Thursday, June 17, 2004

Bensky's Orchestrated Diversions

Larry Bensky Dismisses "Slippery Conspiracy Theories" During Live Pacifica Coverage of 9-11 Commission Hearings

On Tuesday May 18th, Larry Bensky and Gail Sheehy hosted the live broadcast of the 11th Public Hearing of the 9-11 Commission, heard on Pacifica Radio. During breaks in the hearings, as well as at their conclusion, Larry fielded listener calls. Several of the callers expressed their discontent with the direction of the hearings, complaining that the commission members avoiding controversial lines of questioning, and accepted the basic explanations put forth by the Bush adminstration.

Larry Bensky dismissed issues raised by these callers as "slippery conspiracy theories", and referred to the callers as a "small group of fanatics".

Here is the audio: Download

Here are excerpts from the transcript:

Larry: "John in Los Angeles is our first caller. Thanks for joining us on Pacifica, John."
John: "Yes, hi. How are you this afternoon?"
Jack (Larry's guest): "Hiya."
John: "Thanks for broadcasting these hearings there. But um, I think one of the questions that needs to be asked of Rudy Giuliani is: A few short weeks after 9-11, tons of metal from the collapsed Twin Towers was sold to scrapyards in New Jersey. Thereafter, the steel was resold to other recyclers in the United States and oversees. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the scraps have ended up in India, Japan, South Korea, China, Malaysia. It is the FSE position that thousands of pounds of debris was crimescene evidence that should have been examined, catalogued and stored in a secure location. Now I know Mr. Sheehee said at the beginning of the last question that the uh, Twin towers, one of the firefighters said that they were going to collapse. But the Twin towers didn't collapse; they exploded outward. Parts of the building were ejected as far as 70 meters before they began to fall, and the building's concrete was reduced to fine dust. What really brought down the Twin Towers? No steel structure..."
Larry: INTERRUPTS "What do you think?" John: "No steel structure skyescraper."
Larry: INTERRUPTS "What do you think brought down the...what do you think brought down the Twin Towers?"
Larry: "And who do you think organized that effort?" John: "Well let me state my facts. No steel structure"
Larry: INTERRUPTS "No you're not stating facts. You're stating things that people have claimed to be facts." ...after further discussion
Larry: "Okay, Jack what, have you seen any of this? Because of course it's all over the web, these kinds of speculations." Jack: "I'm allergic to the grassy knole thinking."
Gail: LAUGHING "Yeah, me too."

Larry: "We're going to go on, we've got a call from New York City here. Arlie is in Manhattan, thank you for joining us today on this Pacifica broadcast."
Arlie: "Thank you for taking my call. I read online about Operations Northwoods that happened in the 60s, that the Joint Chief of Staff put a plan to win the public opinion for invading Cuba. And it included flying a jet, full of students, which turned out to be, I mean, the plan was to fly it over Cuba, and have a recording a recording that says we're being attacked, and then explosions (Larry laughs) on the plane, which is an empty plan at the time."
Larry: INTERRUPTS "What is...What...What does this got to do with anything?"
Arlie: "Ok this could be the same scenario that happened with the four planes, or at least one or two, whatever, on 9-11."
Larry: "So you don't believe there were four planes that took off, and were highjacked, and uh, crashed into various sites that day?"
Arlie: "By reading about Operation Northwoods, that was exactly almost the same scenario. So, why not?"
Gail: "Then why didn't all those people who were on the planes come home? Where are they keeping them?"
Arlie: "Very good. In Operation Northwoods, the students were, no-names, they were employed by government intelligence agencies, and the actual planes landed in, or it should have landed in a CIA base, and another same exact model flew to have Operation to be based on. Of course, the operation was refused and".
Larry: INTERRUPTS "Arlie, you're beginning to, your call is beginning to break up, and so is you reasoning, frankly. We're going to go now to Terry in San Rafael, is that where you are?"
Terry: "I always wanted to be a guest on the X-Files."
Larry: "Trust Pacifica to surprise you."
Gail: "Well I want to get those 4 planes that are in some CIA headquarters, and recover all the people who are on them. Wouldn't that be wonderful?"
Terry: "Then you'll get a call from Roswell".

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