Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Democrat Mark Begich beats Stevens for Alaska seat.

Happy to see this one.  A typical modern Alaska story.  A centrist who has a very good opinion of himself. Congressional family and landlord roots.  The prototypic fixer-upper.  General Contractor. State Assembly. Mayor. US Senator from Alaska. This old house.  Handyman. Good example to show Sarah Palin's fans how the world dilemma needs to be approached for positive rather than destructive means. The only senator not to have a college education. Looks like he's ethical and enjoys bringing people together in deals.  A compromiser? Let's hope. And he's smart though somewhat cold overall.  Keep him away from the hookers. This guy can do a brake job on your car while selling your house. 

He's going to certainly bring more oil business to Alaska.  Two years out he will be right in the thick of it.  Now we have to get Stewart Smally recounted and Saxby Chambliss defeated.  

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