Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Breaking this real story is next to impossible with the conservative press falling over itself to appear to be "responsible". Nick Berg was acting like a tech but his real role was as a reporter without a press card. The overwhelming fear of the DIA was that some news agency would pick up his story if he was allowed to return to the US. They picked him up, found out what he had observed in his 1000 foot high ringside seat for the "Cannibals and Christians" Roman-style atrocities which reached their heights of depravity under cover of darkness. While repairing the tower Nick Berg (who had knowledge of the language) no doubt heard the nightly screams of the dead and dying Iraqi civilians in the clutches of the DIA interrogators and may have even stuck around on the tower till the morning only to observe the dead bodies being carted out into trucks to be desposed of in landfills and incinerators outside of Baghdad. It was probably on one of these 'morning afters' that his position on the tower was observed by military prison guards prompting the MI to detain him. After questioning him they no doubt decided that they couldn't let him go and then the plan for his death was conceived.

Someone with real media access has to get this story out.

Michael Jordan