Monday, May 10, 2004

Racing Into the Heart of Darkness

It is becoming increasingly clear that we don't probably want these American Soldiers coming back to the United States to live among the rest of us, as the brainwashing they've undergone in the hands of Military Intelligence makes them hazardous risks to the general population of the United States. The sea-change of attitude overtaking the country endangers good people and the polls seem to be indicating that good people are becoming harder and harder to find within the United States.

With the righteous right equating opposition to the policies of the Bush Administration as being "Anti-American", it is a very short walk to the point where the Democrat and the Progressive Independent who speaks out for raising standards of citizenship is picked up on bogus charges and disappeared into a system of torture. The willingness to behave inhumanely to others is well documented in the Stanford Prison Experiment (which was performed by 24 students at that Republican dominated school) and has become part of standard law enforcement procedure since the "Gulf War I". Mental and physical cruelty is routine in police officers who were reservists and returned to their jobs after the war.

Now with the illegal Bush II regime encouraging callousness at every level of government and private industry, the stakes of citizenship are far more challenging. The bad people are finding the Hannibal Lecter within. George Bush makes cruelty and torture into a tool of the war on the intellectual elites. The huckstering highwaymen of horror are bringing cruelty and degradation to a police station near you.

It is easy for a cynic like myself to believe that the Bush Administration had this cruel plan in mind for the United States all along, knowing that the war overseas could not go on forever and that when the reservists returned home they could practice their techniques on the vast secular population at home and whittle down the opposition to Empire. It puts some teeth into the Devilish mechanism put into motion on when Bush took over the country the second week of December 2000. The cowering of Gore and Clinton hints that continual shaming has permanent effects.

Anguished American Architects of Atrocity willingly use brutality and sadism to stoke the passivity and aggression of their victims. How soon we forget the burying alive of nearly 1000 Iraqis during the first Gulf War. When traveling in this country one is forced to conclude that Americans are a deeply ignorant and proud people; having seized upon ignorance as a coping mechanism for the fact that their country was stolen from them in 2000; and that their dictator is forcing them to descend into madness with him. The more that they deny their subjection, the more it becomes a part of them, the less truth they acknowledge, and the blinder they become. The systematic degradation of this country is no more evident than in the opinion polls which still state that Bush would win against Kerry 49% to 45%.

Even now it may be an impossible task to turn this around. The Apocalypse is Now. The terror alert level for the entire planet is bright red. Thanks to George and his knuckle dragging minions.

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