Thursday, October 23, 2008

Low Information Voters... a vanishing breed!

 Dow 7000 anyone? Get a rebate check for $300? Increase taxes to cover it George giveth and he taketh away.  

George W. Bush may be the greatest MBA ever matriculated in that he ran the market up nearly 100% and returned it lower at the end of his power than he found it...and he pushed the future of the world, which depends upon orderly markets, over the side.  Is this is the end of capitalism and the advent of sane international policy...or it is the more likely sellout of the real estate of the US to the Asian banking with Mitsubishi of Japan taking the lead position already having large interests in California banks?  

The debt that we are being asked to assume as taxpayers is being transferred to Asia with corporate dealmakers based in the United States selling bank assurances over the Pacific basin.  --Now, the conservative estimates are that China holds $400 Billion of U.S. mortgages...where does it lead to when the Ponzi scheme of US Wall Street capitalism is evident to everyone? War with China ?  Nukes in our future, flying everywhere!  We get to be the generation which failed the world.   

We are being asked to loan money to bankers (through our tax obligation) who in theory will loan it to businesses which manufacture goods that they attach a profit to and sell them back to us. We get to pay twice and pick up all the commissions throughout the entire process.  But those upper crusters accounting themselves as businesses can buy what they personally need at cost. 

By sub-contracting every interaction within the economy they seek to monopolize capital-flow through the Ponzi scheme of capitalism. There has never been any justification for this level of wealth transfer. These large accumulations are dangerous to the social structure.

John McCain wants to give full time tax filers $5000 US worth of health money. That will cover the cost of one emergency room visit per family. Not content with diluting the labor market with increased immigration, John offers to pull your teeth for free but if you want to replace them you are out of pocket. Of course there's no job now and you find it difficult to feed and house yourself and medicine and dentistry are beyond your budget. But if you are a US Veteran or Merchant Marine or a National Politician you get a full ride. Everyone else gets the opportunity to decay gracefully.  

John McCain is hiding in a false universe. He is 72 years old and claiming to be a Viet Nam veteran, but the very earliest of Viet Nam vets were, coming to war in 1966 and only 19. John was a lifer-30 years old. Lifers shield themselves from the realities of war by staying safely away from the action. While training John crashed 4-5 military planes and was involved in over 140 deaths of fellow navy sailors on an aircraft carrier before he went on his storied adventure; crashing and burning: becoming a prisoner of war. As a son of privilege he got a pass for divulging information to the enemy while in captivity, he was the Jessica Lynch of his war, --a coaxed hoax. If there was ever a more dangerous choice to take the helm of the ship of state...

When pressed by his captors John turned quickly as anyone might, as the media creation scion of generations of US Naval admirals carrying the myth of military honor and the illusions of bravery that adorn military comic book minds...the real bravery was from those who went to Canada, burned their draft cards in Saigon like Mark Rankin, poured their blood on draft board record records like the Berrigans, and finally hit the streets by the millions and on one sunny day in Washington, DC drew Richard Nixon out of his White House stronghold and forced him to agree to negotiate a truce to the war. 

Journalists are always talking about the "changed John McCain" just as they talked about a "changed Dick Nixon" well where is he now? Let's listen in to his inner dialog:

"...preaching McCarthyite maidens, cholesterol belt heroic illusions of heroism, run to Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin, the daughters of the new Alaska-American separatist movement...abandon the cities by introducing private systems of money among the elites after this irreversible devaluation through dilution of the money supply...dollars are the stock of the commoner...what a bloodless the time they find out what we've done the troops will be positioned in place in the hotbeds of Seattle, Lansing, Berkeley, and College Park. A greenbelt zone surrounding Washington.  Tanks are quietly being the US poor recognize their similarity and solidarity with Darfur..."

In the US, Low Information Voters (LIV) continue to be the main obstacle of intelligent government. The oligarchy is so sure of its ability to forcefully create reality for the low information voters, no matter who is in charge of the executive branch (although it is a little more expensive for them when the Democrats dominate the offices of government), that as long as there is an election, they win.  Without a landslide election tossed out votes and the narrative of "move on get over it" blared throughout the media will make McCain the winner. Then the conservative princes prevail. Bush forces McCain to install his cabinet to run things for the continuity of the oligarchy.  The mechanized 1st Brigade Combat Team and its support units become more visible throughout society as complaints about the stealing of the election persist and the ensuing riots are quashed with high energy lasers on the populations of the big coastal cities.  

On the other hand: 

With an Obama landslide making it impossible to fix the vote Bush will create as much damage as he can during the transition: executive orders, pardons, executive decrees on the economy, and the further forward staging for martial law.  Able to start trouble up until the very last moment he will start another war just like his father started the Bosnian war just to keep Clinton busy at the start of his term. This will lower expectations and the direction of the forced conflict will be set in stone by Super Sunday.  

If "Shooter"Dick Cheney keeps control during the transition, the assassination of Obama the last week of January 2009 would create the mayhem necessary for the institution of martial law and the Iraquization of America will be complete with a Green Zone around Washington. The transition time-line would stop thus ending the American experiment of government. Stalinization would begin and the military dictatorship would be firmly in place. 

They'll blame the communists and the socialists and the progressives and low information voters will take their guns and their bibles and proceed to kill large numbers of their neighbors using racial characteristics to sight them in.  

The ACLU alerts us that a 100 mile border around the land and sea of the continental United States has been declared by the US Border Patrol.  In this huge area containing the bulk of the population and all seaports Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, Houston, New Orleans, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston.  Within this border it is possible to stop and detain all citizens for the purpose of legitimate citizenship checks according to the way the oligarchy construes its authority through the Border Patrol, now being backed up the US Army 1st Brigade Combat Team (mechanized) and its support groups: the 3-69 Armor; 2-7 Infantry; 5-7 Cavalry; 1-41 Field Artillery; 1-3 BTB; 3rd SSB.  So by supporting the Border Patrol they can now be permitted to roll their tanks in the streets of America at the behest of madmen seeking to maintain control of the planet at absolutely any cost. The eagle grips the earth in its talons and the pain continues.  

Everything is in place.  Conservatives say it's to "save the babies" and plump them up I suppose for a proper neocon Thanksgiving dinner.  Jonathan Swift would be interested in finding out that Irish fertility is the highest in 16 years...God bless America...

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