Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stick a fork in him! Larry Bensky is DONE!!

So much can be accomplished by impatiently and continually praying that Larry Bensky would finally leave Pacifica and KPFA could regain a sense of disconnect from the government handler who has been feeding Larry his lines of inquiry all these years.

Just think:

1. No more dissembling of Iran Contra to destroy Daniel Sheehan and protect black-ops.

2. No more de-legitimizing of real journalists like Gary Webb who succesfully linked the CIA with gun/drug trafficking in Los Angeles and Oakland using Southern Air Transport, which led to Gary Webb's suicide.

3. No more defusing of evidence of conspiracy of the right wing and misusing his position of commentator to swell the ranks of the uncertain regarding slam-dunk realities.

4. No more carefully constructed distractions of the most venal denial of dark motives to those who are called to make a better world.

So a happy day is here today but due to Larry's work as an undercover provocateur there are so few of us left to celebrate that our long Berkeley night is finally over;
but the fight needs to be maintained until we have won back the way home.

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