Friday, March 21, 2003

The Thursday Report

The Thursday Report
Serving up tomorrow for today's journalist
Volume 1 Number 9
Thursday March 20 to
Wednesday April 9
The Thursday Report is a preview of trends and activities using asymmetric prediction techniques.
Published weekly by Michael Jordan.

In Memorium
Rachel Corrie and Nuha Sweidan and her 18 month old daughter and her 9-month unborn child.
All 4 killed intentionally (hard to miss that RED jacket and the dialog with BULLHORN in which she was engaging the murderer who drove the bulldozer) by the Israeli Army in the Gaza Strip bulldozing the homes of Palestinians to make way for the West Bank-Gaza landgrab of Ariel Sharon. The ghoul ran over her then turned around and ran over her again crushing her skull and breaking most of the bones in her arms and legs. To call Ariel Sharon a ruthless bloodsucker would be a compliment, to call him human defiles the rest of us.

Guts on Target: US Rep James Moran (D) of Virginia. "If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this. The leaders of the Jewish community are influential enough that they could change the direction of where this is going, and I think they should."

Who ARE the 'Self-Hating' Jews?
This whole mess always comes back to the daily violations of U.N. Resolution 214 by Israel. The advance guard of the real estate vultures of The Washington Post's power clique conspiracy of supporters of the Israeli West Bank/Gaza Strip land grab. Having built their careers by intentionally blurring the distinctions between Pro Israel groups and American Jews in general, with their activist writing assuring the increase of the misnomer of "anti-semitism" in the United States among the marginally literate majority of the population; and by greatly extending in the general public mind, confusion over the occupation of Palestine. If there are 'self-hating Jews' they take turns writing daily lies for the Washington Post and pass themselves off as speaking for all the rest of us. They do not speak for all Jews. There are two kinds of Jews in the world; one wants to occupy the West Bank and Gaza Strip and the other emphatically does not.
. ...and so it goes...

The chickens 'r' comin' home to roost!
The lie-weavers of the Washington Post have labored relentlessly to misinform and misconstrue the situation of Palestine in the eyes of Americans who have resided behind an iron wall of propaganda since 1976. The Washington Post employed CIA assets who constantly promote an unrepresentative Zionist tilt of American Jewry in their writing while blithely sowing the seeds of another holocaust with their irresponsible bogus insistences. Since the Intifada of 2000, bodycounts ran five Palestinians murdered for every one Israeli just since 2000. Last month this pace sky-rocketed to 82 Palestinians and 6 Israeli's (14 to 1). No leadership at all from 'congress' or the 'president' to stop this madness. Iraq policy is linked as this conflict endangers every region of the world. Thinking Jews in the United States are urgently voicing their personal concerns in regard to the danger their loved ones face worldwide should this American-Iraq foolishness carry to term. With Israeli's Ari Fleischer and Richard Perle leading the charge in the White House, and Leonard Garment and Henry Kissinger in the Op- Ed pages we are witnessing an epidemic of wanton distortion. In bold obvious truth, any incursion into Iraq will infuriate Muslims in Iran, Syria, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, making it impossible to talk restraint and reason with their leaders. To paraphrase Adam Sandler, "It's one hell of a self-hating jew" who would knowingly press war with Iraq knowing such inescapable consequences of certain retribution. Or maybe they are just profiting like Richard Pearle and George H. W. Bush and don't care who dies as long as they have a bunker to hide in and a pile of gold to count?

"When a man talks to God they call it prayer, when God talks to a man it's called schizophrenia.". -Fox Mulder.
The illusions and the visions appear to be drug induced in this 'president'. The constant background off the record alcohol abuse which started on the day after the election in Crawford with a large glass of red wine and shared with Colin Powell, Trent lott, Condoleeza, and Big Dick Cheney (videotape and front page picture--you saw it just before you entered active denial back on November 8, 2000) was cranked up a notch with the pretzel incident, has weakened the coupster and softened him up for the halliucinogenic cocktails which were in obvious near overdose during the famous scripted press conference last week. He's getting some type of speedy alkaloid which is making him snappier and meaner as the hours tick away to the beginning of the end. His temperament is reminiscent of a coke head in the aftermath of a week long run. All those pregnant sweaty pauses waiting for that coach in the earbug who obviously took devilish delight in watching Bush squirm in front of the Washington Press Corps while help never arrived. It's getting more and more to look like his daddy has put out a Psy-Ops contract out on Georgie. After the oil has been taken they will have no use for Georgie anymore and a major drug-related breakdown might ensue with a presidency from an 'undisclosed location" for the next six years. Administration critics will have to learn how to hit a moving target!

