Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hunter S. Thompson July 18 1937- Feb 20, 2005

I searched and found for my satisfaction that Hunter wanted to go out on his own terms and was at peace with his spirit. As many who have been working with him for the past decades he came to the realization that there was no answer for the madness that we face and have fought all of our waking adult lives. There is no winning against the encroaching dumbness, gathering madness, and raving deceits. It is consuming the planet without regard for elevated conciousness and progressive awareness. The planet has been plagued by 100 years of the Bush/Rockefeller madness and the death has been slow and painful in coming. Hunter was just tired of the observance of his drowned dreams of the planet that he obviously loved so much as to sacrifice himself over the course of his entire life as an adult to change. His was not an act of violence but more a sensitive outcry of a lone wolf who gave it his all and and sacrificed everything for the planet he labored to save.

Mike Jordan - I like your take on this. I can barely stand it myself..but if you cant take it at a heavily fortified it just a head trip?? Could the mind be playing tricks??even one as briliant and rare as the original hope diamond?They used to declare people legally insane after 6 trips..Are we all damaged and in an alternate reality?like “A Beautiful Mind”?

Comment by Tob —

Tob - Hunter was a man of the people and what you say is maybe the key to what gave him the awareness that the long trip had come to an end; and like all writers, never really was sure that anybody was listening to what he was saying. I read an interviewer the other day who said that Hunter repeatedly wanted to know what the interviewer felt of his writing. He required feedback and reassurance and with his increasingly situationally imposed isolation he got incrementally less over the later years of his life. Such is fame. He was a deeply insecure man from the start and the fortification at Woody Creek made spontaneous social interaction increasingly rare.

In an interview on August 29, 2002 with a radio journalist for Radio National Australia, he predicted the Iraq invasion thinking that it would take place 9/11/2002. In that interview he also thought that Maureen Doud was the only national American journalist who was actually writing about the unthinkable thuggery that was being planned by the Bush administration. "Boy it really is lonely out here..." he says.

I believe that for him the final round came with the electronic voting frauds in 2002 and 2004. In the Australian interview in 2002 he mentioned that the vote was the only actual means of change that was available to people. With the success of fraudulent electronic voting schemes and the idea of perennial Republican victories beyond the event horizon of even HIS 'doors of perception' he realized that to live on the planet any longer was only to bring increased pain and suffering to him and that maybe there was somewhere else he might want to explore.