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The Thursday Report
Special Edition

Volume 1 Number 3
February 6 to February 26

The Thursday Report is a preview of the coming week's trends and activities using asymmetric prediction techniques. The Thursday Report publishes on Tuesday and covers the period from Thursday to Wednesday.

(In response to the grossly irresponsible nuclear holocaust fueling activities of a rogue contingent group which overthrew the US Government in December of 2000 and in sympathy with the majority of good people of the world who oppose the policies of this warren of mad jackals; The Thursday Report is expanding its coverage of the future to three weeks in order to be able to include the beginning of the war in Iraq which will start on schedule, and which will serve to embolden North Korea into stepping further into the breach. The most violent period in this future sequence of events is the period from February 16-20 where death and destruction on the 20th of February will be particularly severe. )

6 February 2003 Thursday

7 February 2003 Friday

NOD MAR Working community. Connection through work or activities. Concerted action. Betrothal. Erotic Unions. Sexual union.

8 February 2003 Saturday

JUP HAD Clouded happiness. Lack of money or money losses. Poverty. Baseness. Dirty financial transactions. Bargaining. Saddened, disturbed or hidden happiness. Lucky with raw materials, old materials, junk, or black market.

JUP HAD APO Many people are unfortunate, out of luck. Science hindered through lack. Faulty speculations. Big losses through bad investments. Huge amounts of money are lost. Well taken care of in hard times. Income or money through collecting rags and junk. Occult science and magic. Luck and success in antiquity or history science.

MAR JUP HAD Decreased success in activity because of lack of money. Aggravated service. Disturbances and unpleasantness with servants or as a servant. Betrothal with difficulties. Bad or mediocre results or work accomplishments. Fruits which one does not harvest. Abortion. Miscarriage. Bad results of work. Killing. Sentence. Capital punishment. Quick, unusual death.

MAR APO Generous way of acting. Peaceful, scientific and trade activity. Successful activity. An activity is expanded and enlarged. Stock market rises. Extended activity. Activity in handicraft or industry.

MAR JUP APO Many fruits. Many births. Successful work and trade. Financial gains in trade, industry and or science. Interest payments. Successful activities in commerce or science.

MAR HAD APO Trade, historic, or scientific activities. Trading antiques. Ancient scriptures. Professional activity in connection with old material. Antiquity or historical scientific activity. Activity in occult science or magic. Gathering with many lowbrow people, with serving people or soldiers. Ugly acts.

9 February 2003 Sunday

10 February 2003 Monday

MAR VUL Mighty activity. Energetic forces in action. Violence. Mechanical energies. Power. Muscular strength. Violent action. Exercise. Big effort.

11 February 2003 Tuesday

MAR URA ADM Sudden grave or serious explosion. Sudden serious enmity. Surprising break-off of an activity. Terror. Suppression. Sudden restriction in the field of work. Enemies made suddenly. Ripping or tearing something suddenly. Fragments and rags.

12 February 2003 Wednesday

ARI MAR Working energy. Having courage. The general forces of nature.

13 February 2003 Thursday

14 February 2003 Friday

15 February 2003 Saturday

16 February 2003 Sunday

JUP NEP Material success. Sudden luck. Easily made money. Loss of money. Deceptions. Losses. Resolution. Lucky Mood. Shortage of money. Money losses. "Easy come easy go."

PLU ZEU Duty bound. Increase in accomplishment. Increasing creative power, or its development. Starting something new. Attending to duty. Increase of duties. Increase of efforts. Transformations in the immediate vicinity.

MAR NEP PLU Reject plan. Secret plans. Work is never finished. Uncovering secret activity. Covert involvement. Destruction before completion. Plans which are not carried out. Plans aiming at destruction. Secret activities that are destructive. Insidious. Cunning actions. Working without planning, without using the head. An undertaking which has been rushed and set going without consideration.

MAR PLU ZEU Plan to provide work. Plans for increased production. War planning, work distribution. Planning and bringing about of energetic work. Doing several jobs at the same time. Bringing about changes by energetic work. Development in technique, especially with regard to firearms. Obligations of property owner. Duties of the parent. Chivalrous duty (do knightly service to a woman). Military duty. Rules of the house. Planning of house keeping.

NEP PLU ZEU Secret orders. Keeping one's activities secret. Secret arming. Wasted efforts. Duties which are performed in vain. Unselfish work. Long-range work, not living to see the result. Increased accomplishments which are not noticeable on the surface. Working quietly in solitude. Performing one's duties quietly. Developing concealed weapons.

