Friday, October 24, 2008

what better way..and a double standard too..

to influence the election results than to create riots at the polls..
by claiming that because one is a button wearing McCain supporter.. 
robbed and beaten at an ATM a liberal rat!  

It's happened: one of the girls at Pootie's stopped banging 
her head on the brass pole long enough to leave College Station, Texas to campaign for
Palin-McCain went too far as to fabricate a tale of ATM assault
for the benefit of John McCain. The bank tape tape denies it, she's changed her story 3 times 
and even Michelle Malkin rejects it. (update, Ms. she wasn't even there!)
And/but on a different day a local TV announcer in Little Rock is bludgeoned in her
home because she appeared in a small role impersonating Ann Coulter
in the recent comic-biopic "W." and, the police claim she was just 
"a victim of random violence"? UPDATE: Anne Pressly died a few days later.

What a f*ckin' country! It is still 1861 in western Pa. and Arkansas.

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