Friday, March 21, 2003

The Thursday Report
Forewarned is Forearmed
Volume 1 Number 8
Thursday March 13 to
Wednesday April 2
The Thursday Report is a preview of trends and activities
using asymmetric prediction techniques published by Michael Jordan.

“If there is no war why is there a need for security? If there is a war, of course, billions of dollars will have to be spent.”- Adnan Kashoggi, smiling impishly in discussion with Richard Pearle.

War Stock Market: The selfish part of me wants Bush to get this war started and finished cause he's wrecking the financial markets except for bonds and defense stocks that W. and his dirty buddies in the Bohemian Grove are invested in through Carlyle. For many years now since the reign of George 41, the Bush investments have been heavily weighted in 'fall back' stocks like oil and gold and the defense industries. Grandfather Prescott Bush invested in Zyklon B (Cyclone B) and the developing genocide industries of Hitler's Germany. Continuing the family investment plan, the sons and grandson's are bing careful to not rush the country headlong into bankruptcy and insolvency, but to take their time while cutting taxes for the rich and giving them more money to shelter in gold and silver mines in the US and Canada, all the while allowing for the periodic injection of fear and anxiety and occasional optimism to provide the proper level of volatility for the reaping of manufactured profits. Concurrently, in order to prime the money pump of rogue capitalism, the Bush family intentionally makes the world a more hostile place to live in. By fueling the clamor among weakened wills for more weaponry they empower a shift of money from general tax revenues out of the pockets of the remaining working class into the military budget and finally into the hands of Bush and his cabal of corporate monarchists. To insure their success in this evil mechanism they sell arms to both sides then buy gold with the cash they get. This process destroys the legitimate creative economies of any country that they are allowed to operate in by converting the fruit of legitimate human endeavor into war profits for monsters.

When the envoy from the Pope visited the White House he reiterated the Pope's earnest observation that if Bush proceeds to march into the Tigris-Euphrates Valley that God will not accompany him. Bush is said to have replied that,
"Your Pope represents the Old God and I represent the New God."
For my money, this 'New God' is that old devil, the Prince of Darkness who has gained possession of another Bush... through the crony rituals of the Skull and Bones?

The Underground Railroad: The core mechanism for providing the cheap labor for this White Power machine here at home comes from the underground railroad of easy borders combined with the destabilization of democracies abroad. When the Bushes left their early strategy meetings at the Skull and Bones at Yale they went straight to the border states of Florida and Texas to facilitate the trafficking of the displaced persons which resulted from constant intentional political destabilization done by their father in his various roles with the CIA from the late 1950's and later in the White House. Central and South America, the Philippines, in Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. The Bushes, using the US military and the security forces set up and armed by the Eisenhower administration, set about to attack free democracies and replace them with military puppet governments programmed to pressure and torture the people in those countries, through killing their popularly elected leaders and clergy and giving support to those lowly psychotics: the Samoza's, the Pinochet's, the Marcos's, who would sell out and enslave their own people all for a bigger piece of pie.

These actions forced the people of those countries to make a choice: either stay and fight with machetes against modern weaponry or come to the U.S. and be exploited as cheap labor to undermine the grassroots social democracy movement here. The Bush Gang does not believe in nation building because nation states, when not interfered with, maintain free elections and increase freedom and the quality of life for everyone. It is to maintain this mode that Cuba has nobly struggled for half a century transforming itself from the US created offshore casino/whorehouse of New York, Washington, and Miami in 1958, to the jewel of the western hemisphere with Democratic Socialism which works in spite of intense meddling and military mis-adventures by the Bush family and their proxies in Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, and Reagan.
The Bush Monster Plan requires a vertically organized gang; taking its orders from the top, and firing on those who might resist their hierarchal Amway ponzi scheme of tribute and reward. Uneducated primitives provide a buffer zone for these nasty folks when they buy into the 'love it or leave it' mode of reactionary political reductionism (Aryans, Ku Klux Klan, Southern Baptists, Tom Ridge, etc) Being both clueless and willing, the legitimate establishment media fills the remaining void with pseudo-crypto writers like Horowitz, and Hitchens, and Corn while the intelligence community backs and fills with their stable of Reader's Digest embedded agent-writers.

There is a will of people which is stronger than the winds of war and the constant growing resistance facing that wind is turning back any illusion of legitimacy in this horrid offensive. The developing solidarity of that resistance will serve the spirits of the future. Time marches on, make your stand NOW!

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13 March 2003 Thursday

Executive power. Height. Authority, mastery, ability, perfection, the professional, Elevation. Leading. Kronos was one of the Titans who was dethroned by his son Zeus. Government, leader, everything above average, high up, lofty, extraordinary. George gets elevator shoes as he mounts another soapbox and does his Alan Ladd imitation of 'Shane'.

14 March 2003 Friday

15 March 2003 Saturday

Mobilzation on Washington with supporting demonstrations throughout the world.

