Monday, June 14, 2004

Apologist for Genocide Colin Powell

The apologist supreme for the genocidal and homicidal Bush apocalyptic coterie, Colin Powell, is again at the front of the "official" spin-mad doctoring of reality. You have to wonder what they are paying this creep under the table to bare his ass to the world like he is wont to do in this Bush administration. Now he suggests that a State Department report that he signed off on is full of errors regarding the frequency of terrorist attacks in the world, having gone on record with a figure that under the Bush Administration's leadership that attacks had gone down by more than 30% when in fact the policies of the Bush Administration have angered even the mildest critics of American policy to increase terrorist (read marginalized) people throughout the entire planet. Collie says it was just the 'numbers' that were wrong and 'he's going to get to the bottom of it tomorrow.'

In the '60's we used to say that paranoia was just a heightened state of awareness to real threats to freedom by the cops. Today, 'terrorism' is merely a concerted reaction to that awareness by people who have nothing to lose in attempting to get the boot of dominion and colonial conquest off their neck. Colin Powell is just the latest example of someone who is willing to sacrifice anyone and anything to get a softer pillow. What a scumbag this man is.

In other news 30 former government officials in both Bush and Clinton and Reagan administrations have come out solidly in direct criticism and denouncement of the GWB administration and are resoundingly emphatic that anyone but GWB is a desired alternative for the 2004 election. Of course George still has the Diebold voting machines poised to tilt the pinball machine of American electorality into his column so the point which still remains to be addressed is the decertification of all electronic voting machines before the election. The "expense" argument is ridiculous; just laugh in the face of anyone who brings it forward.

The voting machines are rigged to benefit any Republican who runs for office and the fix is very deep in the program (I have seen the code) and adds an additional Republican vote for every 5 Democrat votes tallied to give an automatic and difficult to trace 20% advantage to any Republican in any race throughout the country. It is thought that this unfair advantage will be sufficient to ensure Republican majorities in the Senate, House, and the Presidency. If we are unable to stop this then I'll see you in the Gulag where a Republican jackboot steps on our balls for the rest of our short and tortured life. The horrid recent outpouring of United States racist morons for the glorification of Ronnie Reagan in death should be a sufficient reminder for you that there are quite a few idiots who are unable to think and are more than willing to torture for a moment with a popsicle in the sun.

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