Tuesday, September 24, 2002

The near future: themes and grand designs 9/22/2002-10/21/2002.
(based upon the stations of the planets: Hades 9/22/2002, Kronos 9/30/2002, Saturn 10/11/2002, Neptune 10/20/2002, Vulcanus 10/21/2002)

SAT HAD KRO Having mighty enemies. Misery caused through the power of the State. Making an enemy of the power of the state. Foreign supreme power. Occupying power. Governments that are shaky and become disabled. Authority figures who do not have a sound foundation to continue. Collapse of independent establishments. Suffering enmities, vile acts or mean deeds from leading and powerful persons or from the authority. Losses by mismanagement of the government. The government does not keep its promise. Deserted by the government.

SAT NEP KRO Infection of the ancestors of the parent. Chronic symptoms of disintegration in the government. Fraud through impoverished corporations or governments. Losses through a breakdown in management.

SAT NEP VUL The force of habit. Weakening powers. Imprisoned or dependent, not seeing the end, indefinite. Separated or secluded for a long and indefinite period. Long prison term. Indefinite captivity.

Mike Jordan