Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How would the inside job work this time?

With the gaps in the original 9/11 explanation finally out, my original thesis stands: that they just let those Arabs through to keep the CIA's own masterful orchestration in a permanent condition of plausible deniability. Similar plans may be being formulated at the DIA CIA NSC matrix regarding a possible assassination of Barrack Obama.  The intelligence agencies are now coming forward with near advertisements regarding the numerous (and exponentially increasing) plots which were set in motion by Sarah Palin the last quarter. Now all that a craven DIA CIA NSC matrix needs to do is assess the credibility of all of the plots they are watching and let the most credible through the dragnet to continue along on its way to President Obama.  

That's the way they got young Jack Kennedy.

This intelligence agency stuff stands in the way of salvation.  The results of the phony planted stories inflaming Arab animosities is at nearly

fever pitch with the release of the new 
"Al Quaeda" tape refering to Obama as a 'house negro';

 --and with Bill Clinton edging closer to the White House again 
we have two White House negroes being directed by an Israeli intelligence operative, Rahm Emmanuel.  

One begins to feel 

Is Obama his own man? Is he another actor for the same rotten interests like Little George. 

They had better put a high wall indeed 
Around that emerald 'chocolate' city. 

It gets really wierd when they circle the 
wagons around Washington with the 1st Armored Brigade and it' s six support units for urban war against insurgents.  'course the insurgents "no body 'roun' here 'ceptin' us chickens" and those outside the gated fortresses; welcome again feudalism.  

Tell me Obama that you have someone 
Who is something more than an Israeli hack 
to put in your new government.  

How about TEN progressives.  How about Cinderella Sheehan? Cinderella McKinney.  Reach across the isle to Ralph Nader.  

Eric Holder for the most important position in the new government--the chief of police...? Probably not a bad choice.  He seems to be close to the gears for a number of years.  Will he enforce a new tough election law?  He has been party to many many bad decisions in the Bush years and kept his mouth shut.  Would he be able to prosecute Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld when their involvement in high crimes reaches critical mass.  Would he dare arrest either of them if the indictments start to pile up in federal courts?  Will we ever see the two of them in the dock? 

...we don't want any more lawlessness and excuses for more John Yoo's, no more Bible Thumpers.  

No more lockstep Catholic extremists on the Supreme Court.  All five Catholics on the Supreme Court vote in a block against abortion. Retropaternalistic religious zealots 

We need to abort unwanted pregnancies and avoid unwanted conceptions.  We want stem cell research to flourish.  We want Mark Rich in jail. Keep John McCain out of the cabinet and Mitt Romney and Ron Paul...

Democrat Mark Begich beats Stevens for Alaska seat.

Happy to see this one.  A typical modern Alaska story.  A centrist who has a very good opinion of himself. Congressional family and landlord roots.  The prototypic fixer-upper.  General Contractor. State Assembly. Mayor. US Senator from Alaska. This old house.  Handyman. Good example to show Sarah Palin's fans how the world dilemma needs to be approached for positive rather than destructive means. The only senator not to have a college education. Looks like he's ethical and enjoys bringing people together in deals.  A compromiser? Let's hope. And he's smart though somewhat cold overall.  Keep him away from the hookers. This guy can do a brake job on your car while selling your house. 

He's going to certainly bring more oil business to Alaska.  Two years out he will be right in the thick of it.  Now we have to get Stewart Smally recounted and Saxby Chambliss defeated.