George's life under the microscope of astrology: What's in store for little George? He's goin' ta kill sum people with brown skin 'cus that's what his kin' does:
URA HAD VUL Cases of murder. Sudden terrible murder. Suddenly in immense danger. Considerable danger of war. Sudden huge dangers. Sudden heavy oppression.

How's the little squirt rationalize it? (He's the most dangerous dictator that this planet has ever seen):
NEP ZEU POS False witnesses and faked proofs. Mental creation from a false premise. Unable to pretend. Fruitless ideas, dangerous ideas.Rejecting a mental compulsion. Hidden mental leadership. The invisible hand. To lead or direct events from the background or in secret.

The gloves are off baby ...

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17 March 2003 Monday
More possibility of bloodshed as tensions build. A slight bit of optimistic spirit might pre-empt disaster.

MAR ZEU Directed activity. Executive power. Incentive, creative work or forced creative work. Creative activity. Leading activity. The urge for grand deeds. Firing a gun. Technical science. Propagation. Machines. Military technique. Officer. Firearm. A goal. Military activities. Gunfire. Consequences of actions. Fires and conflagrations. Heating and burning. Shooting flames. Danger of fire.

ARI POS Spirit, high intellectual, light, and essence. Ideas, ghosts, and spirits. Spirituality. Ideas. Media. Highly intellectual influences.

18 March 2003 Tuesday
The real danger of volatility coupled with nothing to lose makes this weather an exceedingly perilous exercise in desperation.
NOD MAR URA NEP Connections in the state of disintegration. Connections with dead people. Dying. Becoming a widower or widow suddenly. Suddenly connected with a disagreeable heritage. Taking over things or matters highly disorganized. Connected with chaotic things. Sudden connections which are not tenable. Passing union or connections.
Sudden destruction. Revolutionary deeds. Rebellion. Wasted energy. Energetic action in the wrong direction. Injured by treachery. Fight or accident with death resulting. Sudden obstruction. Accidents. Attempted assassination. A deliberate slaughter by way of planned accidents or disease.
Work-community which soon dissolves. Working agreements break down. Muddy connections in activities. Connections and separations, with an unfortunate sex aspect. Rejection of unions. Union with persons infected physically and mentally.
Aggravations and excitements over connections. Sudden unions in connections with one's work. United with one's own work. Embroiled in fights and arguments. Embroiled in an event. Appendix operation.

19 March 2003 Wednesday

MAR JUP Joy of work. Fortunate acts or accomplishments. Lucky Deed. Joyous happenings. Betrothal. Fortunate deed. Creating something. Production. Propagation. Pregnancy. Generation. Children. Fruits and births.

20 March 2003 Thursday

ARI MAR Working energy. Having courage. The general forces of nature.

21 March 2003 Friday

SAT APO Method. Training. Education. The System. Teaching. Teacher. Pupil. Many separate or depart. Evictions. Banishment. Separations of long duration. Large hindrance. "late".

22 March 2003 Saturday

PLUTO Inner change. Perception. Transformation. Development. Metamorphoses. Immediate past. The Greek god of the underworld, and lower regions. Intensity, drive for self mastery, intimacy, instincts, sexual needs, drive for transformation, elimination, completion urges, resentment, forgiveness, probing, complicated motives, compulsions destiny, capacity to change.

23 March 2003 Sunday

SAT URA Separated suddenly. Quarrels. Parting and death. Inflexibility.

24 March 2003 Monday

ARI MAR JUP Fortunate actions or accomplishments. Births. Fruits. Love happiness with another. Successful actions, pleasurable activity. Activity produces results. General satisfaction with one's activities.

25 March 2003 Tuesday

NOD MAR Working community. Connection through work or activities. Concerted action. Betrothal. Erotic Unions. Sexual union.

26 March 2003 Wednesday

27 March 2003 Thursday

MAR SAT Interruption of work, periodic work. Activities leading to separation, or which are periodically interrupted. Funeral. Acute sicknesses or matters. Actions forcing separations and schisms. Deaths.

28 March 2003 Friday

ARI MAR Working energy. Having courage. The general forces of nature.

