Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu and the Progressives

I'm convinced that MSNBC is not left wing spin. It is instead faux left wing drivel treated seriously, at least when it comes to spinning the huge immigration problem with Mexico and points south. It is especially galling to have Keith Olbermann take the lure of soft-balling the effect of the illegals and their border jumping on the flu epidemic/pandemic by promoting the absurd notion that the flu was spread by school children on a trip to Cancun from New York. I am a northern Californian and got this flu at Christmas and it is still lingering now over 4 months later after treatment at the VA. The person I got it from taught at a Hispanic magnet public school and the entire faculty got it back in October of 2008. 75% of the students there are Hispanic elementary and many are illegals hiding out and have illegals hiding out at their residences. They travel to Mexico and points south each time there is any holiday or vacation. For Olbermann to dismiss these facts as "racism" is knee jerk faux-progressive baloney.  

California is going to go to 160 million in the next 20 years and the deleterious public health effects of people who refuse to use birth control is the direct cause of it. Women of child bearing age in the baby factories of geographic south countries must be encouraged to take birth control and use it. You cannot find anyone discussing Zero Population Growth on any of these networks. They all avoid the real issues and reinforce the popular illusions which keep people ineffective, and in disease and poverty. Olbermann seems like a smart guy he just appears to have suspended his logical cause and effect scientific thinking on this issue and his competition at CNN is scooping him. Better to drop the religion and get back to the facts Keith.