Saturday, March 07, 2009

History of the Middle East (short version)

A little Cultural Anthropology is in order here:

The amount of willful disinformation on this topic is huge. This is really an attempted land grab which has been going on since it was reawakened by the need for the Allies to appease the Axis powers at the armistice of WW2's European Theater. By allowing the defeated Germans to excise their Jews who had emigrated there from the ghettos of Russia and were causing a lot of unrest due to their strain on the already existent German Catholic and Lutheran economy. Orthodox Russia was too tough for the Jews so they went west to Germany.  The Germans were miserable enough and did not want them there. There was not enough surplus to sustain more people who had a high birthrate even then.

Much Earlier... The entire region from the Ural Steppes to the southernmost reaches of the Arabian Peninsula was a wild west environment for thousands of years. Everyone called themselves Khazars. Then one small group of "chosen" dissenters decided they wanted the choice Med Sea ocean front property and claimed superiority by claiming themselves the direct descendants of God and informing the rest of their neighbors they they were merely human visages of animal spirits wanting to be real human beings. The wrote a manual which laid forth their claims called the "Old Testament" and referred to it as the Bible.  They were good screenwriters even then. They named themselves Jews. As God in human bodies They were more important than their neighbors and therefore needed the best land on the Mediterranean Sea for themselves.

A thousand years passed...much turmoil...bloodshed... The Semitic Jews were not able to control the area but they did learn to get along reasonably with the others who were still not willing to grant them special status. Their Semitic Arab cousins did not share the Jewish belief that the Jews were God's chosen but the Jews did learn how to get along with them and in 1918 both cousins were living relatively peacefully. Then comes the Rockefeller Oil Revolution and the land was the source of riches for the tiring European and Americans who were wearing thin with class and labor issues needed a distraction. So we got the automobile and the manufactured need for oil (railroads were working just fine at the time). 

Suddenly the Middle East was more than a group of feuding in-laws, it was a gold mine. Then WW2 came and went and as a appeasement the appropriation of a separate parcel of land in the service of the Western Empire was made out of whole cloth and called Israel. This was 1948 and the idea was to chase as many Palestinian Arabs out of their home as was needed to empty the coffers of Germany and Austria and Poland of their unwanted Jews. 

Then as the state of Israel thrived due to the draining of the United States Treasury they sought Jewish only settlers from around the world and guaranteed them $58,000 a year in US taxpayer dollars. And they threatened to withdraw this free money if the Jews did not kill Arabs in the surrounding oil rich lands with American and British made weapons. The Jews agreed to kill as many Arabs as they could as long as the Americans and British did not desert them. 

The only thing that will stop this is to cut the Israeli money and keep money from people such as Bernie Madoff from organizing American Jews to send their money into the Greatest Ponzi Scheme of All time -- Israel. I am not sorry that the American Jewish Committee lost so much money along with AIPAC when uncle Bernie Madoff went belly up. Serves them right. America, Love it or Leave it. Invest your money in America not Israel.

And so it goes kids...