Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Partners in Warcrime Atrocity: Ashcroft and Rumsfeld

Another benefit to be realized by the breakup of the empire of George Bush:
John Ashcroft 5/9/1942 and Donald Rumsfeld 7/9/1932 share these planetary connections between them:
heliocentric: Hades 1 Uranus
geocentric: Admetos 1 Hades

URA HAD ADM Grave event. Suddenly appearing want, need or poverty. Sudden serious enmity. Sudden slide of the earth or of firm things. Buried under something. Damage, rent which cannot be compensated, where one cannot make restitution. Dissension, which cannot be bridged over. Irreconcilable enmity. Total destruction. Critical needs and wants manifest suddenly. Sudden grave illness caused by lack and privation. Grave stomach and intestinal ailments. Detecting and uncovering secrets.

Taking away their microphone will go a long way toward starting a healing.

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