Wednesday, January 07, 2004

George W. Bush natal emphasis with Hades on the midheaven and mercury and pluto on the ascendant.

MER PLU HAD Recognizing vile things too late. Recognizing evil. Thinking that cannot be developed. People who never progress mentally. In a melancholy mood, depressed. Thinking about grievances. Talk about the situation which is
changing for the worse. Pessimism. Error.

and this too:
PLU HAD ADM First symptoms of a deep-seated transformation. Changes which are first called off a few times until they succeed. Bad things, sorrow and sadness are on the way. An evil change of the existing conditions. After a far-reaching crisis, decadence persists and leads to final ruin. Raw materials decrease. Degeneration. Repeated lowering of the standards of living. Scantiness and frugality.

and current events for G W Bush

PLU HAD APO An evil development which starts very small and continues to grow larger. Shirking. Avoiding something. Backing out of something. Avoiding a general change. Refusing to accept changes. The beginning or ending of a time of marked emergency. The development of occult abilities.

But of course we knew that already...

Mike Jordan
The Harmonic Astrology Project