Sunday, May 27, 2007

The hippies were right continued

  1. communitarian May 12th, 2007 12:02 pm


    It’s happening, not in 20 years, not in 10, or 5, but now, today. Face it and deal with it, if there is still time, impeach Bush and Cheney. Otherwise, suffer an American holocaust and World War Three.

  2. michael jordan May 12th, 2007 2:56 pm


    It certainly is happening today but it started several decades ago and even the fourth reich moves slowly. The problem of the genetically flatlined electroencephalograms of the center of the country remains. Remember the “dull as a mud fence” resistance to the pronouncement by the Dixie Chicks that they were ashamed that George Bush claimed to be from Texas. The reaction is chronicled in a documentary which came out last year. The folks in the middle have had high starch diets for generations and there is barely enough cortex remaining there to enable them to drive a car. They are quite clearly physically unable to think. These people think Harry Potter is the devil, they burned their Beatles records when I was growing up, and want to guillotine Michael Moore today. They are extremely uncomfortable and paranoid when around any sort of creative endeavor designed to help them achieve community. They just don’t have the mental equipment to deal with complexity.

    They were a problem in the 60’s and they remain a problem today. The only thing that wakes them up is a slasher movie or a slaughter like Kent State. Then they will move into action and take the credit. I have the surreal belief that these people may not have come from earth originally. They still carry with them an insupportable drive to breed uncontrollably like they came here to colonize this planet from some other. And they really just don’t get it. If you help them across the road they will often think that you are really dragging them into traffic.

    It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll. There is a great group in Ohio I just became aware of called Ohio Peak Oil Action…and they have a great website It is necessary to act on all fronts at once to meet the challenge presented by the nearly human GOP. Although I support it, I’m not so sure that impeachment will work other than to provide a small bump in the road to empire because of the way Dr. Strangelove Rove has packaged the attack on us American Natives. The ethanol bamboozle has poured billions into the midwest as they turn food into energy and drive up the price of corn masa in Mexico by 30-40% according to my local taco parlor in Albany, CA. And since the Mexicans refuse to act responsibly and stop having so many babies that they can’t support they are all starving down there and coming north to graze our meager job markets. This increases the pressure on us who are already living here and we are becoming more and more like the Israelis dealing with the most unabashedly prolific group in the world, the Palestinians. The average age in Gaza, Palestine is 14.5 years, the age where the most physical growth takes place in the human body and where the need to vast amounts of food is critical. Birth control is frowned upon by the Muslims in the same manner as with the Roman Catholics and since the citizens in both areas are very young and ignorant they are used to attack political structures and promised a place in heaven for their sacrifice. It is either sacrifice or misery and they choose sacrifice in ever increasing numbers. We are ready to build a bigger wall and containment structure on the Mexican border because the state of American business is so bad now through outsourcing, that the guest worker argument is losing ground. People in America now need jobs. We need to support our small families now. We can no longer allow people into the country who will place an increasing burden on the limited resources by their refusal to take their responsibility in limiting their family to one child.

    The most telling moment in the early Bush presidency was when he under the direction of Fallwell, Roberts, and the Pope; stopped family planning information and materials from going to the geographic “South”. No more money from the US to the UN if the UN was to get people to practice birth control. This one action was infinitely more damaging than the war in Iraq, or Lebanon, or Afghanistan. This one action of Bush assured that the enormous problems in the “South” would continue indefinitely and that wars would ensue and that misery would continue without end.

    Progressives like to kid themselves that if Bush went the way of the dinosaur that he is, everything would be just hunkey dorey but even with the impeachment of Bush, Cheney would be able to appoint another vice president, before being ousted. Nancy Pelosi will never be president under succession rules. The last time this was tried we got rid of Spiro Agnew and Nixon appointed Ford. Then Nixon resigned and we got Ford and then Ford pardoned Nixon and the speaker of the house never got the job. The same thing will happen today if it is tried. Someone who will be guaranteed to maintain the ruinous policy like James Sensenbrenner, or even Jeb Bush will become the appointed vice president and the problems will continue while orchestrated behind the scenes by the same Texas Chainsaw Crew of Jim Baker, Andrew Card, Karen Hughes, and Rove. Remember that the last time we tried to rid ourselves of a rogue elephant we had large Democratic margins in the House and the Senate, and even had a good bunch on the Supreme Court.

    I apologize for going off-thread with this rant but I’ll take my audience where I find it and I appreciate your willingness to comment on my screed.

    Probably the most fun in the hippie days for me was skinny dipping in the quarry in back of Lynn Phares place in Potomac, Md with fifty other freaks on acid; makin’ it with my wife on a rock beside the road along the trans canada highway watching the caribou do the same thing; and finally attending the nude chamber music party with the Los Angeles Symphony at Jimmy Webb’s place in Encino along with Little Feat, Joni Mitchell breast-feeding her new baby, and 100 other LA music and TV folks in 1970. Then there were the nightly jams at the Moonfire Inn in Topanga, jumping into a ditch to get out of the way of an out of control Neil Young on a gas powered micro-bike, John Farringtons silver Mercedes with his bead collection in the trunk and in one drawer it was packed with Clear Light Acid from Augustus Stanley Owsley. Driving a cab high on acid competing for orders with Danny Glover.

    You can’t get memories like these anymore because people are too scared to compete with the authorities. The interesting thing in all of this licentious behavior was that nobody got hurt and everybody coped. I wonder if that could happen today?

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