Friday, May 01, 2009


We are missing a big opportunity here to understand the reason why torture was used. Fear. Not fear instilled in the unfortunate Arabs, but fear to be introduced in the citizens right here in America. These methods are increasingly used on American citizens caught by legitimate law enforcement enforcing stupid laws against demonstrations, pot smoking, going nude, etc. Just in the last week a young man was tased repeatedly for walking naked at a new age festival. Three big fat armored city cops tortured the man with repeated taserings for more than 10 minutes. If he doesn't have permanent cardiac damage from the brutal treatment including tasering him over his HEART again and again when he was perfectly docile, he has to be Clark Kent. 

Although it was very hard to watch the video; --the hardest part was watching the crowd of 90 or more record it with their cell phones and cameras but NOT find courage to take on and subdue the thoroughly monstrous cops. In our hearts we are wimps. In 1776 the reaction would be different. We are gutless here in our 233rd year.