Friday, February 13, 2004

George Walker Bush gets weaker and backed into a corner by an increasing torrent of truth coming at him from the past. As his desperation grows he marches toward a final series of disgraceful acts in office. Although many of the following events are set into action by his "subordinates" (read masters) it will be increasingly impossible for him to say he wasn't involved. Look for a slip-up which brings forth direct evidence of Bush participating in many unseemly matters. We are moving toward Watergate Summer Two now with even the most ardent devils coming out to expose the many Bush generations of deceit.

PLU HAD VUL Misfortune rarely comes alone- "It never rains but that it pours." Everything goes wrong. Going down at a rapid pace, in giant strides. Mighty deterioration of the situation. An immense increase of evil. Situation is getting worse. Increasing dangers. Evil things in the making which last a long time.

Important dates for George Walker Bush:

7 March 2004: MAR KRO ADM Receiving an unusual order. Decrease of work and duties to carry out a special commission. Leading activity in a small circle or special work. Acting independently under limited circumstances and physical space. Restricted independence. The state says "cease and desist". Heavy pressure applied by the state. Tyranny.
George starts to plug leaks regarding the exposure of Valerie Plame by his office admins. He gets his insiders in the Congress like Zell Miller to derail any inroads to the truth of his direct involvement. Preparations for a war distraction go on feverishly behind the scenes. Flu's and virus's tapped as the work of foreign devils bent on destroying the power and dominance of the United States. Beef industry and poultry industries pressure sanctions on Asia to retaliate for their bans on US food products.

Bush told by his advisors that his re-election is certain regardless of popular sentiment running against him by 2 to 1 because programs embedded within the Diebold software at the factory will automatically activate Tuesday November 2, 2004 and shift votes automatically from his opponent to him. The planning of another war-profiteering adventure headed by the vice-president is already under way. This consumes the President's limited attention span.

The week of 22 March 2004: opens with public buzz regarding Georges personal devils as the news begins to peel back the layers of the stinking rose of an onion which is George W. Bush. George recedes from public view.
VEN KRO ADM Contented with a secluded life or secluded position. Special treatments or exceptional favors are refused. Immense concentration. Noble helpfulness through deep love.

By the end of the week 26 March false evidence is pushed to the compliant press regarding the Bush Guard AWOL matter.
NEP ZEU POS Healing. Rejecting a mental compulsion. Hidden mental leadership. The invisible hand. To lead or direct events from the background or in secret. False witnesses or faked proofs. Mental creation from a false premise. Unable to pretend. Fruitless ideas, dangerous ideas.
These phony proofs are seen to be phony so the decision is made to step up the anxiety level of the country and begin hyping The New War out into the open. More troops are mobilized and made ready for combat. Pretenses for attack are mulled over and a dramatic domestic target is found.

8 through 30 April 2004:
Bush starts taking public shots at the political target of The NEW WAR and this bible-belt injection of testosterone to the gonads of his unwavering core support spurs his supporters to stage riots and attack his electoral opponent. This escalates quickly and a phony attempt on Bush himself by his own operatives to spur sympathy for Bush is done so well as to completely blind side the Democrats into blubbering foolishness as they are made out to be the inspiration for the attack on Bush. Shocked and in complete disarray they are unable to provide a credible response. Bush pushes forward believing that he has the election in the bag.

9-11 May 2004: Bush starts swearing in public meetings and discussions to show that he is a "man's man". Potty mouth starts to arouse concerns and is seen by his followers as a mistake and his depression deepens. MER PLU HAD Recognizing vile things too late. Recognizing evil. Thinking that cannot be developed. People who never progress mentally. In a melancholy mood, depressed. Thinking about grievances. Talk about the situation which is changing for the worse. Pessimism. Error.

The war machinery is fully in place and an attack begins with the order of the Commander in Chief without the consultation of Congress. Probably it is Cuba which is the easiest target and will help him in Florida. It is a quick "war" thought to last only a few days like the Reagan Grenada Affair. Democrats are blubbering incoherently but someone in the Bush camp goes over the side and exposes the selfish motives at the same time as one of the Bush twins is found out to have had an abortion while at college. MAR JUP URA Sudden betrothal. Surprising beginning of a productive project. Exciting successes. Success through spontaneous decisions or acts. Good luck in injury. Fruit bearing, promising deeds. Fortunate in danger. Disturbance of pregnancy. Abortion.
This throws the whole country into turmoil and the Democratic nominee is poised to make the most of the spoils of such wretched Bush excess infecting a new generation. Shock of the moral vacuity of the Bush family overflows into the general base of his support.

starting 21 May 2004: The fallout of these events rocks the inner core of Bush support and they start looking for the lifeboats. Not wanting to have their association with Bush sacrifice their futures they begin to turn states evidence and skewer Bush in public hearings. NOD URA VUL Investigated, examined, checked, or rechecked. Reckless and inconsiderate. Carried along. Dragged along. Suddenly connected with immense energies. Examiners. Suddenly connected with mighty influential people of power. Suddenly, severely checked over. Sudden powerful union. Showing enormous zeal quite suddenly.

By May 25 2004 as Bush again looks to war as a way to save his sorry little joggers butt but he is so deep in the deep doo-doo that even his father comes out against him for screwing things up so thoroughly. He decides to go into the hospital and have an operation to manufacture some sympathy and escape the heat of the cameras.

June 1 to 17: While in the hospital the CIA toys with the idea of giving him one of their little heart attacks as payback for misrepresenting their intelligence just like they did with William Casey on the eve of his Congressional testimony. But the shame of GWB is so deeply evident now, and the depression so widespread that they back off. But George is quite sick at this point 18 June 2004 and incoherent with his own grief over the unecessary slaughter of his administration that he has a true epiphany and tells the truth to Diane Sawyer and asks the forgiveness of the world and asks for the chance to be re-elected to make things right. With such terminal delusions George becomes more transparent by each passing day. On the 26 of June he goes on another convalescent vacation and continues to fade away. The Republicans in the meanwhile move to draft Colin Powell as their standard bearer in the election. Being a chicken-hearted oreo opportunist he deeply doubts he will be able to pull it off even if he runs as a black man. Donald Rumsfeld can be seen in the back of the room feverishly raising his hand and saying "What about me?" ...I'm the brains of the outfit!"

By the time of his birthday on 6 July 2004 George is burnt toast with oleo and moldy orange slices, -of the deposed despised King of the Red Zone. George takes it hard as he sees the stock market rise in the anticipation of a complete Democratic victory. MER MAR PLU Comprehending and expressing thoughts. Demonstrating will power in several different fields. Acting according to well made plans. From thinking and understanding, to action. Planning and carrying out something. Debating, criticizing, and objecting to a plan.

By the 16 of July 2004: George is planning to leave politics forever and travel to Cabo to spend the rest of his days in well-earned obscurity, and away from the indictments and the subpoenas protected by his good friend, Vicente Fox. SUN SAT VUL Bodily dependent. Important events fail in the later part of life. Inhibition of the physical strength. Diminished physical strength. Compelled to apply physical strength in old age. Security guard. Custodian. Days on which one has to think of the bodily well being. The person who pays much attention to physical events or proceedings.