Friday, October 24, 2008

taxes support elderly? come on!

It would be great to see those who make 250,000 or more a year pay more taxes, --incrementally, --up the ladder to the elite mammon megastars.  There should be a salary cap on elite fortunes just like there is a salary cap in baseball and football and other professional sports.  The time for big fortunes is over. We need to cap births and their attendant compensation and offer much reduced indulgence for people who refuse to responsibly control births.  The goal is Zero Population Growth.  To make this work we have to get rid of the idea that increased population is the way that we take care of our elders--a Big Lie about the New Deal spread by Republicans.  

We take care of our elders by refusing to have more children than two. In this way we avoid having the children competing for food with their elders.  We really need to balance the population rather then continue to push the planet way beyond its carrying capacity.  If we allow the elites to avoid these measures we will find our heirs and ourselves on the butcher block to be eaten as the only food left on the planet. 

Cover the planet with condoms! 

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