Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hippies Were Right!

  1. michael jordan May 11th, 2007 5:27 pm

    The Hippie era extended from 1966 until the collapse of Richard M. Nixon. At Dick’s resignation the tenseness subsided somewhat and people relaxed too much and the Justice Department started going after soft drugs such as acid and pot and started allowing hard drugs to become more available. The plan of the Justice Department was that the hippies would be unable to differentiate between the benefits of enlightenment afforded users of pot and acid and the highly destructive consequences of cocaine, speed, and opiates. I remember that in D.C. pot and acid busts were increased and Owsley had to disappear, and Leary had to leave the country; while cocaine was starting to be pushed as a cheap alternative to psychedelics. Increasingly, in the early 70’s, pot and hash were being mixed with opium and people were being truly drugged. To get out of the stupor of short term hard drug withdrawal they were offered speed.

    Good psychedelics were increasingly hard to find and became increasingly hard to afford. Decent pot could be had for $10 (ten) dollars a lid (ounce) in 1966 and by 1973 it went to $40 to $50 dollars an ounce. Now it is $80 or more an 1/8 of an ounce. Acid which was relatively easy to make; was $1 a hit in a sheet of $100 and it sold for $3. a hit. But a bust involving a $3. hit of acid to the wrong customer could get you a life sentence. It was legal to take it in 1966. Judges, lawmakers, and presidents felt that enlightenment of a large number of people which had been going on for 7 years or so was costing them. The corrupt president and Justice Department were afraid that they would no longer be able to control the free-thinkers. People were thinking for themselves and coming up with solutions which were socialistic and all inclusive. Birth control was working and labor wages were stabilizing. People were thinking. This was considered dangerous for the prospects of the status quo authoritarian class so they primed those who were happy with being told how to think and increased their access to guns all the while pouring cheap cocaine and opium and heroin into the streets. This is how the same group of people and their identical selfish interests conquered the Chinese. The British forbears of Tony Blair and George Bush and Dick Cheney got the Chinese hooked on opiates in order to conquer them

    It is not as if these things are difficult to comprehend but it is to our everlasting peril to assume that these tactics are not at the top of the motivations of the authoritarians in government today. Ask yourself why poppy fields are NEVER bombed, while benign pot farmers are perennially harassed even in California and other places where the people want it. The uncomfortable truth is that the government will go out of its way to bring opiates and cocaine into the country to weaken the foolish just as they recently were seen to do in L.A. Ask Maxine Watters, or Gary Webb, or Daniel Sheehan about this one. They were stonewalled because there really is a right wing stranglehold on the world’s citizens and it keeps it’s grip by making more addicts; diluting labor movements by discouraging birth control and family planning; de-funding education so that people can’t think straight, and placing more guns into the world and baiting fights, and using bizarre immigration policy to increase hostility between workers. And progressives lap up the conservative swill like it was nectar from the gods.

    The last thing any of these authoritarians want is peace. The hippies came from a very tuned-out historical legacy and developed positive awareness in spite of centuries of cultural programming solely because of the mass enlightenments of the acid tests in New York, San Francisco and Berkeley. People could travel easily and work was plentiful. The U.S. borders were relatively secure from diluting immigration and the power of Acid was making a difference in the way people interacted with the world. Art and music flourished to a degree not seen since the early 1800’s. Even Catholics were seen to be practicing birth control. Science was looking toward sustainable sensibility and management of the Earth’s resources. Solar power was birthed. The first microprocessors were made. Human genetic research blossomed.

    All of those elements were seen to endanger the Oil and Coal based business model. The authoritarians could not figure how to control the population if they were able to harness free energy and didn’t need to send money to PG&E and Con Ed. “We’ll keep destroying the solar energy movement until we can figure out how to put a meter on the Sun.”

    A plan for war was developed by Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld back in the early days of the Nixon Administration and the main thrust was to shut the Hippies up, because from their view they had no worth which was not measured with money. So they proceeded to kill Hippies, drug Hippies, jail Hippies, had the media grossly misrepresent Hippies. They shot John Lennon, overdosed Janice, Jimi, and others. They had earlier killed MLK RFK, JFK, & Malcom. And it continues today with the jailing of Democratic fundraiser Martha Stewart, the threatened jailing of Michael Moore, etc. They have us on the ropes and hope that we will try and escape so that they can shoot us in the street just like at Kent State.

    Acid showed Hippies how to think when the authoritarians wanted to tell us what to think. There will always be eras where people need to get their collective heads in sync and Acid was the key. In 1649 there were the Diggers who maintained that all land be held in common for the common good. They were slaughtered. In 1969, 320 years later there were the Hippies. They are a dying breed who valiantly tried to take the wheel of history with peace as a guiding ethic, but with the increased burden of completely unchecked population growth in the “South” and with it; migration to the “North” in search of food which is in short supply, the pressures of competition for sustenance are going to bring the planet to a state of horrible war which will last for hundreds of years. Within 20 years this nation is going to be a complete military dictatorship and as the spirits wither and the souls long for release the dream will be over and the nightmare will own the planet.

    We need to do much more than we are doing right now and the first thing on the agenda is to stop having children after 1. Without Zero Population Growth being worldwide law in the next five years the scenario outlined above will be unavoidable. The doors of perception only open up about every hundred years so the next opening will start about 2062. Even if you don’t plan to be around then help guide those who will be around. And as anyone who has been to the “Other Side” knows You never come back and so you don’t need drugs to get you where you already are. So stay sane, care for others and don’t add to the misery around you by having more children.

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