Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Swords into Plowshares; Guns into Butter

Happiness today, tears of happiness.  I have seen a miracle. 

All sorts of emotions running through me as I give thanks for the election results.  

The job now is truly to keep hope alive and restrain the Last Chance Texaco grab by the churlish  incumbent Bush.  Bush will try to start another expensive war for a tip to the fascist military industrial block who run his soul. Obama has to be noisy at every single attempt to do more damage to the country by Bush, Cheney, Rice, Gates, Paulson, and others.  

Looking back at the last Bush transition (from memory): 

1)  a Bosnian War was started at the last moment giving Bill Clinton a fire to put out.
2)  the main White House computer networks were trashed along with telephone switchboards. They all had to be built up from scratch. 

And then there were the initial stupid decisions by Clinton which ruined his support instantly:
3)  Right Winger David Gergen was kept as Press Secretary ...
4)  Gays in the military "don't ask don't tell" ...
5)  The overly ambitious medical plan right out of the gate...from his wife...?!

To the members of the military do not fire on Americans! Stand down all unlawful orders. The first Brigade is still under Bush's orders until the 20 of January 2009.  The administration will stop at nothing to maintain their grip on power.  

Movin' on...
The nationwide funded Prop 8 California success should keep such a deal breaker from emerging to sabotage a progressive 1st term. It's unfortunate that this passed but for a while this will bury the issue from national dialog. It puts Obama in the same position as Arnold and puts Jerry Brown possibly against them.  Jerry is certain to shrill out if he makes or is made to have this as an issue in a campaign running against Arnold for the US Senate in 2011. 

1)  The war which is draining money and soul from the national body politic needs to stop immediately.  
2)  A multilingual program to educate the newly arrived Americans regarding the necessity of  controlling their birth rate as an essential element of citizenship. No more than 2 children! needs to become the law of the land. 
3)  Repair the infrastructure of the country through WPA inspired projects administered by local labor contractors. Green it!
4)  Swords into plowshares. Guns into butter. 
Pull the CIA out of Columbia.  Cut off all military aid to Central and South America's military dictatorships. May the despots be deposed! Turn the CIA into the Peace Corps. And for Christ sake leave Chavez and Morales alone. 
5)  Health care for all.   Extend the military and congressional universal health care system to the entire population. Train doctors in integrative medicine and send them out into the world to heal. 
6)  Electrify the planet with renewable energy and promote efficient energy use reduction technologies. 
7)  Let the show trials begin!  Everyone in the government who was or is still involved in faking the need for war in needs to be charged appropriately, tried, and if found guilty needs to serve  the penalties specified in the law. Everyone, all the way up the ladder to the White House. 
8)   All executive orders issued by George W. Bush need to be rendered null and void. 
9)  The creation of a federal agency under congressional control which has complete authority over a universal Paper Ballot Voting System (PBVS) administered by the states.  

The first few weeks of official office for Barack Obama January 21-February 7 is very dangerous with the possibility of his serious injury due to Mercury, Mars and Saturn being joined by the Moon in a particularly menacing reinforced pattern involving Mars and Saturn in the root chart. Please be extra careful if you are protecting him and his family. I hope that Barack has an official astrologer associated with his security detail.  The Tuesday 27th of January, 2009 has a most intense concentration of Mars and Saturn and Mercury.  Jupiter is in a conjunction which is good and Venus transit and Uranus transit are even better in opposition to the root Mars transit Saturn conjunction.  It will take some skillful steering to avoid the consequences of the Mercury Mars Saturn vibes but there is help available with Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus. 

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