MAR NEP ZEU Explosive gas. Damage though exploding gases. Destruction by fire. Inherited blood diseases or impotency. Having to create something out of nothing or without assistance. Denial of creative energy. Infected offspring. Abortion. Loss by smoke. Smoke poisoning. concealed firearms. A shot from ambush. Energy or power produced by burning gas or liquids. Infections.

JUP PLU ZEU Good circumstances continue to improve. Increase of charities. Successful increase of accomplishment. Joy and in one's work. Gladly accepted duties. Satisfaction out of performance of duty.

JUP NEP ZEU Earnings of money through inventions. Patent lawyer. Working without success. Unexpected increase and prosperity. Productive oil wells. Luck in alcohol.

MAR JUP NEP Promises fail to materialize. Betrothal slowly cooling off. Beautiful outer appearance, but inside foul. Activities with negative results. Worm-eaten fruits. Denials of betrothals. Misunderstandings. A hopeless relationship. Intentions are not executed. End of enjoyable activity. Pleasant involvement without success. Impotence, Miscarriages. Happiness combined with serious disappointments. Denials of happiness. Weak lungs. Loss of property.

MAR JUP PLU Inception of betrothal. Fortunate activity. Healthy growth. Several competitors. The plan is a success and brings good fortune and happiness. Planning successfully. The carrying out of fortunate plans.

MAR JUP ZEU Successful through knowing one's ability and accomplishments. Successful generation, creation or deed. Sure shot. Very confident that the correct decision has been made. Certain that the facts are correct. Luck through energetic working. Happy reproduction. Sexual intercourse with consequences. Enforced betrothal (morally). Enforcing the pay for the activities, for the work.

JUP NEP PLU Beginning of a hidden fortunate development. Increase of possessions not noticed on the surface of things.

17 February 2003 Monday

JUP APO Much money. High finance. Luck and happiness of many. Much happiness and grand joy. Luck and success in all peaceful enterprises. Fortune, success, honors. Good luck in science. Money through trades or law. Capital. Grand capital. The amount of money in circulation.

18 February 2003 Tuesday

MAR HAD Dirty work. Forced to do something against better judgment. A serious act. Evil deed. Villainy, base action. Physical brutality. Attacks. Fatigue. Weariness. Atrocity. Vulgar acts. Causing damages. Base services. Creative servant. Slaves. Sudden attacks. Murder. Homicide. Unusual death. Serious sickness. Faulty or bad action.

19 February 2003 Wednesday

ARI MAR Working energy. Having courage. The general forces of nature.

20 February 2003 Thursday

MAR SAT URA HAD Death through injury.

SAT URA HAD Sudden separation through vulgarity and treachery. Losses because of violence. Suddenly meeting with an accident. Surprising money losses. Sudden demise after severe sickness. Responsibilities are taken care of in spite or neglect and procrastination. Separation or losses through murder, ugly, mean, and cunning.

MAR SAT URA Sudden actions which separate. Violent separation and death. Sudden death. Sudden stop or interruption of one's work. Violent separation. Amputation. Caesarian section. Sudden end through injury.

MAR SAT HAD Sickness or death through over exertion or privation. Unusual death. Activities conducted at a loss. Work without pay. Death by murder or suicide or by crushing. The health suffers through the work. Death as a result of long illness or by a weapon. Sad death. Exploited.

MAR URA HAD Sudden mean deeds. Sudden damage or death by weapons or other objects. Attempted murder. Death through injuries. Vulgar acts. Sudden destruction. Murder and homicide. Death by accident. Excitement, or loss producing activities. War atrocities. Murder. Suicide.

21 February 2003 Friday

ARI NOD Generic connections found in public. Union of many persons. Many associations. Alliances.

SATURN Restriction. Restraint. Hindrance. Separation. Loss. Solitude. The Roman god of agriculture and father (by Ops) of Jupiter : reality quotient, authority instincts, practicality, capacity to deal with limits, career drives, sense of responsibility, discipline and effort, status ambitions, urge to solidify and contract, wisdom of experience, discipline, and respect.

ARI NOD SAT Generic separation. Taking leave.

22 February 2003 Saturday

23 February 2003 Sunday

24 February 2003 Monday

25 February 2003 Tuesday

MAR VUL Mighty activity. Energetic forces in action. Violence. Mechanical energies. Power. Muscular strength. Violent action. Exercise. Big effort.

26 February 2003 Wednesday

ARI MAR Working energy. Having courage. The general forces of nature.

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