29 March 2003 Saturday

MAR KRO Distinguished leader and organizer. The eminent original. Independent. Master of the house. Government procedure. Power of police. Autocratic action. Police authority. Penal law. Autocratic actions.

30 March 2003 Sunday
A very nasty day

MAR URA HAD ZEU Damage from grenades. Death through fire. The death sentence. Death from burns. Death in a mine.

Dirty work. Forced to do something against better judgment. A serious act. Evil deed. Villainy, base action. Physical brutality. Attacks. Fatigue. Weariness. Atrocity. Vulgar acts. Causing damages. Base services. Creative servant. Slaves. Sudden attacks. Murder. Homicide. Unusual death. Serious sickness. Faulty or bad action.

Fatherhood. Explosions. Danger from fire. Controlled forces. Laws of nature. Sudden acts which cannot be suppressed. Exploding. Ignite. Surprising evens happening by natural force. The will. Sudden fire. Discharge of firearms. Firing, splintering. Bolt of lightning. Sudden outbreak of war. Electric motor. Dynamo.

31 March 2003 Monday

1 April 2003 Tuesday

MAR POS Acting according to knowledge and understanding. Mental or spiritual activity. Questions of right and wrong. Ethics. Mental activity. Value system. Morality. Moral behavior.

2 April 2003 Wednesday

ARI MAR Working energy. Having courage. The general forces of nature.

3 April 2003 Thursday
A perfect day for banana fishing.

MAR JUP CUP Betrothal followed by marriage. Successful artistic activity. Happy together. Advantages from a joint artistic project. Happy marriage. Betrothal leading to marriage. Successful common or joint action. Working for a financial thriving firm.

Establishing married life. Active in a community. Artistic activities. Marriage intentions. Working artist. Work partnership.

Gaiety. Contentment and happiness, good luck, money, success. Law. Jupiter was the chief Roman god, husband of Juno, and god of light, of the sky and weather, and of the state and its welfare and laws. Ideals and goals, beliefs, values, morality and ethics, philosophy, optimism, quests for the truth, philosophy and philosophy, drive for expanded horizons, high expectations, seeking the best or highest enthusiastic, faithful, wise, expansive, spontaneous nature.

4 April 2003 Friday

MAR SAT Interruption of work, periodic work. Activities leading to separation, or which are periodically interrupted. Funeral. Acute sicknesses or matters. Actions forcing separations and schisms. Deaths.

5 April 2003 Saturday
Powerful mechanical action is indomitable...

MAR ZEU VUL Explosive manner of working. Thirst for action cannot be stifled. Immense creative power. Mighty accomplishment. Natural forces actively at work. Directed or fixed mechanical energies. Controlled mechanical energies, management and supervision of same. Activity in connection with machines or mechanical contraptions. Mechanical horsepower.

Directed activity. Executive power. Incentive, creative work or forced creative work. Creative activity. Leading activity. The urge for grand deeds. Firing a gun. Technical science. Propagation. Machines. Military technique. Officer. Firearm. A goal. Military activities. Gunfire. Consequences of actions. Fires and conflagrations. Heating and burning. Shooting flames. Danger of fire.

Energy, might, force, power. Strength. Large amounts of sustained force, enormous strength, intense power, Overpowering. The Roman god of fire and metal working and volcanoes. Mighty, greatly focused energies

6 April 2003 Sunday

7 April 2003 Monday

JUP PLU Fortunate change, development or alteration.

MAR ADM VUL Experiencing mighty suppression. Becoming terrorized. Stopping or finishing a mighty activity. Enormous energies used up. Fatigue. End of fight. Armistice. Stoppage or grave hindrance at work enforced by fate. End of a battle. Surrender.

8 April 2003 Tuesday

9 April 2003 Wednesday
Opression and bottomless despair and sullen thoughts of revenge...

SAT ZEU Separating from one's work, or accomplishments. Fire losses. Occurrences without consequences. Hindered activity. Events which bring about separations. Bequeathing. Perseverance. Oppression. Anxiety, anguish, obstacles, and hindrances in activity in work. Separation from or interrupted activities. Production losses. Breakdown of machines.

"If You're Going To Be Jewish And Powerful, You Can't Whine When Someone Notices It"-Michael Kinsley "The Slate." (as of this writing, Michael Kinsley has been wiped from the MSNBC and MSN websites, as the oily alliance of Bill Gates and Jack Welch gets oilier; obviously on a roll after the Donahue replacement with the rabid stinkbomber, Michael Savage)

The Thursday Report

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