Monday, October 26, 2009

The Bad News Jews strike again...religion injures more innocent children...concussion grenades used against the sticks and stones of a conquered children people who don't want the oldest historical artifact, their temple, damaged by irresponsible archaeologists what do the Jews do? GRENADES inside the structure...
....what a horrible place to live and defend...why are we Americans doing it? We have an amendment in our laws stating that we have no connection with religion and yet since 1946 we have allowed these people to blackmail us into supporting their Jewish state religious homeland nonsense...while standing aside while they murder thousands...and destroy olive trees (food) to destroy homes displace 300,000+ people to build homes for American Jews to move-in and take over...murdering pregnant women while in the IDF...harvesting organs of the injured before they are murdered instead of healing the wounded which is what civilisation demands....a very mad situation...there is no excuse for this level of base it off with beatings by baton weilding American Jewish children offering their poor neighbors severe doses of tear gas...why are we in Israel?

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