Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Who marginalized Gary Webb and the Guns for Drugs Scandal?
Who marginalized Daniel Sheehan and the Guns for Drugs Scandal?
Who gutted the Iran Contra Hearing coverage and the Guns for Drugs Scandal?
Who spends all his time diverting serious debate on the 911 hearings ?

Why it is Larry Bensky of KPFA Pacifica Radio whose role is nothing less than that of a deeply embedded agent of the CIA/DIA establishment who is in place to keep the progressive interests of the free world craftily confused and at war with themselves. Is Larry boy the worst and one of the oldest of the intelligence community's embedded agents who have infiltrated the progressive media? Many thanks goes to Ralph Schoenman who has subtley identified and outed Larry Bensky, the government agent? dupe?, again after many of us have chafed at the baldface intrigues of Larry Bensky as he has repeatedly diverted genuine and significant and revealing commentary by listeners and contributors to belittle them, and without any foundation to suggest that they are naive and credulous to think that the government would take part in the many well documented conspiracies which the government is presently promoting to the world today.

Is Larry Bensky a government agent and not a journalist? Should Pacifica should expose him and fire him in a strongly public manner so as to be sure that he never works again to mislead the people of the world? Too many people have died as the result of murders and overdoses which were the direct result of the misleading information which was promoted by Larry Bensky of KPFA.

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