16 March 2003 Sunday
Networking and outreach has great potential today.
Good luck. Contentment. Possessions. Money. Natural contentment. Good fortune in general. Success.

17 March 2003 Monday
More possibility of bloodshed as tensions build. A slight bit of optimistic spirit might pre-empt disaster.
Directed activity. Executive power. Incentive, creative work or forced creative work. Creative activity. Leading activity. The urge for grand deeds. Firing a gun. Technical science. Propagation. Machines. Military technique. Officer. Firearm. A goal. Military activities. Gunfire. Consequences of actions. Fires and conflagrations. Heating and burning. Shooting flames. Danger of fire.

Spirit, high intellectual, light, and essence. Ideas, ghosts, and spirits. Spirituality. Ideas. Media. Highly intellectual influences.

18 March 2003 Tuesday
The real danger of volatility coupled with nothing to lose makes this weather an exceedingly perilous exercise in desperation.
Connections in the state of disintegration. Connections with dead people. Dying. Becoming a widower or widow suddenly. Suddenly connected with a disagreeable heritage. Taking over things or matters highly disorganized. Connected with chaotic things. Sudden connections which are not tenable. Passing union or connections.
Sudden destruction. Revolutionary deeds. Rebellion. Wasted energy. Energetic action in the wrong direction. Injured by treachery. Fight or accident with death resulting. Sudden obstruction. Accidents. Attempted assassination. A deliberate slaughter by way of planned accidents or disease.
Work-community which soon dissolves. Working agreements break down. Muddy connections in activities. Connections and separations, with an unfortunate sex aspect. Rejection of unions. Union with persons infected physically and mentally.
Aggravations and excitements over connections. Sudden unions in connections with one's work. United with one's own work. Embroiled in fights and arguments. Embroiled in an event. Appendix operation.

19 March 2003 Wednesday

Forming alliances brings promising results today.
Joy of work. Fortunate acts or accomplishments. Lucky Deed. Joyous happenings. Betrothal. Fortunate deed. Creating something. Production. Propagation. Pregnancy. Generation. Children. Fruits and births.

20 March 2003 Thursday
Working energy. Having courage. The general forces of nature.

21 March 2003 Friday

Teach-ins are productive today.
Method. Training. Education. The System. Teaching. Teacher. Pupil. Many separate or depart. Evictions. Banishment. Separations of long duration. Large hindrance. "late".

22 March 2003 Saturday

Inner change. Perception. Transformation. Development. Metamorphoses. Immediate past. The Greek god of the underworld, and lower regions. Intensity, drive for self mastery, intimacy, instincts, sexual needs, drive for transformation, elimination, completion urges, resentment, forgiveness, probing, complicated motives, compulsions destiny, capacity to change.

23 March 2003 Sunday

The reaper lurks-take care.
Separated suddenly. Quarrels. Parting and death. Inflexibility.

24 March 2003 Monday

Good time to start anything with high potential for good results
Fortunate actions or accomplishments. Births. Fruits. Love happiness with another. Successful actions, pleasurable activity. Activity produces results. General satisfaction with one's activities.

25 March 2003 Tuesday

Working with alliances produces devoted active results
Working community. Connection through work or activities. Concerted action. Betrothal. Erotic Unions. Sexual union.

26 March 2003 Wednesday

27 March 2003 Thursday

A day to go slowly and not push the river.
Interruption of work, periodic work. Activities leading to separation, or which are periodically interrupted. Funeral. Acute sicknesses or matters. Actions forcing separations and schisms. Deaths.

28 March 2003 Friday

Taking care of business.
Working energy. Having courage. The general forces of nature.

29 March 2003 Saturday

Ultimate testosterone
Distinguished leader and organizer. The eminent original. Independent. Master of the house. Government procedure. Power of police. Autocratic action. Police authority. Penal law. Autocratic actions.

30 March 2003 Sunday

Dangerous day
Dirty work. Forced to do something against better judgment. A serious act. Evil deed. Villainy, base action. Physical brutality. Attacks. Fatigue. Weariness. Atrocity. Vulgar acts. Causing damages. Base services. Creative servant. Slaves. Sudden attacks. Murder. Homicide. Unusual death. Serious sickness. Faulty or bad action.
Fatherhood. Explosions. Danger from fire. Controlled forces. Laws of nature. Sudden acts which cannot be suppressed. Exploding. Ignite. Surprising evens happening by natural force. The will. Sudden fire. Discharge of firearms. Firing, splintering. Bolt of lightning. Sudden outbreak of war. Electric motor. Dynamo.

31 March 2003 Monday

1 April 2003 Tuesday

In-depth, introspection, taking stock.
Acting according to knowledge and understanding. Mental or spiritual activity. Questions of right and wrong. Ethics. Mental activity. Value system. Morality. Moral behavior.

2 April 2003 Wednesday

Working energy. Having courage. The general forces of nature.

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