Friday, June 13, 2003

Dangerous period beginning 6-19-2003

URA ZEU KRO Coup de main. War preparations. War suddenly breaks out. The start of a big destructive fire. Violent thunderstorm. The beginning of a huge arming. Forces aroused by the state. Higher powers. Wars. Large technical products. Leading as a model for others in the work environment. A master of creation. Acting suddenly by surprise. Suddenly commencing large activity.

This concerns everyone:

The 9-11-2001 chart (horoscope) is going to be stimulated by the Sun and Saturn conjunction that takes place the first days of summer, Tuesday, June 24, 2003. The day preceding this 6/23/2003, has a conjunction of Mars and Uranus. The combination of these planets together is one of extremely fierce and sudden violence coupled with increasing repression. It is the opinion of this author that the underlying forces of evil within the Bush-Cheney junta are fearful that their deceits are about to see the light of day and that revelations of the 9-11 hoax are going to more widely known. To counter this they are going to start dropping nukes to again get the attention of Americans focused on their asses instead of their brains and in the collective common sense of the citizens. The recent departure of the Bush-Cheney junta cabinet members along with Fleischer points to a great degree of upset and from the look on Whitman’s face, -absolute horror!

Another false pretense and another manufactured national emergency are on the near horizon, as those within the administration have nowhere to go but to push further into the abyss. These (with the Lead configuration at the top of the page) are the planetary signatures for the planets in their configurations during the days of the mid-summer solstice:

ARI ZEU KRO War apparatus. Wars brought about by the government. The generic energetic will in pursuit of a goal. Big fires. Wars. Deciding battles. Extraordinary accomplishments. Achieving something important. A large fire.

ARI URA ZEU Thunderstorms, Danger of fire. Explosions. Fire spitting craters. Lightning. Manufacturing explosives. Spontaneous work in general. Fierce acts of violence. Storms. Eruptions. The general public is subjected to force, is tense and directed.

ARI URA KRO Surprising ordinances of the state. Events in a state or nation. Coup d' tat. Technical establishments. Sudden events in ruling circles. Very extensive excitement and tension. Force of nature. Impetuous rise. Despot. Getting excited through the ordinances of the authorities. Days of immense excitement.

SAT URA KRO Losses of the parent or chief. Intervention by the power of the State, Separation through the State, territorial losses of the government. Unexpected losses and insecurities. Losses caused by the ruling powers, by powers suddenly breaking forth. Using state power to separate or rid oneself of something.

MAR SAT URA Sudden actions which separate. Violent separation and death. Sudden death. Sudden stop or interruption of one's work. Violent separation. Amputation. Caesarian section. Sudden end through injury.

At the time of the last cycle of this conjunction:

The last time Saturn conjuncted the Sun in this chart was during the Watergate Summer (June 1973) when the Nixon administration began to unravel. Alexander Butterfield mentioned the taping system in the White House, John Dean started spilling the beans to Congress, Nixon ordered the FBI to cease investigations into the Watergate break-in.

MAY-SEPTEMBER 1973: White House staff and associated persons testify before Senate committee investigating potential abuses of power and illegal activities conducted by the president or his staff.

JUNE 1973: John Dean testifies and implicates Nixon and his top staff in Watergate break-in and cover-up.

JULY 1973: Alexander Butterfield testifies to the existence of taped White House conversations; later in July, Nixon refuses to release tapes, citing executive privilege.

SEPTEMBER 1973: John Ehrlichman and G. Gordon Liddy indicted for the 1971 burglary of the office of Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist. Ellsberg provided Pentagon documents to the New York Times in 1971. Erhlichman and Liddy then created the White House "plumbers" unit to plug security leaks.

The planetary configurations now are much more severe and deadly than they were during the Nixon years

It took a year before we were able to rid ourselves of the 'Cancer on the Presidency’ in 1973; this current bunch is infinitely more desperate and willing to bury their culpability in a "Rapture" of their own design. As they cower behind secrecy, which reaches back into the original Rockefeller Standard Oil plutocracy born in 1871, they are increasingly exposed and brimming with hatred for the intelligent and peace-loving people they struggle to comprehend and conquer.

Their inadequacy screams of the pain and torment of people born without whole souls with their only plan, to completely destroy that which they will never be able to understand or emulate. As dangerous, brutal, flawed animals it is unfortunate and sad to see them suffer but it is even worse to continue to be counted among their victims. A nuclear ‘rapture’ might certainly wipe out the entire planet, as may have been the fate of the asteroid belt according to some modern theories. No action to expose, disarm, and incarcerate these dangerous Bush-Cheney villains before they blow up the planet and all of its beauty is too indelicate to contemplate.

Mike Jordan

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