Friday, March 21, 2003

The Thursday Report
Special 3 Week Edition
Volume 1 Number 7

March 6 to Wednesday March 26 2003
The Thursday Report is a preview of trends and activities
using the asymmetric prediction techniques of Michael Jordan.

...Just when you thought you had escaped that nightmare it wakes you up in the middle of the night with a knock on the door. There is a black helicopter chopping relentlessly overhead and they are not there to rescue you...the earliest continental US victims of the rogue government have reported being subjected to electromagnetic fields which left them with concussion intensity headaches which persisted for over a's going on as we long as we are able to...the effect of the magnetic fields is to effectively separate your astral essence from your speed acid and dmt all on coordinated assault at once...It is happening today and to someone you know or someone whom you will meet in the the GULAG..which is the USA..

Where's MY MONEY Georgie Boy?
As most I have met are flat run out of patience waitin' for the Bushbaby to get his head out of his fathers' Iraq, we wonder when the US Attorney General is gonna drop that limp bizkit long enough to resolutely prosecute the gas/electric utilities who stole $237.00 from each and every one of my fellow Californians from infant to geezer. NINE BILLION DOLLARS and not a word from little Johnny goo goo. Johnny needs to drop that Rock of Ages crap and do his stinking job.
Go Johnny Go! Forget your obsession with denying civil rights to your betters. Go out and arrest Ken Lay, and Reliant Energy, and Duke Power, and Dynegy.
Gray Davis and Bill Lockyer will help you with the details cause they are honest politicians and would be most happy to share their findings with you.
...and Johnny Be Good, don't tell we Californians that you need any more proof than you have now. We know you have two trains of justice running; with one running AT good people without cause, spreading injustice with every mile, and the one that YOU ride which runs AWAY from every single responsibility of your office. God's plan requires Little Justice Johnny to get his head out of that Iraq hole and start takin' care of the 38 million people of California. We want our damn money now!

Surprise at the TOP:: Ten fat, filthy, dirty cops (including the Chief and his pretorian guard of assistants) got indicted in San Francisco by our knight templar Terrance Hallinan the best district attorney that this country has seen... EVER! ..If we had an attorney general in Washington like this junkyard Irish nobleman we have in the BayArea we wouldn't be mired in this sick and sorry mess that the Bush family and the Supreme Court has foisted upon us. We'd have instead an honest legitimate quiet president, 9-11 would have never happened, and the Israeli's would be forced to keep to their territory. And 4 million starved and bombed Afghani's (mostly children) would still be alive and 5 million Iraqi's (mostly children) wouldn't have to be beggin' for their lives. Who said honest politics wasn't interesting?....Now if we could only clone him.....

And now for the news...

6 March 2003 Thursday

7 March 2003 Friday

8 March 2003 Saturday

(International Women's Day)

ARI NOD Generic connections found in public. Union of many persons. Many associations. Alliances.

9 March 2003 Sunday
(things get better with agreements)

MAR JUP KRO Good fruits, fine accomplishments. Leadership through one's own fortunate activities. Happy activities lead to independence. Giver of money. Happiness through the government. Money through lawsuits. Asserting oneself with success. Sentence. Security police.
CUPIDO Family. Sociability. Societies. Associations. Groups. Collections of Art. Zyg "to yoke or connect." Heterozygosis. Zygodactyl, zygoma, Zygospore. Zygote. The community, belonging. Extend, adhere. Cupido was the god of love, desire, covetousness, wealth, power, avarice, craving.
JUP CUP KRO Large family meeting. Leading artists. Most prominent in the art world. Fortunate ties with prominent artists. Chief of a well-renowned firm. Leader of master in art. Enjoyable leadership and good times concerning a large community. Marriage license. Enjoying the company of cultured people. The signing of a document. Financiers. National banks. Directory of the mint.
MAR CUP KRO Study group or community working under protection of the state. Rifle or artillery practice. The married life of the parent. Artists with their own style. Notable original art. An act in the marriage-office. Marriage ceremony. Officiating. Official function. Action of large communities. Termination of office. Wrought iron articles.
MAR JUP CUP Betrothal followed by marriage. Successful artistic activity. Happy together. Advantages from a joint artistic project. Happy marriage. Betrothal leading to marriage. Successful common or joint action. Working for a financial thriving firm.

