Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nowhere Men

Emboldened by the vicious campaign narrative of the Republican party, the body count rises as the zombies of the cotton belt start to crawl out of their Appalachian caves and squint at the light. East Shreveport is getting ugly. 

Anne Pressly died on Saturday in Little Rock. Was she beaten to death for "random violence" as offered by the Little Rock Arkansas Police? Or was she a victim of the rebel rousing efforts of the McCain-Palin-Bush-Cheney juggernaut? 

The zombies of "Deliverance", "Natural Born Killers", "Badlands", "Road Warrior" drawn to military environments and their easy access to guns, and trained in military schools as children; dimly aware of their difference, have been thoroughly rejected by an exported industrial economy and have nowhere to compete in a non-violent civilization. "Rambo" returns home to fight the enemy within as defined by Colonel Troutman, and now he's addicted to meth-based medications to enhance his warfighter efficiency. 

Rambo is joining armed private militias at the borders. A new race war on the way, Civil War II. "They wouldn't let us win the first one, ..."  

...a zombie goes to a Pa. Democrat rally with his Bible and his Glock, a Texas B-Girl goes to Pa. to pretend to be assaulted by a black man in the service of swaying voters to McCain, a "Helter Skelter" doomer "Doc Savage" hops a Sportster grabbing his gay babe "Slab" and motors off across Interstate 10 to murder everyone without a tattoo ending with the President... a carload of armed speed freaks in Colorado come to Denver to kill the Presidential candidate in front of 75,000 people, and a private security trainee getting certified for arms says he wants to 'kill the "nigger"' candidate for president...

And what, pray tell, is the justice department doing?  Investigating ACORN in order to suppress legitimate voter registration is one thing, beating protesters is another.  

What a wacko f*ckin' government.  

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