Monday, July 30, 2007

Mysterious snipers emerge in Tillman murder

Interesting and incriminating information regarding the claim of a high level hit on Tillman due to his epiphany on the war and his vow to come back to the US and oppose the war when his tour was over. He should have kept his mouth shut. Remember that there was no enemy fire at all and no enemy soldiers in the area. This was a hit just like the hit on the Italian journalist on the airport road, Paul Wellstone's convenient air crash, the anthrax letters sent to Leahy and Daschle, the targeting of Afghanistan when the 9-11 bombers were Saudi, and hundreds of other lesser events surrounding bogus prosecutions of opponents of the war like Martha Stewart, and Michael Moore most recently.

From AP's freedom of information request Pat Tillman transcripts:

"involved never-before-mentioned snipers who were apparently there when the firing broke out, got out of their vehicle and walked alongside the convoy, cutting up the canyon firing. O'Neal said Saturday that he knew there were snipers in the convoy that fired at them, but that he can't remember their names. Were they fired at by the snipers? "Not that I know of," O'Neal told the AP. " Well which is it?

"His recollections of the snipers reflected other testimony in the transcripts, including answers given by Capt. Richard Scott, who conducted the first, immediate investigation: Q: Are you aware whether or not any U.S. forces snipers were at the scene? Scott: They were in serial two. Q: And, and do you know whose GMV (ground mobility vehicle) they were traveling in? Scott: I don't think they were in a GMV. I think they were in a cargo Humvee. Q: Okay. Do you know if the snipers fired any rounds during this incident involving CPL Tillman? Scott: I do not, no."