10 March 2003 Monday

ARI URA Excitement and sudden events. Explosions. Eruptions. Electrical situations. Events take place suddenly .

11 March 2003 Tuesday

JUP CUP Happiness in married life. Good luck in associations and in the arts. Feeling of Happiness in or through company. Money through members of the family. Money through marriage. Money or gains through arts. Family happiness. Fortunate or successful partnership. Happy and successful community. Social ability. Art with success.

12 March 2003 Wednesday

MAR HAD APO Trade, historic, or scientific activities. Trading antiques. Ancient scriptures. Professional activity in connection with old material. Antiquity or historical scientific activity. Activity in occult science or magic. Gathering with many lowbrow people, with serving people or soldiers. Ugly acts.

13 March 2003 Thursday

KRONOS The indicator for everything above average. Executive power. Height. Authority, mastery, ability, perfection, the professional, Elevation. Leading. Kronos was one of the Titans who was dethroned by his son Zeus. Government, leader, everything above average, high up, lofty, extraordinary.

14 March 2003 Friday

15 March 2003 Saturday

16 March 2003 Sunday

ARI JUP Good luck. Contentment. Possessions. Money. Natural contentment. Good fortune in general. Success.

17 March 2003 Monday

MAR ZEU Directed activity. Executive power. Incentive, creative work or forced creative work. Creative activity. Leading activity. The urge for grand deeds. Firing a gun. Technical science. Propagation. Machines. Military technique. Officer. Firearm. A goal. Military activities. Gunfire. Consequences of actions. Fires and conflagrations. Heating and burning. Shooting flames. Danger of fire.

ARI POS Spirit, high intellectual, light, and essence. Ideas, ghosts, and spirits. Spirituality. Ideas. Media. Highly intellectual influences.

18 March 2003 Tuesday

NOD URA NEP Connections in the state of disintegration. Connections with dead people. Dying. Becoming a widower or widow suddenly. Suddenly connected with a disagreeable heritage. Taking over things or matters highly disorganized. Connected with chaotic things. Sudden connections which are not tenable. Passing union or connections.

MAR URA NEP Sudden destruction. Revolutionary deeds. Rebellion. Wasted energy. Energetic action in the wrong direction. Injured by treachery. Fight or accident with death resulting. Sudden obstruction. Accidents. Attempted assassination. A deliberate slaughter by way of planned accidents or disease.

NOD MAR NEP Work-community which soon dissolves. Working agreements break down. Muddy connections in activities. Connections and separations, with an unfortunate sex aspect. Rejection of unions. Union with infected persons, physically and mentally.

NOD MAR URA Aggravations and excitements through them. Suddenly appearing unions or connections. Sudden unions in connections with one's work. United with one's own work. Embroiled in fights and arguments. Surprisingly connected with others in joint activity. Embroiled in an event. Appendix operation.

19 March 2003 Wednesday

MAR JUP Joy of work. Fortunate acts or accomplishments. Lucky Deed. Joyous happenings. Betrothal. Fortunate deed. Creating something. Production. Propagation. Pregnancy. Generation. Children. Fruits and births.

20 March 2003 Thursday

ARI MAR Working energy. Having courage. The general forces of nature.

21 March 2003 Friday

SAT APO Method. Training. Education. The System. Teaching. Teacher. Pupil. Many separate or depart. Evictions. Banishment. Separations of long duration. Large hindrance. "late".

22 March 2003 Saturday

PLUTO Inner change. Perception. Transformation. Development. Metamorphoses. Immediate past. The Greek god of the underworld, and lower regions. Intensity, drive for self mastery, intimacy, instincts, sexual needs, drive for transformation, elimination, completion urges, resentment, forgiveness, probing, complicated motives, compulsions destiny, capacity to transform the self and the outer world

23 March 2003 Sunday

SAT URA Separated suddenly. Quarrels. Sudden separation. Parting and death. Inflexibility.

24 March 2003 Monday

ARI MAR JUP Fortunate actions or accomplishments. Births. Fruits. Love happiness of or with another. Successful actions, pleasurable activity. Activity produces results. General satisfaction with one's activities.

25 March 2003 Tuesday

NOD MAR Working community. Connection through work or activities. Concerted action. Betrothal. Erotic Unions. Sexual union.

26 March 2003 Wednesday

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