left him alone to incarcerate and torture. Now there is nowhere in the world where Bush Co. can land without fearing for their life. They are only safe in Air Force One. The 2005 Washington, DC inaugural made that perfectly clear.
So now the chickens come home to roost...

Wishing you all a mild winter,

Michael Kerry. Jordan

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Empire blood

The American Empire must feed on Blood. The diet of the Red States is heavy in iron, steel, and blood. We always thought that corn fed beef was high quality but recent electional moves have established that those who feed regularly on that cuisine are truly mad and that the prions are infecting their bodies and working into their brains.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

NM for Hire?

Old King Cole was a merry old soul,
And a merry old soul was he;
He called for his pipe,
And he called for his bowl,
And he called for his fiddlers three.
Ev'ry fiddler had a fiddle,
And a very fine fiddle had he.
Tweedle dee, tweedle dee,

Tweedle dee, tweedle dee,
Tweedle dee, tweedle dee,
Went the fiddlers three,
Oh there's none so rare
As can compare,
With King Cole and his fiddlers three.

Colebert King,

How cute that you have taken on a name of a fairy tale. What a fairy life you lead. The fantasy of the lawless Bush regime is your ID.

Colebert King languishing in his Bush administration contract Negro position as a Negro for Empire fiddling for our own bloody King George Bush fiddles and fiddles and fiddles. What a dirty man to attack Barbara Boxer. What a lying devil!!!

In case you hadn't noticed, Boxer was doing her job and for you to take a comment out of the context of her remarks and then intentionally mischaracterise it as a racial slight makes me wonder how you ever got a job at the Post. Things have certainly changed since I worked there.

Rice was lying young man, just as she has lied before, and she was lying on behalf of the president who she loves more than her own self respect and honor. And it was certainly OK for Boxer and Oliphant and Sylvester to point it out. You should have listened to the hearings as many of us did. The first thing that you would have noticed was that Rice invoked the President's name each and every time that a question was directed at her. Boxer and others were forced to remind Rice time and time again that it was her and not the president who was in the confirmation hearing. If you had pointed out the lies and the inconsistencies in Rices words you would come off as more than a partisan hack hanging out at a newspaper or worse an undercover administration contract Negro stooge as have hit the news lately. If you have an issue with truth telling you should step down from your position with the paper and do infomercials. The Washington Post was not intended to be your racist bully pulpit young man.

Michael Jordan

Friday, January 21, 2005

Are you getting it yet?

"But are these the fundamental reasons that torture is unacceptable? Can this nation now understand pain only if it is experienced by Americans or, through some chain of consequences, it rebounds upon the United States? Have all the people in the world but Americans become invisible to Americans?

Torture is not wrong because someone else thinks it is wrong or because others, in retaliation for torture by Americans, may torture Americans. It is the torture that is wrong. Torture is wrong because it inflicts unspeakable pain upon the body of a fellow human being who is entirely at our mercy. The tortured person is bound and helpless. The torturer stands over him with his instruments. There is no question of "unilateral disarmament," because the victim bears no arms, lacking even the use of the two arms he was born with. The inequality is total. To abuse or kill a person in such a circumstance is as radical a denial of common humanity as is possible. It is repugnant to learn that one's country's military forces are engaging in torture. It is worse to learn that the torture is widespread. It is worse still to learn that the torture was rationalized and sanctioned in long memorandums written by people at the highest level of the government. But worst of all would be ratification of this record by a vote to confirm one of its chief authors to the highest legal office in the executive branch of the government.

Torture destroys the soul of the torturer even as it destroys the body of his victim. The boundary between humane treatment of prisoners and torture is perhaps the clearest boundary in existence between civilization and barbarism. Whether the elected representatives of the people of the United States are now ready to cross that line is the deepest question before the Senate as it votes on the nomination of Alberto Gonzales. "

Jonathan Schell

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Empire Rolls On!

There is the Gene Hackman role of Little Bill Daggett in "The Unforgiven" coming to mind as I contemplate this outrageous event of the inauguration of the Chief Criminal Officer of the Dark Side Occupying Force of Global Corporate Hedgemony. We no longer have to carry the illusion of the survival of America. America died for certain in the second week of December 2000. Like all great and noble experiments in the global culture of inclusive harmony there is no future in holding on to the past. Just like Little Bill Daggett, Little George Bush, kicks 'em in the balls when they are down and shoots 'em in the back when they walk away. Compromise is just an opening to exploit. Pity is weakness.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Sub-Human Grease Trap to Head State Department

Lying Chevron employee Condoleeza Rice was feted by the Senate today with only one serious questioner in the person of Barbara Boxer who was brave enough and thoroughly prepared to wade through the sewer of deceit which is Condoleeza Rice. Condi lied and lied and lied and even had the temerity to suggest that Barbara's questions impugned her tortured relationship with credibility and the truth. Undeterred by the incredible baseless stance of Rice, Boxer steadfastly held the line and refused to be bullied by the most visible grease trap of the Bush Empire. Bravo Barbara! Shame on you Chris Dodd for not joining in voting against the confirmation, ditto to you Russ Feingold, ditto to you Joe Biden although I never expect much from someone like yourself who is so blind to the horrors of the Israeli State Terror Machine that you go on record supporting those stinking Israeli occupiers. But for you John Kerry who carried the banner of your party to resounding defeat I ask you to leave the Senate forever for your straw man candidacy has given democratic representative government the dagger to the heart from which it cannot recover. For you it was a safe symbolic vote, much in the manner of your campaign which left 50 million dollars unspent in the most important election in the history of the modern world.

Get out of the way John Kerry and go home to mother Teresa who may still yet disown your sorry ass.