Thursday, April 10, 2003

The Thursday Report
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Volume 1 Number 10
Thursday April 10 2003 to
Wednesday April 23 2003

The Thursday Report is a preview of trends and activities using asymmetric prediction techniques.
Published weekly by Michael Jordan.

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The Astrology of the New War Criminals of Mega-Corporate Earth. The people of the United States are not going to be happy until these brutes are all locked down and their stolen wealth returned to the people they stole it from. The visual of George, and Dick, and Condoleeza, and Donald, and Colin, stripped and taped to a their own cots and air-dropped to Hell is a good place to start. And then to go after those who put them up to it. Pearle, Wolfowitz, Kristol, etc.

The Current Pattern:

"Hell Fire". Destruction by fire. Burns. War atrocities. Villainous, mean trick. Industry. Lack of fuel. Strike. Lockout. Destructive fire. Outbreak of hate. Causing a disaster. Incendiary. Idleness and vice. Unable to pursue one's objective. Lack of purposeful behavior. Prevented from action, paralyzed (in respect to action). Compelled toward inaction. Cramp (to restrain or confine the action of as with a cramp). Relaxation. Recreation. Holidays. Not able to finish what is started. Grave viciousness. Suicide by drowning. Wasted energies or efforts. Actions of the past block future progress. Naval catastrophe. Steam burns and scalds. Damages caused by smoke inhalation (asphyxiation). Fire losses by gas mixtures. Complete relaxation. Not able to pull oneself together. Impotent rage and hate. Futile outbreak of hatred.

George W. Bush: He asked for it!
George Bush clawed his way into personifying the stellar disarray to realize his personal penance for the 150 years of horror visited upon the world by his family’s male line. If Bush had conceded his defeat in the election of 2000, he could have privately suffered and not brought this magnification of his personal problems to the world stage. Whether president or pauper he would have gone through this, but by seizing power he made his personal tragedy the world’s business. This continuing Bush family conceit has relentlessly plagued the planet for the last 150 years.

A misfortune rarely comes alone- “It never rains but pours.” Everything goes wrong. Going down at a rapid pace, in giant strides. Mighty deterioration of the situation. An immense increase of evil. Situation is getting worse. Increasing dangers. Evil things in the making that last a long time.
Cases of murder. Sudden terrible murder. Suddenly in immense danger. Considerable danger of war. Sudden huge dangers. Sudden heavy oppression.
False witnesses and faked proofs. Mental creation from a false premise. Unable to pretend. Fruitless ideas, dangerous ideas. Rejecting a mental compulsion. Hidden mental leadership. The invisible hand. To lead or direct events from the background or in secret.

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10 April Thursday
11 April Friday
ARI MAR Working energy. Having courage. The general forces of nature.

12 April Saturday
13 April Sunday
MAR KRO Distinguished leader and organizer. The eminent original. Independent. Master of the house. Government procedure. Power of police. Autocratic action. Police authority. Penal law. Autocratic actions.

14 April Monday
ARI MAR SAT Work stoppage or hindrances. the beginning of toilsome work. Acts of separation. Death while performing hard work. End of a job. The time for laying off work. Messages of death. Suspension of work. General periodic working. General interruption of work. Sickness. Separation. Death. Damages through forces of nature. Labor, the forces of nature, injuries. Layoffs.

15 April Tuesday
MAR APO Generous way of acting. Peaceful, scientific and trade activity. Successful activity. An activity is expanded and enlarged. Stock market rises. Extended activity. Activity in handicraft or industry.

16 April Wednesday
MAR HAD Dirty work. Forced to do something against better judgment. A serious act. Evil deed. Villainy, base action. Physical brutality. Attacks. Fatigue. Weariness. Atrocity. Vulgar acts. Causing damages. Base services. Creative servant. Slaves. Sudden attacks. Murder. Homicide. Unusual death. Serious sickness. Faulty or bad action.
NOD POS Spiritual connections. Connection with the spiritual (higher self) or with spiritualized people. Mental connections. Spiritual union.
URA PLU Transformations or mutations. Explosions. The development starts with a jar or a shock. Bounding. Leaping. Changes and transformations which start suddenly.

17 April 2003 Thursday
18 April 2003 Friday
NOD POS Spiritual connections. Connection with the spiritual (higher self) or with spiritualized people. Mental connections. Spiritual union.

19 April 2003 Saturday
MAR VUL Mighty activity. Energetic forces in action. Violence. Mechanical energies. Power. Muscular strength. Violent action. Exercise. Big effort.

20 April 2003 Sunday
21 April 2003 Monday
MAR JUP URA CUP ADM Sudden wedding. Also quarrels and unpleasant scenes in married life. A surprise action together with others setting in suddenly. Art executed with others. Finding surprisingly fast new or other working conditions. Friendship where one is treated as a member of the family.

Sudden grave or serious explosion. Sudden serious enmity. Surprising break-off of an activity. Terror. Suppression. Sudden restriction in the field of work. Enemies made suddenly. Ripping or tearing something suddenly. Fragments and rags.

Special work in a limited community. Cooperative work in a small circle. Working alone. Going one's own way in a community, but keeping connections alive for the sake of pretence. Unsuccessful cooperative work and partnerships. Bankruptcies of firms. Broken marriages. An aggravating marriage. Immediate separation after marriage. Efforts to limit wasting energy are futile. Efforts to establish cooperation meet with failure.

Suddenly withdrawing from a community. Devastating loss of persons in a community or in families. Sudden break off with a community, club, or family. Shunned by an association. Suddenly alone or lonesome. Surprisingly sudden disintegration in a partnership or grave disturbances in married life. Everybody is suddenly against the native.

Sudden betrothal. Surprising beginning of a productive project. Exciting successes. Success through spontaneous decisions or acts. Good luck in injury. Fruit bearing, promising deeds. Fortunate in danger. Disturbance of pregnancy. Abortion.

Betrothal followed by marriage. Successful artistic activity. Happy together. Advantages from a joint artistic project. Happy marriage. Betrothal leading to marriage. Successful common or joint action. Working for a financial thriving firm.

Successful work in a special sphere. Fortunate work accomplished in a small circle. Very active. Joy through decreasing one's work. Poor fruits. Miscarriage. Decreased birth rate. Interruption of a fortunate activity.

22 April 2003 Tuesday
23 April 2003 Wednesday
NOD MAR SAT PLU Divorce which requires a long time. Slow cooling off of connections or unions. New connections develop by separating from old ones. New connections which become significant in old age, but not at present. Change of connections at a later age. Tied to people, things, or conditions, which are slow to "warm" to. Separated connections.

Separated from the work connections or work. Others are the cause of it. Separation from sex unions. Death in the family or near surroundings. One's own conduct leads to separations or estrangements. Becoming ill. Cases of death. Funerals. Interruption of connections. Quarrels.

Planning of common activities. New connections through speech, writings or correspondence. Making plans in connection with others.
Interrupted developments. Quitting one of several activities. Inception of a later separation or interruption of an activity. Cause for a later sickness. Plan of periodically brought about work. Plans for the distant future. Plans, hindered or interrupted in their development. A work plan, which is carried out after grave restrictions and disturbances. Suiting oneself with difficulty to new working conditions. Planning and execution of a separation periodically affected.

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