Sunday, November 16, 2008

HuffnPuffington banning

I seem to be much too controversial for Huff'n'puffington.  They bounce me for saying Rahm Emmanuel and Hillary are Zionistically inclined and bringing up the Rahm Emmanuel father truthy observation supporting such an earthy analysis by yours truly.  All of this within the controversy of whether or not Lieberman should pay a price.  Looks like Arianna Huffington has the Plum Book of the Obama  Administration in her sights.  Lord knows internet sites don't pay for that lavish travelling lifestyle of hers.  Her namesake Mr. Huffington, republican candidate for governor of California is still paying the price in so many ways. (by the way anyone who takes the same stage with Tony Blankly is not a Liberal.  More like phony!!) 

Oh by the way I believe along with others that Lieberman should remain until the point where he might decide to vote out of the Caucus on a Cloture Vote.  But having grown up in the dismal days of the southern democrats from 1947 to 1968 I know that the worst scenario is always, ------always the operant direction plan B.  We will get Joe and he will keep his hammerlock on the new administration.  But I would really like to have the supermajority of 60 democrats available for my dreams for at least a few days before the underworld takes out a democrat or two like they did with mel carnahan and paul wellstone...I know its hard to believe but they were smoked by the cia mafia.  

The plebiscite is dominant through voting for only a very short time when the real military power is still held by the opposition.  Never forget that we are still in the extreme danger of losing our popular victory.  There is the domestic !st brigade stationed in the united states and their 7 support teams which have not been mentioned in the BS news reports of the media...  

don't relax just yet, the Superbowl will host a new reality in America.  Demo Centrist Biden may come out on top.  

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