Sunday, May 27, 2007

Al Gore --Shameless self-promoting wimp!

  1. michael jordan May 25th, 2007 2:21 am

    Albert Gore:

    I just don’t know how to parse your refusal to stand up for the obvious electoral fraud in the 2000 election which trashed the world forever. Your thoroughly gutless response to Bush and his henchmen lead me only to conclude that you did not have the stones to be running for President to begin with.

    Why Oh why did you waste all of our collective energy and skills on such a completely wimpy and ultimately devastating abandonment of the people’s faith and trust by not fighting the power?

    Was there some sort of a back room deal involving Clinton which prevented you from being a MAN? Life is transitory Al, maybe the best of us leaves no mark upon the earth; and even in the light of your cause of global warming and your professed commitment to cooling it why did you chicken out when the chips were down? I have always wondered if you had a rational reason like maybe “George W. Bush’s men were threatening to kill my family if I didn’t concede the election…” That would have been the only reason which would have been valid for me and I would have supported you for it. But I didn’t hear a peep in that direction, instead I heard the whiny comment that you had to give up in the face of their calumny for the good of the country, to show unity, with the ?”Victor?”.

    You let James Baker bully you like he had your balls in his hands and was squeezing the manhood from you. What did James Baker have on you that prevented you from being the kind of man that we Americans had thought we had obviously elected? Why did you fail us, -you miserable slut? Your lack of guts and the lack of guts of John Kerry could not even fill a small crack in the cosmic egg of history.

    What in the cotton pickin’ world ever led either one of you punks to think you could lead the world to sanity when you were so gutless and slavering when confronted by the mad dogs of the Republican Party?

    Let me tell you one thing that you need to take to heart to your grave and that is that you owned the moment and you let it slip away. By comfortable comparison for your tormented soul John Kerry too, had it and threw it away as well but he being a much weaker man threw it away through the bad example that you provided him.

    You Sir are a complete and total disgrace and a mockery of the authoritarian class which wields political power without wisdom and responsibility to those citizens who offer it to you. We are only a year different in age and I also an Episcopalian might have actually been classmate with you at St. Albans and Episcopal in D.C. I certainly wonder sometimes if I had decided to go there if I could have made a difference in the forming of your maturity. With the world trashed now as it is my regrets come much too late…

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