Friday, January 28, 2005

Chris Floyd

Thank you so much for including the great voice of Chris Floyd in the MoscowTimes. Chris is an inspiration to anyone who longs for release from US hypocrisy and wonders if there is a life after US citizenship. He is the one writer in the entire world whom I always look forward to reading even though he deals only with the grim truth and the consequences of insane global hegemony of the global terror machine of the international robber barons. Life in the United States is truly a grim affair now as Americans are getting to experience the processes the Germans endured under the fascists. No American can smirk about "good Germans" any longer because now we are getting to witness first hand how the subtle forces of horrific intent are incubated, nurtured, and implemented.
When properly understood the present "First Family" of the United States has been rotten for the better part of a century and, strange though it seems to this newly awakened American, was undoubtedly the impetus for the work of both Stalin and Hitler. Americans laboring under immense propaganda indulged Stalin because he was doing what the Rockefeller/Bush matrix would have done in Russia if they had occupied Russia. Stalin was working for the Western industrialists and that was why they left him alone to incarcerate and torture. Now there is nowhere in the world where Bush Co. can land without fearing for their life. They are only safe in Air Force One. The 2005 Washington, DC inaugural made that perfectly clear.
So now the chickens come home to roost...

Wishing you all a mild winter,

Michael Kerry. Jordan

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